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Suicide Bunny's Riven Rum!

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Oct 4, 2022
Hi folks, this is my first contribution to the board after a search for the juice I'm most enjoying, and that's Suicide Bunny~Riven Rum... As you can see from the pics I've had it a while but kind of forgot about it so it was well steeped, months lol... I struggled to find Rum and Raisen flavour liquid for a bit and ended up paying £22 for 100ml, yes it's pricey which is the only problem here as the flavour is absolutely spot on, I've torn through it, 50ml in a few weeks, rda's and that monster sub Ohm Valyrian 3 tank have made short work of it... If you loved Rum and Raisen ice cream as a kid then this I would recommend if you can stomach paying that for it... =)

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