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RY4 36mg 110ml Bottle 2 of 3

Discussion in 'HealthCabin' started by boz, Aug 19, 2010.

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  1. boz

    boz Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 25, 2010
    Brisbane Australia
    RY4 36mg 110ml Bottle 2 of 3

    Hi, you may have read my review of the first bottle of three that I bought from HC. That review was very brutal as the juice had an awful metallic/primer taste and no tobacco taste at all. I am happy to report in my review of the second bottle I opened for testing that things are a bit better.

    Firstly, I'll say that this bottle of RY4 is clean in taste but still a bit weak on flavour, this is not necessarily bad though. Before I continue, I have to recount that I also did a review on a 110ml bottle of RY4 flavouring that I found to be so weak as to be unusable. In this review I will be adding some HC Flue Cured Flavouring to the juice. This Flue Cured Flavouring is so much better than the RY4 Flavouring, with a mild but pleasant taste at a 25% mix. But that is for another review and I only just bring it up before I make my comments on the review I am doing here.

    I started by attaching a new/empty 801 cartomizer to my Buzz at 4.2V. I added 10ml of the 36mg RY4 to a new/clean 15ml bottle. Then I tested the juice. Straight out of the bottle the taste was very bland but not offensive. There was a mild taste of tobacco but not of sufficient strength for my tastes. I then took 2ml of the HC Flue Cured Flavouring and added that to the bottle. The result was a strong tobacco flavour but the type of flavour you often get from pre filled cartomizers, I'm sure you know that taste, it's just a bit off.

    So, finally, I added 1ml of caramel flavour to the bottle. Man, once I added the caramel it took away the sickly taste and added a slight mellowing effect to the tobacco flavour and I am very impressed with the result.

    The mix then looks like this:
    10ml 36mg HC RY4
    2ml HC Flue Cured Flavouring
    1ml Caramel Flavouring

    Concluding my review I have to say that after the poor quality of the first bottle I tried, there appears to be a QC problem with the HC RY4 36mg juice as the second bottle was totally different to the first one. I'm not saying it is great because you still have to work it to get a good vape, but the good thing is that it IS workable and in all fairness very easily workable. I wouldn't vape this straight from the bottle as it is too weak and only has a hint of RY4 but with minimal work I am happy to use this as an all day vape, which is what I am looking for.

    I still have another bottle which I will try and hopefully it is at least as good as this bottle, if not better. The first bottle I gave a 0/10, but for this bottle I'm happy to give a 6/10 because the liquid is pure and a good base to work with. I can't complain too much about this bottle, however at this point I don't think I can recommend it because of the QC and massive difference between one bottle to the next. It's just something that HC has to keep on top of because if I had only bought the first bottle my impression would be totally bad, but the second bottle is pretty good, especially for the price. Don't forget, you'll have to be prepared to do a little work on it to bring it up to your personal taste, but the foundation and juice quality is good. I am very happy with my end result with this second bottle of RY4 and am glad it is not a dud like the first bottle.

    I hope this review is helpful and we'll see how the 3rd bottle goes. In the meantime I'm loving vaping this mix.
  2. boz

    boz Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 25, 2010
    Brisbane Australia
    Hi all,

    I have to tell you something about HC. I had a bad bottle of RY4 which I reviewed poorly and in this review the second bottle was OK. Over the last four days my wife and I drove to Sydney from Brisbane to visit my aging mum. When I returned today there was a package sitting at the doorstep and I didn't know who it could have come from as I don't have any current order for ecigs or Ebay. So we unload the car and I finally get around to opening the package and low and behold it's two bottles of RY4 from HC which I never even asked for, Amy just sent them off her own bat.

    OK, the verdict on the bottles sent to me, to my surprise. Beautiful mild tobacco taste, very seductive. I would highly recommend the RY4 and I must say here and now that my first bottle must just have been an anomaly and unfortunately it slipped through the cracks. However, after trying the second bottle (I haven't tried the third, I hope it's up to the standard of the second and the bottles sent to me from Amy) I have to say that HC RY4 is a lovely mild tasting tobacco flavour that I will be ordering again when I run out.

    Thank you very much Amy, you have lived up to your reputation despite my scathing review of my first bottle. Well done. :thumbs:
  3. newsunshine

    newsunshine Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Apr 7, 2009
    Thank you very much! :)
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