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Reviews of Local Juices You Vape

Discussion in 'VIP - Vaping in Phoenix' started by SpinDr480, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. SpinDr480

    SpinDr480 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 9, 2013
    Phoenix, AZ
    Alright Phoenix Vapors, I thought I would start a new thread to share my thoughts on some of the local juices from B/M stores or local online venders. I am a bit hesitant to share this only because I hate to admit all the juice flavors I have bought over the last few weeks.

    Anyway, I thought it would be fun to discuss the juice options we all have locally in the valley. Also, most BM let you sample juices before buying so I would love to get ideas on which ones to sample next or even mix together.

    I think we all know this but my disclaimer is that: taste in juice is very subjective. I think all the juices I have "taste good" to someone, but some of them just don't taste that good to me. Most of my juices are at the 12MG nictoine level as well.

    Listed by shop alphabetical order:
    Butt Out
    Chai Tea Summer
    I wouldn't say that I have an all day vape, because I rotate between clearomizers throughout the day. However, the Chai Tea blend at Butt Out would be the closest thing to my all-day vape. There is hardly a noticeable difference between this blend and the winter blend. However, I did feel a more minty flavor in this one once I got it home and vaped it in my ProTank.

    Chai Tea Winter
    As stated above, the Chai Tea blends are the closest thing to my all day vape. The winter and summer aren't much different, but if I had to choose the Winter blend would be my preference. I only vape this in my ProTank, because it feels like vaping heaven for me when i get that flavorful cool exhale. This is also the only juice I vape at 7MG nicotine, because I vape it so often I don't need that much nicotine in it.

    The first juice I bought and the first juice I gave away. This is the tobacco blend that I thought I wanted once I gave up smoking. After getting into other flavors, I can no longer handle this juice.

    Da Brock
    For about three visits in a row I would go into Butt Out and test this juice out. I always wanted to buy it but never pulled the trigger. Then on Monday, I finally did and all I can say is "what was I waiting for?" This juice is fantastic, I will probably pick up a second bottle on Friday just for fear an apocalypse could happen over the weekend and I wouldn't have one stashed away. I don't know what's in it, since the Butt Out website doesn't list the flavor mix. A review on the website does say a "smooth strawberry" flavor, but I also think there is some raspberry mixed in. It's a very light and subtitle style flavored juice, which I love because it makes you want to Vape it over and over to get more.

    Lucy in the Sky
    I know from online and people I meet in the shop that a lot of people love this juice. For me, I liked maybe half of an iClear 16 worth, but it just didn't do anything for me long term. Part of the problem may have been that this was when I thought I needed 24mg of nicotine in a juice. I haven't tasted it in a while, but I believe it is a tropical flavor. I remember some pineapple/coconut mix.

    Red Devil
    If you had red hots or hot tamale candy, then you know what this juice will taste like. I'm a huge cinnamon candy fan, however it is great in only small doses. Red Devil is amazing to me for about five vapes and then my mouth starts to go numb from flavor overload. It actually works great to clear your palette, and I had a case of "vapors tongue" last week that this juice helped in rebooting my taste buds. I'm glad I have it in my stash, but it will probably last me a very long time to get through a bottle. I'm waiting on some cheap clearos from FastTech and going to put this in the tank to have along if I just need a hit or two of cinnamon now and then.

    Red Dude
    It's Mountain Dew Code Red. This purchase for me was that dreaded, "it tastes amazing when sampling it but once you take it home and put it in your tank you get sick of it after a few hits." It's a good juice don't get me wrong, but just not for me and I don't know what made me think it was when I was in the store. My hope is I can find something to blend it with at some point to make it vapable for me again.

    Rockets Glare
    You will always remember your first love. That's what this vape is to me. This was the flavor that made me realize, I don't need to only vape tobacco flavors. It's very mellow strawberry taste with an even more mellow sour's a brilliant subtle blend that makes you want to keep vaping to get more and more of that flavor. I will always have a reserve of this juice handy.

