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suggestions from you that are more experienced??

Discussion in 'South Carolina Vapers Forum' started by freekoffhisleash, Feb 4, 2010.

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  1. freekoffhisleash

    freekoffhisleash Full Member

    Jan 16, 2010
    Charleston, SC
    I am reposting a portion of a response I made to Dr. Vapor on his video here just because I am lazy.
    Have only been vaping for a few weeks. Have a Cignot 501 and a MV 902. I much prefer the 501 to the 902. But the 501 batteries dont last very long, so I end up using the only passthrough I have which is for the 902. Thankfully, I have 2 501's (manual and auto). I have 2 902's, but the little pushbutton on the manual slid up under the metal within a day or so of getting it, so its been worthless, and left me with just the one auto 902. I do have spare batteries with it though, but still find myself using the 501's until they die - which usually ends up being around 3 pm. I know its not good for the batteries on the 501's, but I end up charging them for a few hours, and then fire them up again at night.
    Might look at getting a 3rd model, and wondered what your suggestions would be. I need LOTS of vapor, strong battery life, and strong flavor. I have never had a sense of smell. Dont know if the doctor dropped me on my head, but for whatever reason, I have never had a sense of smell that i can remember, which obviously makes my sense of taste not as good as most. Hence needing something that puts off a very strong flavor. I will have to say that I have really enjoyed the liquids I have gotten from MV and from Cignot - coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and a few of their tobacco flavors - but the taste seems to dissipate rather quickly for me.
    I honestly have not been lazy. Have spent hours and hours on this forum, studying the different types of ecigs. Its just so much info that it gets to be overwhelming. Plus, I never get responses from the other rooms! So I am looking for suggestions on the most inexpensive ecig and ejuice - one that would give the most vapor, best flavor, and have the best battery life. There may be accessories that I am unaware of that you could suggest? After watching Dr. Vapor's video, I realized that I didnt have any true cartomizers. All I have are the little plastic tubes with the stuffing in them, and I seem to be refilling about every 15 minutes or so.
    Would appreciate any suggestions. Please forgive for my writing a book here!
  2. linksvt876

    linksvt876 Full Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 28, 2009
    Spartanburg, SC
    If you want strong vapor...then you probably need to get a mod. Anything from the screwdriver to the VP will work well. Myself, I have a, effective, and with a 901 to 510 adapter it produces huge clouds of vapor. I'm not a fan of the 6v or god forbid 7v, so if you want to go in that direction I can't help you. But I got my DSE 905(3.7v) from madvapes for $57 including 2 14500 batteries, 2 adapters, and a lithium-ion charger. Another good mod from what I hear is the Chuck. there are plenty of people who have them around here and for 75 bucks, its not too bad. Especially since you can use 6v. The next mod I want for myself is probably the vp pass through(dietvapes)...since I sit at a computer almost all the time(work and xbox at home) it's perfect for me. Check um out and see what you think...:D
  3. Doctor Vapor

    Doctor Vapor Super Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 9, 2009
    Charleston, SC USA
    Freek, I don’t know if you know it or not, but I’m Doctor Vapor and believe it or not, I’m an actual Doctor and I moderate the SC Vapers Forum. I could have sworn I wrote you back. If I didn’t, I sincerely apologize. Let me tell you what I would do if I was in your position. Three words; “BIG BATTERY MOD”. It sounds to me that with your lack of smelling and that your taste is also affected, you need more power to get the flavor out of the vape. Here are my suggestions.

    1. Get a Juice Box.
    The Juice box is a fantastic mod with a custom made atty that lasts over 6 months and can be replaced for about $15. This custom atty delivers flavor like nothing I’ve ever tried before and has great vapor production and throat hit. It uses a 3.7v 18650 protected battery but because of the atty, it out performs any and all 6v units I’ve tried. The unfortunate thing is that you have to wait 4 to 6 weeks to get one after you place your order. I know you need something now, but consider it for the future. You’ll love it.

    2. Get a Silver Bullet.
    This is perhaps the best Big Battery mod on the market (IMHO). The craftsmanship is next to none and the customer service by Rob over at AltSmoke is fantastic. The Silver Bullet lets you use (1) 3.7v 18650 battery or, (2) CR123 or CR123a batteries for 6v vaping. The great thing about the Silver Bullet is that you can carry it around in your pocket with no problem, the button is comfortable and it delivers a good, steady power supply to the atty. The best part is you can have it in just a few days after ordering.

