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Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by bigbob2322, Jun 14, 2021.

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  1. bigbob2322

    bigbob2322 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 27, 2014
    Schiller PK IL USA
    Hello again and welcome back for today's review of the Suorin Air Pro that was sent to me from Suorin for the purpose of this review. The Air Pro is a fixed wattage pod with a output of 18 watts and has a juice capacity of a large 4.9mls of liquid. You also get the option of 2 types of firing the device ( AUTO DRAW OR BUTTON FIRE ) and there's a optional charging dock that will be available soon. The Air Pro has a very different look being very thin while still having a 930 mAh internal battery to power the device and a unique mouthpiece. Lets get to know the Suorin Pro Pod Kit a little bit prior to my review of it.






    * Size: 96 x 45 x 12.7mm
    * Cartridge Capacity: 4.9ml
    * Resistance: 1.0ohm
    * Output Power: 18W
    * Battery Capacity: 930mAh
    * Charging current: 1000mAh
    * Material: Zinc Alloy+ PCTG
    * Charging: USB charging, Pogo Charging



















    I just reviewed the Suorin Ace a couple of days ago and the packaging of both devices are the same with a plastic form fitted insert for the device inside a box with another small box containing the charge cable and the pod underneath the device. With this kit you receive a device, pod, micro USB charge cable and user manual. The color that I received for this review is called faded skeleton and is a metallic two-toned color.


    I wanted to start out the review with a fully charge device so I began charging the Air Pro and noticed just like the Ace Pod Device this one also has a very tiny bright led light in the fire switch that illuminates when charging with 3 different colors that define the strength of the battery, when vaping the tiny led light also illuminates letting you know how strong the battery is.

    This led light is very bright but also very tiny that I really had to look hard to find out where the light source was coming from. When charging the led light will blink very slowly then when the device is fully charged the led light will stay lit with the color green.

    The colors represent the battery's strength and are as follows.

    * Steady Green - Fully Charged

    * Blinking Green - 41-95%

    * Blinking Blue - 10-40%

    * Blinking Red - Less Than 10%


    Unlike the Ace that uses a type-c charge connection the Air Pro uses a micro USB connection that is located on the opposite side of the fire button below 1 of the airflow holes, the Air Pro has 2 airflow holes, 1 on each side of the device.


    Suorin gives the user of the Air Pro 2 options for inhale, #1 is auto draw and the other is the traditional button fire type to ignite the coil in the pod. Both methods work well and are quick to fire. In this photo you can see just how thin the Air Pro really is, it's thickest point is just above the fire button.

    20210613_160624 (1).jpg

    The connection of the pod is done as most pods do by using magnets, inside the device are 2 magnets located at each end of the device, the 2 gold colored spring mounted contact pins in the center are the connection points for the coil inside the pod itself. The center silver pin keeps the pod up far enough for the air intake holes to travel to the center of the coil imbedded in the pod, the pod can only be connected one way and once connected a haptic feedback will sound when the devices pod is connected correctly.


    On the right of this photo are the 2 metal contact points of the pod with the coil's air intake between them in the center, the left side of the photo shows the large fill port with the plug unplugged and held up using a toothpick. Suorin even went the extra mile to ensure the pod stayed scratch free in transport by wrapping the pod in plastic that I kept on for this photo.


    The Air Pro must be laid down flat when not in use, because it's so thin no other way is possible which concerned me regarding the coil staying saturated with juice but that quickly gave way when I noticed how low the cotton intake holes were on the coil. The laval nozzle airway design is supposed to disperse heat while traveling up and it does a good job of it.

    This is a very large thin pod that has 3 dividers that are hollowed out at the bottom for juice to pass through from one section to another, I don't know what these dividers are used for other than maybe pod strength stability. Suorin lightly tinted the pods just enough with a very light tint so there is no problem viewing juice levels. This is a very odd pod with the coil and mouthpiece airhole being on 1 side of the device. Just remember to inhale on the side of the laval nozzle airway, it takes some getting used to but you get the hang of it quickly.



    The base of the Air Pro has contact points for a soon to be released optional docking base for charging the device without the need for plugging in a charge cord.


    In the time I've used the Air Pro I have 0 miss fires using the auto draw, I am a button guy but like it's little brother the Suoren Ace the auto draw works great and I rarely used the fire button in testing the device.

    The flavor is very good and after about 4 or 5 refills it's still popping with good flavor. I wish that this had a adjustment for airflow because I prefer my MTL vape to be just a hair tighter so I have used the old trick of placing a piece of clear scotch tape across 1 of the side airflow intake holes and now I get the MTL vape that I prefer.

    Battery life has been very good, I have not been able to get a full day from 1 charge but I tend to chain vape when busy at work and I've been super busy as of late so keep that in mind your vaping millage will vary because we all vape differently.

    The color that was sent to me is a fingerprint magnet but I can't speak for the other colors. In my opinion this is a jeans pocket device being just a bit to heavy for a shirt pocket carry. The thinnest reference I could find and give the Air Pro some scale.


    I would like to thank Mira and Suorin for providing the Air Pro Pod Kit for the purpose of this review. I hope that this review has helped anyone looking to purchase the Suorin Air Pro.

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  2. NolaMel

    NolaMel ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 17, 2012
    New Orleans
    Enjoyable review, Bob. Surprisingly large pod for such a pocketable device. Nice to know they last a good bit since there’s not a replaceable coil.
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  3. bigbob2322

    bigbob2322 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 27, 2014
    Schiller PK IL USA
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