    Strawberry Banana
    This is what it says it is and strawberry mixes are the biggest fruit flavors I enjoy. This one is not different. It sort of reminds me of something you would get in a smoothie at Jamba Juice, like a Jamba eJuice. I went though this bottle pretty quick and will get it again, but am currently in no hurry to buy another bottle right now only because I have other similar style juices that I like just a little better (Rockets Glare, Da Brock)

    Vicious Vanilla
    Rockets Glare was my first love, but Vicious Vanilla was my first lust. I was part of the purchase I made when I bought my eGo starter kit, and will forever have a bottle on hand. I just absolutely love the taste of vanilla, and this vanilla is perfect for my buds. I kind of went a little overboard on this juice in the beginning and had to slow down on it because I was worried i was getting burnt out . However, now it has been a great juice to mix with some other bottles. I have it mixed with my English Toffee flavor, and may mix in a little with an RY4 if it doesn't taste like I want it to after seeping.


    Black Cherry

    If Rockets Glare was my first love and Vanilla was my first lust, then Black Cherry from Hi-Tec would best be described as my newest girlfriend. This flavor is so diverse. It has tons of flavor to vape on it's own, but if it starts vaping too sweet for you, then you can mix it with other juices to make bad juices taste good and good flavors taste great. I became a scientist last night and did a few experiments last nights of juice mixing. I currently have a few drops of it mixed in with a cola juice, a raging bull juice and a da brock juice. The Black Cherry adds a new dimension to each of these: The Cola and Black Cherry makes it taste like a Cherry Coke, the Raging Bull (Red Bull Flavor) and Black Cherry together give a subtle sweet yet tart taste and the Da Brock juice (which is amazing on it's own) flavors pop more when mixed with a small drop of Black Cherry. I can't say enough about this juice right now.

    Double Stuffed Oreo
    Have you ever bought a juice and as the cashier was ringing it up you thought to yourself, "I don't know why I am buying this?" That is this juice for me right now, even though I just bought it yesterday. Don't get me wrong, this juice tastes amazing and is spot on with it tasting like Oreo's. Next time you go into the store, I recommend you sample it. The problem is, I"m afraid a dessert style juice like this just may not be something I want to vape often or for a long time. It's like ordering a cheesecake for dessert every few months to taste that amazing flavor, but you can only have a few bites because it's way too rich. I'm going to let it seep for a while, and once I get my cheapo clearos in I am going to put it in a tank and leave at home so I can have a few vapes of it now and then during an after dinner or midnight style "vape snack"

    Earl Grey Tea
    My review is short on this one, because I just bought it yesterday and the tank I put it in didn't work. Since I am in love with the Chai Tea flavor, I had to sample it and it tasted very good. I does not have a huge amount of flavor to it, but that is the exact reason I bought this juice. Sometimes I just want to vape, but my taste buds are still recovering from all the other flavors I have been vaping during the day. So this is just for a refreshing style vape in those instances.

    Killer Kiwi
    This is one of those juices that I loved in the store and I will forever struggle to recreate that same feeling now that I brought it home. I love Kiwi and I loved the flavor, but after vaping it at home the Kiwi flavor pops way too much for me. I have been trying to make the Kiwi flavor more subtle by mixing it with other juices. However, even a few drops of this juice with another juice makes everything taste like kiwi and over powers all other flavors. I am going to seep this juice since I got it on Monday and hopefully it will come together with a much less potent kiwi flavor.

    Raging Bull
    I got this because I love the Red Bull flavored juice I had from Vast Vapors and since I had a free bottle from Hi-Tec, I used it to get another bottle. Granted, I'm not a Red Bull drinker so I don't know how close this is to that flavor, but I would describe this more like sweet tart candies. In any event, I love that type of flavor every now and then and this juice hits the spot for me. Although, I must say that mixing it with some black cherry has made this juice one of my favorites right now. It makes it more subtle of a tart flavor.

    RY4 Tobacco
    Haven't vaped this yet, as I am waiting on a seep. I just need to have some handy, for those times I get a Tobacco urge. The RY4 line has been the best for those cravings, but the only one I have really enjoyed so far is the RY4 I have listed under xTreme Vapours. If this doesn't taste well after seeping, I may just add Vicious Vanilla and/or Toffee flavor to get this to where I want it to be.