    3. Get a Chuck.
    The Chuck uses the same batteries as the Silver Bullet and performs in much the same manner. However, the chuck has an inferior “Radio Shack” plastic button which will cause the unit to go off in your pocket, heating up the atty, and making you feel as if your pants are on fire. The button is also uncomfortable to use, it feels like your pressing your finger against a stick. You will also have at least a 2 to 3 week wait for the Chuck after you place your order.

    Another PV that a lot of people like is the Prodigy V2 however, I do not personally own a prodigy, but from what I hear about it, you can’t go wrong. But if I read their web page correctly, it seems that the Prodigy is a 6v device only and that you don’t have the option to vape at 3.7v. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Remember, as with any mod, you get what you pay for. Always remember to use “PROTECTED” batteries only and stay away from devices that use unprotected cr2 batteries.
  4. freekoffhisleash

    freekoffhisleash Full Member

    Jan 16, 2010
    Charleston, SC
    Hiya Doc. Yes, I knew it was you! And you have replied several times. Thanks for your suggestions. Just curious as to what type of doc you are? If you dont want that info known, no biggie. I own and publish a newspaper that is geared towards the boomers, or the 50+ crowd, so I was just curious.
    Anyhoo - a few questions for you. Looked at the links you provided for the mods. They are not even taking orders right now for the juicebox. So may look at getting a silver bullet until they open that back up for orders. What is the deal with 6 volt vs. 3.7 volt? What are the differences? What is the best? Am guessing that one is much more expensive than is the other? Besides the juicebox and its longer atty life, do these have the same issues with atty's? Also noticed there were all kinds of atomizers, adapters and blank cartridges, and was a little confused, but after looking closer, it appears that you just connect your current 510 atty and adapter and cartridge to the silver bullet? Sorry for the dumb questions, but I am still quite the newbie!
    Also, what do you think of the BB mod from AltSmoke, and how does it compare to the Silver Bullet? Saw they sell 902 cartridges. Would that work with an MV 902? From what I have read, they are pretty much the same thing.
    Again. Sorry for all of the questions. Just really want to get off of the analogs - totally. Am down to just 2-3 a day, which is alot better than a pack to a pack 1/2 a day! My problem was always that I knew smoking was bad for you, but I enjoy it so friggin much, so this is like the best invention since sliced bread - if I can just get the perfect setup!
    Thanks for all of your help Doc.
  5. Doctor Vapor

    Doctor Vapor Super Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 9, 2009
    Charleston, SC USA
    Lets take this one question at a time. :lol:

    I'm a Chiropractor.

    6v gives you more power to the atty. This produces more vapor, flavor, and throat hit. 3.7v produces less. What is best is a matter of personal taste. I use 3.7v most of the time, but given your circumstances, you may perfer to use 6v.

    No, the Silver Bullet can be used as both a 3.7v and a 6v device. See the write up in the post I sent to you above.

    All attys will have issues. But the atty on the Juice Box is custom made by the man who builds each one by hand. It is not a mass produced atty like a 510, 801, 901, 902, etc. As I said in the post above, the atty in the Juice Box gives me more flavor than any other atty I've tried. Its amazing.

    The Silver Bullet is a battery case and battery connector. It comes with a 510 battery connector on it. (I think you can get other connectors..not sure) Just screw in your 510 atty and your vaping at either 3.7 or 6v depending on which battery you're using. There is no need for an adapter unless you want to use something other than the atty it was built for. I use my Silver Bullet, (with help from adaptors) with 801's, and 808's, as well as the 510.

    The BB is a great PV. However, it uses 14500 batteries that, although they are 3.7v batteries, they are small 3.7v batteries and do not last as long as the 18650 batteries that power the Silver Bullet at 3.7v.

    The BB was originally constructed to use (2) cr2 batteries to power it to 6v. However, there has been a problem with cr2 batteries and the manufacurer has made the BB incapable of accepting cr2's until a safer cr2 becomes available. So for now, the BB is a 3.7v device only. In your case, I really think you'll be happier with a 3.7/6v device like the Silver Bullet.

    I have no idea. I've never used a 902 cartridge.

    Remember, always use "Protected" batteries in your PV's.

