SteamCrave Meson RTA Reviewed by SessionDrummer


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  • Jan 22, 2011
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      A huge thanks out to King from SteamCrave for sending this out for the purposes of this review. Any time something is billed as "The BEST Single Coil RTA", and it's from SteamCrave, I get interested. Let's get into this one, and see if this Restricted DTL (possibly MTL) is built as it's billed.

      *Use Code: CVD2019*

      **Steam Crave Meson 25mm RTA Features:**

      * Diameter: 25mm
      * Juice Well: N/A
      * Fill System: Threaded Top Fill
      * Build Deck: Postless Build Deck
      * Coil Configuration: Single Coil Configuration
      * Coil Fastening: Side Secured via Hex Screws
      * Glass Capacity: 5mL Glass Capacity
      * Bubble Glass Capacity: 6mL Capacity
      * PCTG Tube Capacity: N/A
      * Airflow: Top-to-Bottom Airflow Control
      * Tank Material: Stainless Steel
      * Drip Tip: 810 Drip Tip
      * Connection: 810 Drip Tip
      * Contact Pin: Gold-Plated

      **What's Included:**

      * 1 Meson RTA
      * 1 6mL Bubble Glass
      * 1 Spare Parts Bag
      * 1 Allen Key
      * 1 Steam Crave Sticker
      * 1 User Manual

      Compared to many of my SteamCraves in the hoard, this one had a somewhat different config ..

      0 Meson Exploded.jpg

      Lot's to get into, so let's get INTO it !!!!

      1 Box.jpg

      Most of you are familiar with the SteamCrave Red and Black boxes ...

      2 Box Open.jpg

      The Meson RTA, 5ml straight, 6ml bubble, T tool, and extras ..

      3 Contents.jpg

      Manual and sticker ...

      4 Paperwork.jpg

      Great stash of spare o-rings, and grubs, but NO coils ....

      5 Spares.jpg

      Comparison of the 5ml straight glass (installed), and 6ml bubble glass ...

      6 Tanks.jpg

      The Mighty Meson RTA Beast ...

      7 Meson Full.jpg


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    • Jan 22, 2011
        Just enough branding so you didn't forget what your were using ..

        8 Etching.jpg

        Nice 810 tip, with the typical beefy o-ring in the cap for a snug fit ...

        9  Drip Tip Oring.jpg

        A closeup of the dual airflow slots (one on each side), and smart knurling on the top cap ...

        10 Knurling Airflow.jpg

        Closeup of the airflow ring removed, and o-ring ..

        10a Airflow Ring.jpg

        Dual generous fill ports, top cap o-ring, and FULL screw on cap with NO quarter turn spin offs to come off in your pocket !!!

        11 Juice Fill Ports.jpg

        This is where SOME people may get stuck. You need to un-thread the chimney with a small coin to remove the top section, OR, read the instructions LOL ....

        12 Chimney Removal.jpg

        Here's another look at the chimney section, and the (retaining) airflow base that secured it ...

        13 Chimney Airflow Base.jpg

        Some closeups to better show how the airflow will be directed at the coil, with the airflow base ...

        14 Airflow Base Closeup.jpg

        15 Airflow Base Closeup 2.jpg


        • 14 Airflow Base Closeup.jpg
          14 Airflow Base Closeup.jpg
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      • Jan 22, 2011
          Be advised that not only is the deck keyed, so is the airflow base. Properly aligned, and seated ..

          16 Airflow Base Landed.jpg

          Flipping to the bottom cap, with the 510 pin, and markings ...

          17 Bottom.jpg

          With GREAT knurling for super easy removal ...

          18 Bottom Cap Knurling.jpg

          Embedded o-ring, and "cap in a cap" design (including 510 post o-ring) ...

          19 Bottom Cap Orings.jpg

          A closeup of the juice flow ports from the tank, and into the bottom of the keyed deck ....

          20 Bottm Deck Keyed.jpg

          20a Wicking Coiling.jpg

          SteamCrave spec'd out a 2.5mm I.D. coil (not included), but did state a 3.0mm I.D. would fit ...

          I didn't have any 2.5mm I.D. coils handy, so I rolled up a 4 wrap, triple core Ni80 clapton. Notice the square-ish juice wells ...

          21 Coil Grub Screws.jpg

          Side shot ...

          22 Coil Sied.jpg

          And one more look at the juice wells ....

          23 Coil Top.jpg

          Above in the manual SteamCrave suggested to "Have enough cotton to dangle the cotton in the juice wells by a few mm". I went slightly longer ....

          24 Cotton Cut.jpg


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        • Jan 22, 2011
            They also recommended thinning, and fluffing before inserting (dangling LOL), into the juice wells ...

            25 Cotton Fluffed.jpg

            I like that they also recommended juicing the coil while pulsing, to fully saturate the inside of the coil/wick to prevent burning the center of the wick. Great tip ....

            26 Saucing.jpg

            Sauced, with all strands located in the wells ...

            27 Sauced.jpg

            Aligned the keyed tabs and inserted the deck, ready for filling. For the initial testing, I decided to use a great mix from our one and own @Hippy_Vapes. His Strawberry Milkshake is/was a GREAT mix ...