    Tropical Tantrum
    The jury is still out on this juice as well for me. Initially, this juice just has too strong of a pineapple flavor for me that I didn't taste when I first sampled it in store. However, I am still waiting on seeping to bring out some of the other flavors.

    Vapor Cola

    When I was waiting at the store, some guy walked in and bought like 10 bottles of this juice. As the impressional man I am, I of course had to follow suit and bought me a bottle as well. It wasn't a bad decision, the Cola flavor is really good and you can even taste some fizz in the hit. Warning: Don't vape this while drinking a Coke because your Coke will be boring. In any event, mix with some Black Cherry and you have a nice little Cherry Coke. I can't wait to experient with more flavors to mix with this Cola flavored, I have a feeling it will add a lot to many juices.


    English Toffee
    I love the flavor of Toffee so I wanted to give this a try. On it's own, it just wasn't that good to me. However, I slowly started mixing in with Vanilla and it made both juices better. I am almost out of this juice now, and may get another batch but I am in no hurry at the moment.

    Vast Vapor

    Red Bull
    This juice tastes just like the Ragging Bull from Hi-Tec, so this would be the same review. The only difference is you get twice as much juice at Hi-Tech, so I will get it there from now on.

    XTreme Vapours

    Granny's Apple
    This was a bottle I inherited from a coworker that bought it and decided he only liked tabacco flavors. This juice didn't do much for me. I actually felt like I was vaping water, and not much flavor. I will keep around, maybe add it to something or just try it when I am feeling like giving out second chances.

    RY4 Tobacco
    I absolutely love this juice as far as tabacco flavors go. I needed to get some for my grandfather and this is the only one we both agree on that tastes good. I was given my first bottle from my coworker, and already had him pick up another bottle since he lives on the west side of town and I'm in the east valley. This will be the standard RY4 for me, and it will be hard to find an RY4 that tops this one.

    RY5 Tobacco
    Tasted to me like the Calypso flavor I first bought when I quit smoking. It's just not my cup of tea, because I like to vape only sweetier tabacco flavors like the RY4.


    Gummy Bear
    As mentioned in other threads, Zikwig isn't my favorite store and the only one that didn't let me sample juices before buying. However, I wanted to try Gummy Bear and it was the only shop nearby that had it that day. Anyway, I really enjoyed this juice alot until I went to Hi-Tec and tasted their Gummy Bear. I can't explain the difference, but the Hi-Tec sample I tried tasted pretty darn good. Suprisingly, I didn't buy the Hi-Tec version it then since it looks like I have bought almost every juice in the Valley. However, I plan to at some point.

    Just as a side note, these are four other juices I have in small sample pack bottles. I haven't tried them yet, as I don't want to use up a clearo until I get more to sample juices. I got the two from Desert Vapes to have some menthol flavors, and the other three from hot rod vapors were part of a sample pack.

    Desert Vapes
    Blue Ice
    Fire and Ice

    Hot Rod Vapors (Local Online)

    Fuzzy Dice
    Redline Lemonade

    That's a lot to review, but at least it saved me from spending my time online or at some B&M buying more juices I don't need right now. Anyway, I hope that gave you all some ideas on juices to sample in the future, and I would love to hear any of your thoughts on these juices, as well as to any other ideas of juices or juice mixing that you have experienced from locally

  2. MsComptrtchr

    MsComptrtchr Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Someone from PHX in the Eliquid Discussion forum was asking about Voda Vapor????? Never heard of them down here.
  3. SpinDr480

    SpinDr480 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 9, 2013
    Phoenix, AZ
    I never heard of them either, granted I am fairly new to this world. Maybe some of the seasoned eVeterans would know.
  4. BennyChrist

    BennyChrist Full Member

    May 2, 2013
    Only been to 2 b&m's Butt Out and Hi Tec both are great the one thing I noticed is that Butt Out's house juices have way more flavor than any others even the top shelf stuff they sell from other companies but I really loved the Irish coffee best coffee vape I've had. Hi Tec has some really good juices too though that earl grey tea tastes just like the tea, im diggin the honeydew and pink lemonade, just got some trifecta from them pretty nice too their spearmint is an awesome mint vape the lady that was working let me try what she was vaping vanilla coconut mix she does on her own I hate coconut but that was awesome too. I think if you can stick with these two guys you will have some great flavors and awesome vaping ;)
  5. Serial70

