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Aug 28, 2013
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    I've got a bunch of Serpent Minis for sale.
    Location: New Hampshire

    All these are 7-8/10 - After all, these are 5+ year old items - the white gaskets are yellowed a bit, the decks might show some wear, etc - but I am always easy on my gear and all these are perfectly servicable.



    A few years ago, I thought I had found my end-all rta - the Serpent Mini
    With all the rumors of the vaping Sky falling all around us, I scooped up everyone I could find - 15 to be exact.
    But then I did a really stupid thing and Alice'd myself down the Boro-hole, and now my precious Minis sit unused.

    5 SS - $20 each
    No boxes, but come with colored gaskets sets and AT LEAST one spare glass.

    These 4 don't have the stock driptips or extra gaskets but will come with a spare glass
    They come as pictured:
    $15 each

    I add a one-time shipping fee of $5 for CONUS USPS Priority with Tracking and $50 insurance
    Ask about buying multiples and we can make a deal!
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