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Spotted this article on USA TODAY. Blu cigs are the downfall of e-cigarettes

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Aug 28, 2013
    Big Tobacco airs e-cigarette TV ads as FDA readies rules

    The vaping scene is being hindered by the fact that BT is behind the Blu cigs, among other types of vaping devices that are being mass marketed. My thought is this; if/when the FDA decides to step in and regulate, they are going to only look at it from a view point that is skewed and aimed solely at BT e-products. That, in turn, is going to make any other type of vaping seem like a ploy by BT to get back into our homes, especially with the blatant advertising and mass marketing they are doing.

    Ive already recently been told not to smoke in a few bars, even one of the veteran clubs I belong to, and they let people smoke regular cigarettes in there! Of course I educated them on the matter and was allowed to vape unhindered, but the misunderstanding surrounding vaping and e-cigs in general is a burden to the scene.:facepalm:
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