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Supplier Registration Criteria

Discussion in 'Unregistered Suppliers Forum' started by Misty, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. Misty

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    Nov 16, 2008

    Forum Rules must be followed at all times
    E-Cigarette Forum - FAQ: Forum Rules - All new members must read before posting!

    • Username: Your registered username CANNOT contain the full or partial name of your business, therefore, you must choose another if you are already registered. We will make the change for you in the system. The new choice will be your username throughout the process and after your approval as well!

    • Multiple identities/usernames: DO NOT create multiple user IDs- Only ONE identity is permissible. Any multiple identities representing your business will be perma-banned.

    • Avatar: May not have an avatar that includes name or logo of their business

    • Signature: You may NOT have a signature, either text or picture or links UNTIL YOUR REGISTRATION IS ACCEPTED

    • Business Name DBA / Site Domain Name:

      1. Identical / similar-named Suppliers policy:
      We are starting to see new suppliers applying for registration that have very similar names to an existing registered ECF supplier. At some stage this is inevitable in the same vertical market, but can only cause problems: for members, for the suppliers concerned, and for us - so unfortunately we need to prevent new suppliers coming on board with confusingly-similar names.

      Any supplier with a name (DBA / site domain name) considered similar to that of an existing registered ECF Supplier cannot be accepted until the trading name that will be used/referred to on ECF and if necessary, the site domain name is adjusted.

      2.Any supplier with DBA/site domain name or products who openly court an association with drugs, or that want to appeal to an underground audience and who may bring the industry into disrepute

      3. Any supplier with a name (DBA / site domain name) that contains a Health or Smoke Anywhere Claim in their business name or domain name.

      4. Applications for registration as a Supplier, with a DBA or domain name that is, or is closely related to, an existing model/product name, even if it is partly generic (ex: ego), will need to provide some form of authorization from the original factory or the western distributor or similar. This is to avoid trade disputes taking place. [2011-06-13]

    Supplier Products

    1.We will not accept any Supplier sites with products (ie. eliquids) containing or suggesting use of added drugs, herbs and/or other materials unconnected with vaping, and that have no known research showing they are either designed to be inhaled or reasonably safe for that purpose.

    2. We will not accept Suppliers who sell herbal vaporizers or tobacco vaporizers as these are not considered ecigarettes. This includes hookahs/shisha pipes, unless these are powered by batteries and can only be used with e-cigarette cartridges or eliquid and have no other use.

    3. Products including nomenclature, acronyms or descriptions that openly court an association with drugs, or that want to appeal to an underground audience and who may bring the industry into disrepute are not accepted

    4. If >50% of your product line is as a distributor/reseller of another retailer’s brand products, you are not eligible to apply. Only the main distributor/seller of the brand name or brand manufactured product is permitted to be registered. This is to prevent cross promotion, double marketing and multiple advertising threads promoting the same product.

    5. We do not accept sites offering automated monthly refill subscriptions for ecigarettes or eliquids.

    1. Sub Domain sites are not accepted – you must have your own domain, which cannot be redirected to a sub domain.

    2. Site must be 100% ecigarette related. General store sites are not accepted.

    3. Sites must be ready for active on-line trading. Sites must have a functional secure, fully encrypted Commerce application (shopping cart) in order to be considered active for online trading. Accepting orders by email, money order or over a standard http connection is not acceptable; all transactions must be completed online over an https connection

    4. All Supplier websites, where existing, must have on their website : mailing address for correspondence , email contact and telephone number to facilitate immediate contact and customer support. We need to ensure that we do not promote anonymous, untraceable businesses.

    5. An application for registration cannot be accepted if the business is located in one country but attempting to do business in another country by appearing as far as possible to be located in the other country. For example ,by using a local domain registration and/or web hosting and/or local language. There is a risk that customers may think they are dealing with a local business when in fact the company could be located a considerable distance away. ie. Having a UK domain but business based or shipping from another country. There are numerous issues that can arise as a result.

    During the Registration process, and if your Supplier Detail form has been completed/returned,you will be placed in the usergroup Unregistered Supplier. You will be able to view the Forum and post in permitted areas but cannot discuss your business at anytime , anywhere until the application is accepted and site reviewed.

    see further permissions/restrictions at the following link:

    Note: If you were banned for posting about your business prior to application, you might remain so until the registration process is complete and successful.


