Smoke free for over 7 years now, Vape free for 6 years.

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Oct 25, 2009
I started a thread when I first quit and updated how I felt for a few months. 2 pack/day, 35 years, - 35 days Analog Free

I just wanted to drop by and tell everyone trying to quit smoking or cut down through vaping: You can do it. I smoked 2 PAD for 35 years. I spent a year weaning off analogs while vaping, then spent about 6 month weaning off the nic in the vape. Then a couple of months at zero nic.

Occasionally, I still go out and buy a new vape with zero nic (some really nice e-cigs out there now... It was in the stone age 7 years ago). I still have one around here somewhere.

Anyway ... every vape you take is one less drag off a cig. Take your time.
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