            28 Ready To Gas Up.jpg


            BEFORE FILLING, I wanted to alert you guys for a few things to watch OUT for beforehand. First, make sure you have the keyed airflow base correctly aligned, IN the slots. Here is an example of a MIS-alignment ....

            29  Chimney Airflow.jpg

            Also, check your o-rings, as I had one "jump the track" after cleaning the tank, and re-assembling ....

            30 Assembled Orings Fail.jpg

            "Fill' er Up !!!!!" I tested specifically running a 70v/30p/3mg mix, and between 45-60 watts ......

            31  Filling.jpg

            Ready for testing the "Best Single Coil RTA" ...

            32 Filled.jpg

            **Testing / Usage:**

            Once I realized you needed a coin to remove the chimney, AND, that the airflow base that retained it, was also keyed, most/much of the fiddling was out of the way with this one. Minor learning curve, but only minor at best. The deck was small, but big enough for hassle free loading. My first attempt at a 5 wrap triple core felt a little wide, so after culling that back to a 4 wrap, it snugged up nicely. Honestly this was SOO good with the 2.5mm I.D. coil, I didn't bother to change it. The Meson looked, felt, and acted like a top shelf tank, and quite frankly, it's what many of us have come to expect from SteamCrave. NO LEAKS !!!! Did I say this already ?? With no juiceflow regulation, and airflow only, would that be a Pro or Con ??


            * Stunningly rich, accurate, and saturated flavor. May even be the BEST I've had from a single coiler
            * Very good machining, o-rings, and overall design
            * Say GOOD BYE to the quarter turn top release, aka. the "Pocket Dumper", this has a full threaded top, my fav.
            * Looked great
            * Keyed deck, AND, airflow base for idiot proof coil/airflow alignment
            * Easy airflow adjustment with stops at both extremes
            * Fairly quiet airflow (but not silent)
            * LEAK PROOF (laid it on it's side for 20 minutes, NO leaks, seeps, drips, drops, nothing


            * NO included coils
            * No juiceflow adjustment(s)
            * Can be a little fiddly to get airflow base into keyed slots (not that bad)
            * Single Coil (Is this a con ??)
            * O-rings may jump the track after cleaning, double check before assembly
            * With no juiceflow controls leaking (or lack thereof), and/or wicking controlled by amount of cotton
            * Restricted airflow (but DUH, that's what it's billed as). Con ??


            I've got a LOT of thoughts, BUT, I'll try to TRIM them down for you guys. OK, flavor on this, may JUST be the BEST I've ever had from a Single Coiler, and that's a big deal. My typical experience has been that single coilers work, and some work well, but in comparison to dual coilers, they've always seemed to fall short. NOT with this one. The flavor was rich, saturated, and plentiful. I really enjoyed @Hippy_Vapes Strawberry Milkshake in this RTA, and the Meson accurately produced the rich creaminess, and the strawberries with ease. I did test some of my heavier Custard/Bakeries, and again, the Meson just didn't care what I threw at it, it just worked. As mentioned, the whole "use a coin" thing was a brief snag (I shoulda read the instructions first), and correctly aligning the airflow base INTO the keyway was new for me, but NOT a big deal. The o-ring that jumped the tracks MIGHT have been from my vigorous warm/hot water cleaning before testing, so that MIGHT have been on me. BUT, it happened, and I showed you guys what to look out for, none the less.

            Wick, wick, WICKING is, and was the name of the game here, and for me, it was a non-issue, as I've been doing that for years with my SteamCrave RDTA v.1. Pack it too full, you'll get dry hits, bad wicking. Too little, possible flooding, leaking, etc., but following SC's instructions worked out great. One trick (just like on my RDTA v.1), is if you DO get some "not" wicking, you just turn OFF the airflow, take a drag or two, and bubble your way back to wicking. All in, even WITH the minor learning curve, and user error (hehe), this was an impressive showing from SteamCrave, and it did exactly what it claimed to do. While Restricted DTL may not be for everyone or a replacement for EVERY wide open cloud chucker, the full bore restriction was still restricted, but open enough that I didn't miss a beat DTL'ing like I normally do. I think that the restriction, actually ADDED to the dense flavor this thing was chucking. My take on the Meson, is a VERY good flavor chucking, restricted DTL'er with a small footprint, and no leaking, that you could easily carry in a pocket, and I cannot do that, with most of my current DTL cloud chuckers. Minor compromises for a flavorful pocket rocket.

            33 Final.jpg

            Wait, what's that about a "Leak Test" ?? !!!!

            34 Leak Test.jpg

            Drink it in baby. almost 20 minutes on it's side, ON my vape lab HP. Can you do that with YOUR DTL'er ??

            If you like or would like to try a RDTL (Restricted Direct To Lung), and love great flavor, AND, you don't like leaks, you should probably try this one out. I think I'm going to order a couple more. Thanks again out to King from SteamCrave for sending this flavor chucker out, for this review.

            *Use Code: CVD2019*

            Don't forget to show Hippy Vapes some love, and check out his excellent Strawberry Milkshake.


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