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Sigelei Kaos Spectrum Owners Group

Discussion in 'VV/VW APV Discussion' started by williamclarkonet, Jul 6, 2017.

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  1. OlderNDirt

    OlderNDirt Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 8, 2014
    It does kind of make me wonder what her boyfriend would say if asked where he got it.
  2. liblue1

    liblue1 ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I have taken to putting my initials on the inside cover of most mods I know I will be keeping.........
  3. bmwmc

    bmwmc New Member

    Mar 24, 2018
    New owner, using Aspire Cleito tank. Very disappointed with TC using the SS316L coils. Way too cool at max temp and set at stock 316 setting. Using a TCR of 0.0008 I get a warning Atomizer Does Not Match. Any tips to improve TC on this mod?
  4. HawaiianVaporTrailz

    HawaiianVaporTrailz Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 16, 2015
    I have TC problems on mine when using coils of .45 ohms. I had to jack the temp up to almost max.

    On a hunch I made a 1 ohm coil to see what happens. It works! Temp setting is now in the neighborhood of 400-440, depending on the e-liquid.

    Overall I like my Kaos, but at times it feels too bulky and heavy. I was thinking of getting one of the 21700 capable mods such as the iJoy Elite, eLeaf Pico 21700 or the iJoy Capo.

    Anybody wanna buy my Kaos?
  5. catilley1092

    catilley1092 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Nov 3, 2013
    Greensboro, NC, USA
    Is this hard to do?:)

    I have 3 of these, all purchased from Breazy, sealed & new. Sigelei offered to fix it even though out of warranty, as I shamed them on Facebook by posting a similar pic as @Christina W on their Home page there. But they wanted me to pay for the shipping with insurance & didn't want them to repair like new, just to have the same happen again.

    One of the 3 KAOS Spectrum purchased is still sealed in the box. It's been a good mod for me, other than the separation. Tried to fix with that blue thread liquid like used on computer components, made matters worse. Sigelei should had known this manufacturing practice would backfire. Given their resources, wouldn't had cost more than 25 cents to use metal inserts with real metal screws. Not basically a wood screw with TORX bit head, while I knows businesses has to pinch pennies, Sigelei was making them scream here.:D

    Have some material in a tube to cutoff what's needed called QuikSteel. It's basically a putty, cutoff what's needed, work like PlayDoh & have it in place within 5 minutes & allow to dry. It's said to be waterproof, has the NSF label for drinking water safe (can even setup underwater), withstand temps between +500F/260C down to -90F/68C, can be driled, tapped, filed, machined, sanded or painted as needed & repairs are permanent.

    Would I be able to fix mine with this material? My friend who turned me onto vaping gave me a tube, still new in pack. Thinking that I could put some on the threads of the screw & repair, but that turned out to be a huge mess, because Sigelei didn't provide enough base there to work with.:(

    Any thoughts?:)

    Otherwise, am happy with my KAOS Spectrum, however, this & the MoonBox (bundle with Moonshot RBA) has left a bad taste in my mouth towards Sigelei. Since mine is running good, am not going to attempt a firmware upgrade, just like flashing the BIOS of a computer, there's always risk involved.

  6. mikkybee

    mikkybee New Member

    Aug 4, 2018
    I've heard a lot of problems about the kaos spectrum, but I like the design.. I don't wanna waste my time getting a replacement from sigelei if mine ends up breaking for no reason. Is the mod worth it?
  7. mikkybee

    mikkybee New Member

    Aug 4, 2018
    Interested to know if you ever fixed it?
  8. Knabak

    Knabak New Member

    Dec 29, 2017
    No. I broke down a got a Voopoo mojo.
    I could figure out what happened with it.
  9. Keira Vasilli

    Keira Vasilli New Member

    Nov 1, 2018
    yo, sorry if i'm bumping the yhread, but my friend gave me one of these today and it won't turn on. i've gotten blue, green and white on the leds so far. my guess is that it's in update mode.
    note: it hasn't been used in a long while. he doesn't know how long.
  10. catilley1092

    catilley1092 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Nov 3, 2013
    Greensboro, NC, USA
    I'll start with the good news, I managed to get both of these KAOS mods fixed (the loosening top) by using a product in a tube called QuikSteel (kind of like play-doh). Just cut some off, be sure to knead both colors of the putty well, then one has up to 5 minutes to stuff a bit in each corner. The before it sets hard, take one of the screws & poke a hole in each hole. Allow to dry for an hour & screw down, these are like wood screws, will thread through the tiny hole made with some force.:)

    The bad news is, while one still works fine, other than sometimes not firing, have to repeat, the other seems to be shot, not even the factory firmware fixed it.:(

    Now here's the very weird part on the bad one. I cannot get the mod to do anything with the batteries in only, I mean nothing. Yet playing with it, discovered it works when the supplied charging cable is plugged into a computer. It charges, vapes, makes normal adjustments, other than a total reset, which requires all power to be removed & hold the negative (right) button on front while inserting batteries.