    Hope this helps out.
  6. freekoffhisleash

    freekoffhisleash Full Member

    Jan 16, 2010
    Charleston, SC
    Thanks so much for your help Doc. Because of the atty situation, I would prefer to get the juicebox, but since they are not even taking orders right now, it looks like I will have to go with the Silver Bullet. Really appreciate your taking the time to guide me! Enjoy your vids, and will continue to go through the ones that I have not seen yet.
    Have a good weekend Doc. What part of town do you work out of? I am in West Ashley, so I may have to come in and see you!
  7. wv2win

    wv2win ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Feb 10, 2009
    GA by way of WV
    The Prodigy is a 5 volt PV, which many see as the "sweet spot" for vaping.
  8. Doctor Vapor

    Doctor Vapor Super Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 9, 2009
    Charleston, SC USA
    I'm actually in Summerville. Let me know if I can be of any help to you.
  9. Doctor Vapor

    Doctor Vapor Super Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 9, 2009
    Charleston, SC USA
    Before you order a SB. let me talk to Carlos and see when he is going to start taking orders again. It may not be too long.
  10. freekoffhisleash

    freekoffhisleash Full Member

    Jan 16, 2010
    Charleston, SC
    Hi Doc. Just saw your message here, but I havent ordered yet. Let me know if you are able to find out from Carlos when I could place an order with him. If its too long, than I am going to go ahead and look at ordering either a Prodigy or the Silver Bullet.
  11. freekoffhisleash

    freekoffhisleash Full Member

    Jan 16, 2010
    Charleston, SC
    Doc, one other thing I am confused on....
    2 things. Does anyone know of any coupons I can use for Cignot accessory orders? And I apparently dont have any cartomizers. My carts are the plastic pieces with the cotton-like material in them. Where would I find real cartomizers for the 501?
    Lastly, I think my atomizers need cleaning, but am a little confused. Everything I have read says to just drop the atomizers into mouthwash or boiling water, etc., but am wondering if folks have a different type atomizer than I do? Seems that submerging them in liquid would damage them.
  12. Doctor Vapor

    Doctor Vapor Super Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 9, 2009
    Charleston, SC USA
    Not that I know of.

    Get it from drew over at Nhaler. Joye Tech 510 Kits

    However, you can always get 808 cartos and use an 808/510 addaper for your 510 batteries. The 808 cartos are a bit bigger and hold more juice, but the 510 cartos should do you right as well.

    Don't worry about your attys. I hardly ever clean mine and they last longer that way. If anything, just run them under hot tap water for a while, blow through the atty end to get rid of excess water, shake them a bit to get rid of even more water. let them dry overnight. You should be fine.
  13. Doctor Vapor

    Doctor Vapor Super Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 9, 2009
    Charleston, SC USA
    Hey bro, just found out that he's trying to finish his back orders before he accepts any additonal orders. From what I hear, he won't be taking orders for about 5 go ahead and get that Silver Bullet. I'll post some links to where you can get the proper batteries for it. Protected Batteries are VERY IMPORTANT, so make sure you get the right ones.

    The Sliver bullet uses two kinds of batteries. A PROTECTED 18650 for 3.7V. Get at least 3 batteries.
    Ultrafire 18650 2400mah BUTTON TOP Protected Rechargeable Lithium Battery Li-Ion UF18650

    And you will need the proper charger for them too; Get 1 Charger.
    Ultrafire wf-139 Lithium Ion battery charger 14500, 17500, 17670, 18500, 18650, 18670

    You will also need Protected CR123, (CR123, CR123a, & RCR123a, are all the same thing, you may see them listed under any of these names) The following is a really good deal because you get 2 batteries and the proper charger. I'd buy 2 of these if I were you. That way you have 4 batteries and 2 chargers.
    Combo Kit: 6 RCR123A 3.0V 750mAh LiFePO4 Rechargeable Batteries with a Smart Charger

    Additional LiFePO4 batteries can be found here if you want to pick up a couple more.

    Getting the proper batteries and the proper chargers to go with them is extreamly important. Battery Junction has the best prices for an American Supplier.
  14. umjim

    umjim Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 11, 2009
    Charleston S.C.
    Regarding atty cleaning,Freek.If you're using clear juice you probably don't ever need to clean them.The build-up comes from the coloring left behind after the juice evaporates.I will accasionally just drop mine in alcohol for an hour or so to disolve the gunk,then rinse off with water,blow out and let set overnite.You may have to re-break in the atty after cleaning.
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