    Serial70 Full Member Verified Member

    Apr 5, 2013
    Litchfield Park, AZ
    Well, I've been vaping for about 7 years off and on, I have lived in AZ for about 4 of those years, and I have never heard of VODAVapor until just now. Interesting...
  6. BennyChrist

    BennyChrist Full Member

    May 2, 2013
    Voda is meh from my experience. The smoke/head shop around the corner from me where I got my first cheap ego knock off setup from sells it. Its apparently u.s. Made in Texas that's all I got from looking into it. But at $10 for a 15ml bottle your better off going to hi Tec or butt out. That's all I know bought a bottle of it before I discovered the real shops out here and ecf it was not that good.
  7. Tim In Az

    Tim In Az Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 27, 2013
    Mesa AZ
    I bought some Voda Vapor at a head shop out of desperation <--- long story involving air drums and my ego. Bought 12 mg of Tobacco and one of Strawberry.I didn't care for either one and the strawberry had a funky fake taste to it.
  8. Aubie80

    Aubie80 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 7, 2011
    Phoenix, Arizona

    Did you get all the juice cleaned up?
  9. Tim In Az

    Tim In Az Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 27, 2013
    Mesa AZ
    I'll play.

    Hot Rod Vapors Redline:
    My ADV. I can't get enough of this stuff. The flavor to me is just right. It has a smooth creamy inhale until it hits the back of your throat with the perfect Th and then I get a tart tone and back to smooth strawberry on exhale. The flavor is not fake or overwhelming like other simillar juices I've tried. This juice gets so much better with age but I never have it long enough. It's so complex and flat out a clean refreshing vape!

    Hot Rod Vapors Carb Cleaner:
    I love this stuff by itself but I also love to mix it with other flavors. I've used it to fix juices that I probably would have never vaped. A little bit of Carb Cleaner mixed into juice that is heavy in Vg gives me the Th experience the juice is lacking and enhances the flavor. By itself it is fantastic. It's definitely not overwhelming like you would think a cinnamon vape would be.

    Hot Rod Aces:
    I won't say much on this because it's been awhile since I vaped it. It is suppose to be an Ry4 type juice and if so I will say it is the only Ry4 I've liked out of a bunch I've tried. I did vape the whole 10 ml bottle but have not reordered but will in the future.

    Hot Rod Vapors In General:
    I've tried all their flavors and there isn't one that I thought was bad. A few that just weren't my thing but yet still vapable. I love how their flavors are distinct and stand alone on therself. To many Juice companies have the same underline taste to all their flavors. Hot Rod is just a good clean vape with the right amount of flavor. I don't wanna drink my juice and I don't wanna guess the flavor either and these guys get it right.

    Synergy Dekard Cain:
    I love this stuff. To me it is a dry honey tobacco that has a great th and kind of reminds me of a sweeter Prime 15. I just wish Synergy would offer larger bottles.

    Synergy Cafe:
    Really great coffee vape with a hint of chocalate. Not an all day vape for me but an after dinner vape. Very clean coffee flavor and good vapor production.

    Synergy Synberry Tea:
    I originally bought this when I quit smoking and did not care for it. I gave this to my sister and along with Redline it is her ADV. I recently tried it again and have to say now that I have taste buds again it's pretty damn good.

    Jvapes No Worries:
    I don't know what this stuff is suppose to taste like but to me it's bubble gum with a hint of some kind of berry. Pretty good stuff. Great vapor production but for me poor th. I add about 10% HRV Carb Cleaner to this and it really shines for me.

    Jvapes Tripple Apple:
    For me this was one of those tried at shop, fell in love and had to have it only to find out I like it but just can't vape it for long periods of time. It has a unexplainable sweet tone to it. This is another one I add Carb cleaner to and it's awesome. Nice spicy cinnamon apple flavor with awesome vapor production.