    Does anyone else have this issue, and if so, how was it fixed? To be honest, I don't need it, but would like to get some life out of it, if possible. I like these with my SubTank Minis, of which I've owned twice as long.

    One thing for certain, Sigelei has left a bad taste in my mouth & not just this mod, however being this is the KAOS club, won't stray elsewhere. I'll never buy another, have found a favorite in Vaporesso, where I get the quality I pay for with a few more dollars when on promo. The first & my introduction, I won here, the other four, I purchased.

    The engineering team of Sigelei has gone to the dogs, reminds me of a couple of low cost notebooks purchased years ago, both HP/Compaq Black Friday specials for under $200.:D

  11. Mr. Relentless

    Mr. Relentless Super Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 17, 2017
    With my sigs this is what's happened to 2. The battery contacts that are deep in the mod have thin flat metal that is connected to the circuit board. Dropping your batteries in weakens these contacts until they snap off the circuit board. They dont fall away or anything but they are sitting there broke. If you can squeeze your mod pretty hard and it turns on then this is probably your problem. This happened with two sig 213's I had. Now I have 2 kaos mods that I gently slide the batts in with no problem going on almost a year and a half every day beater.
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  12. catilley1092

    catilley1092 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Nov 3, 2013
    Greensboro, NC, USA
    Good idea, but no cigar!:D

    I tried it & caused a spark, had to rush outdoors to throw the two batteries on the ground. Will wrap good with paper (separate) in the morning & toss in the recycle bin on the morning they run.:)

    The mod too, I don't need to deal with a fire hazard.

    Thanks for trying to be of help.:)

  13. catilley1092

    catilley1092 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Nov 3, 2013
    Greensboro, NC, USA
    Hey, you gave me a 'last chance' idea & it works.....for now!:thumbs:

    Took a flat blade screwdriver & pushed both of those contacts in, I felt the right one (positive lead from door) snap in sightly. It fired right up after installing batteries & in the process, reset to defaults.:D

    While I know this fix won't last for long, at least is going for now. Maybe it was that short & me pushing the door hard that caused the spark & my batteries (fortunately old ones) to heat badly. Both has a burnt spot & I won't attempt to reuse. Have pulled the batteries 3-4 times, no signs of heating now, although the smell of of the other is still quite strong. Need an air freshener in here!

    Again, thanks for the tip, had you not told me, would had never guessed.:)

  14. Mr. Relentless

    Mr. Relentless Super Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 17, 2017
    The only real fix would be disassembly and re solder the battery contacts to the board. Having contacts that can be connected to the battery on one end and move to wherever they want, from a bump or fall, on the other end could be trouble. If your batteries already shorted out I wouldnt let it out of my sight with batts in it.
  15. catilley1092

    catilley1092 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Nov 3, 2013
    Greensboro, NC, USA
    You're right. I've already had it to go out on me a couple of times, when pressing the fire button.:)

    Yet for whatever reason, most of the time the KAOS now fires almost as fast as my Vaporesso Polar, it's advertised as one (if not the) fastest firing mod on the market at 1 millisecond.:D

    Maybe not quite as fast, yet it's certainly faster than when new. As stated above, Sigelei engineering (or their slave labor employees) are doing a sloppy job. The Spectrum KAOS could be an upper mid level tiered mod, but it's the little things which holds it back.

    A better top mounted system, like metal on metal, rather than metal top using basically wood screws with a TORX head screwed in thin plastic shims. Then the electrical issue where the contacts comes loose. The door isn't quite the best either, assuming the contacts held tight, the door itself will eventually necessitate a ghetto fix to stay tight (a thicker piece of contact metal glued like the current state of affairs). And pray the hinge doesn't break!:D

    I believe I'll see what I can do in tearing this down and fixing/upgrading what can be, if for no other reason, the sake of safety. What I don't need is to become too comfortable with it as is & surely wouldn't carry in my pocket. BTW, one of the batteries now has a hard time getting out, have to twist with my thumb to loosen & finally drops, that's not how it's supposed to be.

    The KAOS Spectrum is a mod which reminds me of my young days in having older rides constantly needing work, be it major or minor, to keep running. Maybe a rebuild can fix these things, as long as the door hinge doesn't be the next item to break. On the other hand, these may not be hard to find, there's a few vape shops around, may be able to find a few (otherwise) broken ones for little or nothing. Can always purchase some wire or wick in exchange for what's otherwise hitting the dumpster.

    As many as these were sold through sites such as 'Cheap Vaping Deals' emails, there's more than enough to make us one big family.:thumbs:


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