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Discussion in 'Tank Reviews' started by Tim Wiseman, Oct 15, 2017.

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  1. Tim Wiseman

    Tim Wiseman Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jul 29, 2017
    Bolton, England
    Hi ECF members, In this review i take a look at the SZX Mini RDA by Sub Ohm Innovations which is part of their competition series.


    I would like to thank James from the Healthcabin for supplying the RDA free of charge for the purpose of this review.

    The SZX mini is the miniature version of the Sub-zero X RDA. The only difference's is the bottom section which allows the bigger version to fix directly on to the mech in true hybrid fashion is done away with and the juice well is 1mm shallower.

    In the Box


    SZX Mini RDA
    3 Allen Keys
    4 Screws
    Spare O-rings
    BF Pin
    Very Nice Metal Authenticity Card


    Aesthetics and Quality

    The aesthetics are created by the very well machined look of the RDA, (it oozes quality). Apart from the very deep Sub Ohm Innovations logo etched out of the main section and the airflow holes there are no other features apart from the delrin drip-tip, which in my view lets the look down a bit, simplicity is it's charm.



    X-Series Posts with Clamping Pin System
    Bottom Feed/Squonk Pin Included
    Large Building Area
    Adjustable Airflow
    1/2" Removable Drip Tip (Fits many aftermarket styles.)
    510 Connection with Protruding Pin
    25mm Diameter x 25mm Length Excluding Drip Tip
    colors: Gold, Rose Gold, Stainless Steel and Black Stainless.


    Taking Apart

    Apart from needing the mod's assistance for grip (some RDA's need this) to release the build deck, the rest of the RDA comes to bits with ease. Reassembling is easy and straightforward.


    Build Deck


    The Build deck is a playground for those who like there big chunky builds, in fact i needed to use pre-wound fancy coils in this because my modest builds would not be thick enough to clamp down securely. The 2 large posts have rather than post holes i am going to call them post voids as they are the biggest i have seen (maybe i have up until now led a sheltered vaping life). The voids have free moving rolled bars in them which hold the coil in place once screwed down, this means there is even pressure on the complete surface area. There is so much room, fixing even the chunkiest of coils in the SZX will be easy. The juice well at the bottom of the deck is slightly shallower than on the full size version but it's still deep allowing for some generous wicking. If i use a dripper (which isn't often), i prefer squonking so before i did my build i fitted the supplied BF pin as this is how i am going to use it.



    This RDA is made for the intention of producing serious clouds and with the build deck and very generous goon style airflow that is a certainty. So i was more interested in if i could get good flavour with the most modest build i could do; a duel 0.23 Ohm. Out of the 4 3mm air holes i only had 1 and a half open achieved by having 3 of them half open. I was sent outside to use it because even though i wasn't going for clouds our smoke alarm (if anyone knows of a smoke alarm which can tell the difference between smoke and vape that info would be gratefully received) immediately sprung into life and i needed to do a fair amount of creeping to be loved again. While i was squonking away in our yard letting out serious clouds i was quite surprised by the flavour i got, it was very descent. The SZX mini was somewhat wasted on me as this would come into it's own with big chunky builds and loads of air but my lungs aren't cut out for that, however the build i had in it gave a nice smooth flavoursome vape. The drip-tip is fine to use, i just don't like the look of it as to me it seems cheap looking on top of a well machined quality built RDA.



    Those into their big chunky builds and cloud chasers would love the SZX mini RDA. More modest builds with reduced airflow can achieve descent flavour.


    Spacious build deck
    Massive post voids (holes)
    Roller bar to clamp wire with even pressure
    Very well machined
    Decent enough flavour
    Big chunky builds
    Serious Clouds
    BF pin included


    Disappointing looking Drip tip (others might like it)
    Can't clamp down thinner wires

    I would once again like to thank James from the Healthcabin for supplying the Sub Ohm Innovations SZX mini RDA and it is available here:
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