    • Do NOT post any reference to your products or services UNTIL YOUR REGISTRATION IS ACCEPTED.
    • Do NOT post in another supplier's thread or forum without the express permission of the thread/forum owner
    • Do NOT post ideas of products such as proposed concepts to gain feedback from members.
    • Do NOT post preference polls about your products/services including potential products



    Sites are reviewed to see if they comply with our directives to ensure quality standards are maintained and are not counter productive to our initiatives. Prior to registration, the Review Committee will inspect sites to check they comply with our directives to ensure quality standards are maintained and are not counter productive to our initiatives.

    1.No content referencing illegal drugs
    2.Check of their business reputation if available
    3.Unacceptable claims as per ECF Site Compliance Criteria

    Due to the current legal court cases and lack of scientific clinical research to support harmless or healthier statements, we ask that sites not have such statements, including customer testimonials. Untrue or unprovable statements have been the main cause of problems with government agencies. E-cigarette companies need to stop making claims of this sort as it might be the cause of legal actions in the future when the facts could prove otherwise.

    While we cannot assign someone to assist you to edit your website text since due to the large numbers of people applying, look over your website again and revise/remove any of the following:

    CLAIMS include any customer testimonials and videos on site


    • Any claims such as “harmless”,"less harmful" "safe (r)", "healthy (ier)", "clean (er) ", "toxin-free", "no-carcinogens", "cancer-free", " known to not cause cancer.", "reduce risks ", “no chemicals”, “no additives” or any similar variations.

    • Any quotes or imbedded video clips from medical professionals or that include any unaccceptable claims

    • Any claims that e-cigarettes are a healthy alternative or healthier, safer, less harmful than tobacco cigarettes..We suggest to approach ecigarettes as an "alternative" to smoking.

    VAPOR: Any claims of ecigarette vapor is "steam", only water vapor , as there are other constituents such as PG and/or VG, flavorings, and perhaps nicotine. . No statements with exact percentage proportions are permitted as no analysis of ecig vapour has been established.

    As such products are exclusively subject to a pharmaceutical license and therefore imply that e-cigs are a pharmaceutical and thus come under FDA drug licensing rules

    • Any claims that e-cigarettes are an NRT
    • Any Claims that e-cigarettes are an aid to smoking cessation
    • Any Claims that e-cigarettes are a quit smoking device


    • Claims that e-cigarettes can be smoked Anywhere/Everywhere,

    • Some cities or regions have passed byelaws that specifically prohibit e-cigarette use within public premises; and some transport carriers, such as some airlines, do not permit them.
    • Technically, people must abide by state and local laws and the desires of the owner of the establishments
    • We require that website text is changed from, "You can smoke one anywhere", or similar, to: "...almost anywhere" etc, and add "Check applicable local laws".

    Exaggerated Claims

    • Claims that are exaggerated such as a battery lasting all day, or a cartridge equals more than a pack of cigarettes or exagerated number.

    • Comparisons of 1 cart/cartos to tobacco cigarettes permitted : 5-8 cigarettes.

    Tanks comparisons to tobacco cigarettes not permitted . Only puffs comparisons allowed

    We know that one 510 standard cartridge (cart) is equal to 3 to 5 cigarettes in terms of the time factor / nicotine output.
    We know that one KR8 standard cartomizer (carto) is equal to 4 to 8 cigarettes in terms of the time factor / nicotine output.
    Therefore you may claim a maximum of 8 cigarettes equivalent for these types of carts / cartos as any higher claim is deliberate misinformation since you must know this is not true.
    You can claim any number of puffs as this is entirely debatable according to the user type, but please keep in mind that if you claim 300 puffs and the community accuses you of lying, we would take no action to stop such accusations.


    • Any embedded video or article that contains health or water vapor etc..non-compliant claims are not permitted.

    • Any embedded video or article from a medical or health professions is not permitted.

    Note: An offsite link to the video (ie You tube) or article is permitted. No excerpts containing claims allowed directly on your website.


    ECF does not condone or agree with the sale of ecigarettes to under-18s or non-smokers. We recommend this disclaimer.


    We have in place maximum nicotine strength policy of 36mg. for retail advertising on ECF site

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