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San Diego Chargers and the Pen Style

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by uberjaeger, Jan 4, 2009.

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  1. uberjaeger

    uberjaeger Full Member

    Dec 31, 2008
    San Diego, CA
    So, I'm a San Diegan (order from if you live west of the Rockies /plug).

    So I'm watching the Chargers/Colts game (playoff football, not futbol, game for those of you who like soccer /blah). The game went to overtime, which is sudden death, and we won the toss. So, we drive down the field and score (for those of you who are vertically challenged, the Chargers' 5'6" running back Sproles won the game for us; you could be a star someday). Chargers win, I was happy...really happy...jumping up and down happy.

    So I go through the house talking up the win (running through the house and yelling really). I tackle my son (in a loving way, please don't call child services) and we roll around on the ground chanting "Chargers" (no Freud please).

    I finish my stroll through the house, get another beer, and return to my well-worn seat to watch the post-game shows. My daughter runs in after about 3 minutes and hands me a penstyle (/plug) (the electronic nicotine delivery device (ENDD))looked complete in the dark room). I give her a big kiss (again, no Freud please), tell her thanks, and put the electronic nicotine delivery device (ENDD) in my shirt pocket.

    She comes back into the room about 5 minutes later as I'm trying to inhale the vapor without a mouthpiece/cartridge (I don't recommend, but if you spit on the atomizer you'll get some good vape). (I've had one or two beers over the course of the night).

    She gives me the cartridge and I thank her profusely. Unfortunately the cart/mouthpiece won't fit into the atomizer anymore as the atomizer was horribly bent out of shape.

    My daugher explains that my son and his friend closed the door on the electronic nicotine delivery device.....OUCH...Cussword....

    I got my pliers and made the atomizer round again (at least semi-round again...not engineering major round, more like business degree round) so it could accept the cart. All good.

    Go Chargers and pliable metals.

    End of story. Thanks for listening.

    And just another shameless plug for Love the service.

    Go Chargers.
  2. Dukeboy08

    Dukeboy08 Guest

    Can't Wait I hope they come to Nashville and Play.

    The Titans needs some redemption for last years Playoff loss to the Chargers.

    Go Titans!

    And I will always be a Puresmoker for life!

    And Next Saturday (Titans game) I will be there along with the Many of the #1 Loudest Fans in The NFL!

    Go Titans!!!!!
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