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Social Group Policy

Discussion in 'ECF Forum Rules' started by Valsacar, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. Valsacar

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    Aug 16, 2010

    These Rules supersede and overrule any other instance on this Website or oral communication now or in the past. These Rules are applicable to any and every area on this site, and there are no exemptions.

    Please carefully note General Rule 1: these Rules are updated frequently and without notice.

    General rules

    1. These Rules may change from time to time and it is your responsibility to check for the latest version. The Rules may be updated without notice.
    2. These rules apply to Social Groups and any forum sections linked to a Social Group.
    3. All regular forum rules apply.
    4. NO buying/selling/trading or CO-OPs.
    5. English is the ONLY language allowed in Social Groups.

    Creation of new Social Groups

      • New groups must be unique, if there is already a related group the request will be denied.
    NOTICE :
    Social group Forums are no longer able to be created

    Maintenance of Groups
    1. Groups with no new posts will be deleted after 6 weeks of inactivity.
    2. Groups with no active moderators or owners will be deleted after 6 weeks of inactivity.
    3. Groups with ineffective owners/moderators risk closure.
    4. Groups with less than 5 active members risk closure.
    5. Suppliers, and Associates, cannot be Social Group owners or moderators. An owner that becomes a supplier/associate should transfer ownership of the group. Failure to do so risks closure of the group.

      A group with at least 10 active members that falls under the above rules will be given an opportunity for selecting a new owner to keep the group from deletion. In such a case a thread for members to post their interest in becoming the owner will be opened for three days, after which a poll will be opened for one week for all group members to vote on whom will be the new owner.

      If only one member is willing to become the owner then the poll will not be held. If no members post within the three day window their interest in becoming an owner then the group will be removed.
    6. Social Group owners can create their own rules, but no Social Group rules can conflict with ECF rules.
    7. ECF staff will NOT enforce Social Group specific rules, unless a violation of those rules also is a violation of ECF rules.
    8. ECF staff reserve the right to remove content from your forum at our discretion.
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