Sudden Death: HH .357 Atomizer

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Sep 19, 2010
Northern California
    So after having the HH .357 for about 3 days, I went to a bar yesterday with a buddy. He asked to use it, he took one or two draws, coughed, and handed it back to me. Now it doesn't work. There seems to be no connection between the Silver Bullet and the atty. Clicking the SB's button yields no sound, heat, etc. It's... dead. Can this be revived in any way? I just spent $20+ on that damn thing.

    EDIT: I just don't see how this could happen. There was no trauma, juice overload, long presses, nothing. It was fine one second, stopped the next.
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    Dec 19, 2010
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      I got 3 more days than you- 6 days. Send it back to Hannah- He offered to rebuild mine for $10. Some have accepted his offer- others like me said no thanks. Depending (like yours was only 3 days), he might just send you a replacement. I know folks that are going on 6 months w/ one of these attys. All I know is that I AM THE ATTY KILLER!!


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      Aug 3, 2010
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        I had something like that happen with my first one. Took a vape one night, set it down, and went to bed. Next morning, it didn't work. So I took it apart carefully and noticed the solder joint had broke on the positive connector inside the atty. Soldered it back and it still works. It is a nice atty, probably just got one that was a little off. Still , that shouldn't happen with that kind of money though.

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        Dec 31, 2011
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          I had a different issue, I've owned 2 of them. The 1st one lasted over a month with daily use, in fact it was the only one I used and I dropped it, my bad. Ordered another and within the 1st day it would no longer feed, constant dry hit even when I flooded it. I contacted avid, they said mail it back and they would replace or repair it, I mailed it and never heard a word about it from them.
          I have 2 that are at 6 months plus. There was a two month period where I didn't touch them but for the past two I've been using them heavily. The only thing that is happened is that the 1.5 ohm one has dropped to 1.3ohms. I just use near boiling water to clean them every couple of weeks. I do keep them pretty wet but I don't shy away from vaping them dry.


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          Aug 24, 2012
            I used to be big on these like you guys until I got the Phoenix RBA with stainless steel genesis wick, it's very easy to do and will beat the performance of any atomizer available. Within 15 mins you will have an Atty that will last you months.

            Since its revived and we're on the subject, I think I may have burned my 357? There's noticeably more TH/burnt taste than there was yesterday? I'm still new to vaping so it's hard for me to tell if its the atty or me...
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