    On a side note: Not local but have tried probably 25 flavors from Mount Baker and did not like a single one. People rave about this stuff but I guess it's just not for me. Wish it was because it's priced right.
  10. Tim In Az

    Tim In Az Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 27, 2013
    Mesa AZ
    Lol- yea I had juice from the windshield to the back window on my headliner
  11. Aubie80

    Aubie80 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 7, 2011
    Phoenix, Arizona
    That must have been a mess.
  12. Keithhesh

    Keithhesh Moved On

    May 21, 2013
    I'll probably forget a few since my wife is in our room sleeping and my juice stash is in the top of my closet but...

    Butt Out -

    Melon Collie - Indescribably delicious. If you go to Butt Out and can only by one this is it. Definitely an all day for me and I'm surprised a 30 ml has lasted me as long as it has.

    Red Dude - Same as OP. Loved it in the store but at home I could fill a tank with it and after a few hits its just too much. I still love it and it is spot on Code Red Mt Dew but I get the same thing from the drink. Delicious but too much for me. And does not mix well with others. Empty a tank of it and if you don't boil the wicks in vodka for 6 months you're still tasting Red Dude.

    Nutelica - Chocolate Hazelnut. I love Nutela so this was an easy sell for me. Tried it in the store and loved it. Got home and all I can taste is hazelnut now. Which is not a bad thing at all. I mix mine with a strong coffee vape and I'm set.

    Lucy in the Sky - Lychee, strawberry and dragonfruit... I think. Wonderful vape. Throw in a few drops of coconut juice and you're talking island vape. This is an all day for me for sure.

    Trippin skipper - Custom blend - ... (see above) mixed with Skipper (Pina Colada) - This was my first bottle from Matt and the guys and I loved it. A little too heavy on the skipper side on my bottle but what a great vape. Kept me coming back to Butt out to see what else the team had up there sleeves.

    Bad Mother Pucker - I've only sampled this one at the store but its pretty great. I just haven't been able to talk myself into buying a bottle of pink lemonade from anyone...

    Vape Escape -

    Chocolate mint - All day every day. Ron and Lon gave me this one as a wedding gift and it is the "old standby" when I don't feel like vaping anything else. As soon as this bottle runs out I'm making my way back to buy another one immediately. It is liquid Andes mints that you vape. Top notch.

    Grape Escape - I vaped this one for about a week straight. I still have about a quarter bottle of it left but that will probably change very soon since I thought of it. Grape jolly ranchers melty and warm.

    Hi Tec -

    Passion fruit - Really Tasty but I have barely used it since I broke the seal.

    Coconut - Also extremely good but I gave it to a buddy that wanted to start vaping the day after I bought it.

    Pizza - Some day I will convince the wife to let me buy this one. Its soooo good. I ran into Hi Tec last night and a 60+ year old woman was sampling the juices and I convinced her to try the pizza. She took a puff and gave me a strange look of odd enjoyment and then went back for seconds. She knows how I feel. I think it's impossible that it could be an all day or even more than a few toots a week kind of juice but it's the best savory flavor I've tried.

    Peanut Butter - Went thru about a half of the bottle in my first week of vaping. I really loved their peanut butter but haven't touched it since. I can only imagine its gotten better with aging and when I get my concord grape juice in the mail next week the PBJ mixing begins.

    JVapes -

    I tried a few of them at Vapor Vortex but only bought one.

    Hey Jude - Not sure what they say its supposed to taste like but to me it's Dum Dum lollipops like the ones you get at the bank. Its very good but also very sweet. On top of that, I vape 6mg and the lowest they had was 12mg. It gets my head swimming a little bit if I puff on it too much and unfortunately for me its good enough to vape it too much.

    Conclusion -

    Once again Butt Out is Top of the list A+ number one as far as juice taste (And the only store with an in house lab if I'm correct)

    Vape Escape comes in second with their delicious Chocolate mint and Grape Escape

    And Hitec comes in a very close third with their selection great sample set up and rock bottom prices.

    If I'm broke and don't much time to get juice I go to Hi Tec

    If I'm broke and have an extra 30-40 minutes to kill I make the trek to butt out.

    If I'm not worried about spending a bunch of money. I still go to Butt Out and just buy more.

    When I run out of Chocolate mint and Grape I'm gonna rush to Vape Escape and stock up.

