SvoeMesto Semovar III ES Sneak Peek

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Jul 10, 2009
    Here's a preview of the Semovar III coming in April. First will be the VV/VW model with the Nivel Chip inside. Available separately different size battery tubes, plus the Kayfun connection cap to eliminate the 510 connection all together basically turning it into a hybrid style device. We plan to offer this in an 18500 as standard with 18650 and 18350 tubes as optional separate items. The other two switches will follow soon after. And yes they will be available in the same finishes as your Kayfun V3.1 Beta (satin), Gamma (Brushed), and the new Delta (Polished). We will take special orders for the Alpha (Ceramic) finishes if requested.

    And a few pics of the beta unit I've been using for a few weeks now. LOVE this device, the whole package is superb. My Kayfun is the Alpha (Ceramic) and the Semovar is a Gamma (Brushed) finish so they don't match, but you can at least get the picture.

    Pictures show the 22mm 510 cap, but there will be a much shorter Kayfun connection to eliminate the 510 connection and shorten the device a bit also.

    The display is showing me my battery is fully charged and those tick marks disappear as it drains down.


    And with the Kayfun connector piece turning your device into a hybrid....
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