    Just my .02 YMMV

    Taste is subjective as is store experience.

    We are truly blessed to have as many choices as we do and should always remember that our freedom to do so can easily be regulated or taken away.

    Fight for your rights!

    I'm not joining no nicotine gum club if the .... hits the fan.
  13. IMFire3605

    IMFire3605 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    May 3, 2013
    Blue Rapids, KS, US

    If you liked Xtreme Vapour's RY4 and RY5 you might look into Indigo RY4 at Butt Out, currently my ADV, kind of has a chocolate tone to it, sounds like you have similar flavor pallete to me.

    I'm pretty similar, I rotate flavors during the day but fall on my main flavor the heaviest, and switch up when I feel I need a change up, need a kick with a 24mg, or when my ADV starts tasting off to me for no apparent reason
    Well, let the list start -

    Butt Out -

    Strawberry Bannana give it an 8/10, but I can vape it constantly
    Indigo Brand RY4 my current ADV 9/10
    Eureka (AKA Halo Tribecca Clone) one of my usual change up flavors from my ADV when don't want a fruit flavor 7/10
    Melon Chollie always in rotation with Eureka (Tribecca/Trifecta) 8/10

    Hi-Tec -
    Black Cherry haven't bought any but have tried it nice profile but a little to tangy for me 6/10
    Trifecta if I don't have any Eureka on hand I'll have this on hand see Eureka above

    Zikwid -
    Halo Tribecca (See Eureka above) don't buy this anymore as price per mil is just attrocious on Halo Juices
    Halo Freedom Juice along the lines of an RY6, little more tabacco flavor though here you can clearly taste what their base tastes like in an after tone 4/10
    Tiki Juice (Looking for a clone of this due to price) love this stuff as a treat or after dinner vape 9/10
    Vapors Choice Gummi Bear a nice juice but is one of those flavors you eventually get back to only as a treat due to it is so sweet
    Vapors Choice Strawberry next to Xtreme's Strawberry, being 100% VG based, only buy it in desperation, little more bland on the taste 6/10
    Vapors Choice RY4 Special -_-, more like an RY0 or RY04 in true classification, dark liquid, still have 30 mil bottle steeping, still smells to purefumey to me to vape, tried fresh, at 1 week, at 2 weeks, etc, now at week 6, still a perfume bite, though it has dulled down since first bought, might cut it down with something here next week, so far 4/10
    Vapors Choice Mandarin Vanilla lovely vanilla taste, though out is it sharp and rich with a weird undertone I can't place, nice treat flavor though 7/10
    Boge Cherry nice sharp cherry flavor, though not really my cup of tea, still a decent vape 6/10
    Boge USA Mix *blah* the only bottle I bought before trying Halo Tribecca, to much in the tobacco flavor without much other tones 2/10
    Boge Kentucky Blend -_- 2/10 like USA Mix
    Boge RY4 Blend another dark liquid in the RY4 naming like the Vapors Choice, made me want to puke 1/10
    Zikwid Brand, all I've tried >_> 0/10

    XTreme Vapor
    Babylon RY4 my backup ADV and former ADV when mixed with the Babylon Vanilla 1:1 gives it a nice rich vanilla tone, though by itself is still bareable though with a salty vanilla tone by itself 8/10
    Babylon Vanilla see above 9/10 when vaped by itself, I use this to cut other RY4s with
    Babylon RY6 a little more tobacco tone, though still and enjoyable vape 7/10
    Babylon Strawberry 9/10 this is my 24mg kick juice I always have on hand and can vape all day long if I had it in 18mg
    Babylon Bannana 9/10 a change up fruit flavor I use in rotation, always in a tank just waiting, currently in an iSmoka Mega BCC
    Babylon Pina Colada 5/10 tried this, was decent but only as a treat vape, the pineapple gives it a nice sharp taste while the coconut mellows it out
    Babylon Caramel 9/10 this is a very nice treat vape, rich and buttery like melted fresh caramel my grandma used to make for cooking, a definitive after dinner vape I vape on Fridays after a good dinner as an end of week treat ^_^
  14. wyllic

    wyllic Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 29, 2013
    Phoenix, AZ, USA

    Ask for the Mr. Pink. 90% Bad Mother Pucker, 10% Red Dude. It cuts down how sweet the Red Dude is alone and adds a little more depth and sour.

    You are correct with the flavor profile of Lucy, it is Lychee, Strawberry and Dragonfruit. It also already has a touch of coconut in it, but absolutely add more if you desire!
  15. SpinDr480

    SpinDr480 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 9, 2013
    Phoenix, AZ
    I have tried their RY4 as well as a few others around town, and I still come back to the one at Xtreme Vapour as the one with the best taste to me. Last night I added a few drops of black cherry in my RY4 and it tastes amazing. I got the idea after looking at some of the juices that they sell at Backwood Brew. I gave in to the hype of there flavors and have a few on order to be shipped. Have you ever tried their juice?
  16. Keithhesh

    Keithhesh Moved On

    May 21, 2013
    Update to my list:


    Butt Out -

    Caramel Apple - Warm, crisp and perfectly perfectly balanced. Really wish I picked up a 30ml of this one after I had some non vaper friends over for dinner and it went around the table on heavy rotation. Big time crowd pleaser with that one. Sweet but not tooth achingly sweet. Probably the best apple flavor I've tried.

    Blueberry - Another one of the new creations from Butt-Outs multi dimensional wizard, warlock and dragon powered laboratory. This one is a real winner. Not too sweet (I'm seeing a very enjoyable trend from them not having over powered sweet vapes that a palate pleasing but don't send you to the dentist or keep you from vaping on a good flavor all day) This blueberry is again, greatly balanced and the aroma it lets off makes me wish I had it in the vents of my house and jeep. Only thing I didnt like about this one is again the small bottle I picked up.

    These 2 new ones I got are definitely up there with Melon Collie for me and when I go back for bigger bottles will go into the same rotation that Melon Collie is in.

    3 way tie.

    Well done again Butt Out!!!
  17. SpinDr480

    SpinDr480 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 9, 2013
    Phoenix, AZ

    I completely agree, I went into Butt Out last week at your suggestion to get Mellon Collie. I added it to my ADV rotation, and while I was at it I picked up some of that new Blueberry. Wow is it good...Not too overpowering and almost tastes like I am biting into a blueberry muffin. It actually works good to mix with a juice that is too sour/tart..I love Red Bull flavor, but sometimes it can bet too tart...just add a few drops of blueberry and it makes the tart more subtle.
  18. IMFire3605

    IMFire3605 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    May 3, 2013
    Blue Rapids, KS, US
    I've seen a few reviews here and on YT on BWB. Haven't tried any of their flavors yet myself. Only online juice vendors I've tried are Mt. Baker and Heather's Heavenly. Currently I'm watching where I use online transactions, sorry, hobbyist hacker side of me, even when round-robin through several proxies I don't trust online transactions atm at what I am seeing, not only vape types of transactions, but others as well. To many out of US and western borders renegades out there in the "Cracker" community up to no good a lot more than usual -_-. PITA setting up a burn card or burn account number, so I don't bother with the hassle until I'm ready to commit to a vendor, but I will take the recommendation under consideration here pretty soon.
  19. SpinDr480

    SpinDr480 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 9, 2013
    Phoenix, AZ
    I actually had few gift cards for my birthday left over, so I ordered alot of my stuff online with those. I think with all the fraud going around, I will find a way to get a re-loadable like that so I can be safe. In addition, I think it will help me keep a budget better for all my overspending as of late.
  20. blindmice

    blindmice Full Member Verified Member

    Apr 25, 2013
    The only local shop I have tried was Vape Escapes. I love the juices but took them home only to find I had an allergies to them. Sometimes I have to vape them a while before I find they won't work. I loved everything about them but I have to stick to VG. Here's what I bought.
    Gummy bear-Loved this one.
    Grape- First grape I really liked.
    Banana nut bread-This was my favorite.
    Wild blueberry-This was another one I really enjoyed.
    Peach Green Tea-This really had good flavor.

    I liked them all, but found most of the vendors after calling several, don't have 100% Vg. So I'm stuck. Into the non vapable box they go.
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