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Tangy Apple Mint by Naked Vapour + more

Discussion in 'Australia/New Zealand Suppliers' started by SDMagoo, Mar 12, 2015.

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  1. SDMagoo

    SDMagoo Registered Supplier ECF Veteran

    May 6, 2011
    New Zealand
    Tangy Apple Mint by Naked Vapour

    Hi everyone,

    New e-Liquid flavour
    This week we have a new e-Liquid flavour to release, as you will see below. Tangy Apple Mint!

    Also below, we have our e-Liquid mixing kit, this kit is designed to get the budding Vapologist going with creating and making their own e-Liquids from scratch - almost everything is provided to help get you going - see full listing details for "How to" examples.

    Also worth a note this week is we now have iClear 16D clearomizers back in stock with all colours now available again. Also below.

    Cheers and vape on!

    Click here for an archive of previous newsletters - LINK


    Tangy Apple Mint e-Liquid sample - 10ml

    Released as a sample only by Naked Vapour - 11-3-2015

    This e-Liquid flavour has an Apple main flavour profile with hints of tanginess and a touch of mint - this flavour also has good depth and body.
    Full and well rounded.

    A must try for Apple and Mint type fans - although not out of place as a vapers non tobacco type flavour either.

    Single 10ml bottle discounted over the usual 10ml option.


    Tangy Apple Mint - 10ml Sample

    Brand new e-Liquid flavour!



    e-Liquid Mixing Kit

    Mixing your own e-liquid not only can be quite fun but it can also save you money and allow you to completely control your own flavour and nicotine levels.

    We have designed this kit to have a good range of items that will be handy when measuring and mixing your own e-liquids.

    Being able to measure liquids down to 0.2ml accurately is easy with the graduated cylinder.

    All you need to do is add the nicotine base (if you need it).

    This kit comes with enough liquid to make up around 290ml!!

    Whats in the kit?

    • 5 x 5ml Flavour concentrates Choose from drop down menu's on the right
    • 4 x 10ml Naked Vapour Premium handmade Doublers or Singles Choose from drop down menu's on the right
    • 1 x 10ml plastic Graduated Cylinder
    • or upgrade to 1 x 10ml Borosilicate (glass) Graduated Cylinder (use the drop down list to change if required)
    • 2 x 10ml empty dripper bottles
    • 2 x 20ml empty dripper bottles
    • 100ml bottle of PG
    • 100ml bottle of VG
    • Syringe with blunt needle
    • NB: No written guide or manual is supplied, please print this page or reference our guide below to get started.

    e-Liquid Mixing Kit


    Now with premium options
    NEW e-Liquid mixing guides!



    iClear 16D - Bottom Dual Coil Clearomizer

    BCDC Clearomizer

    by Innokin



    iClear 16 - Ce4 Type Clearomizer

    By Innokin

    Re-released by Naked Vapour 24-2-2015

    The iClear 16 - Ce4 type clearomizer is just like it's rebuildable and original counterpart theiClear 16, except this is a Ce4 type clearomizer which is not rebuildable and has no user replaceable head system.

    Ce4 type clearomizers are designed to be used and filled several times before being disposed of appropriately - dispose of when flavour and or vapour production fall below satisfactory levels.

    iClear 16 - CE4 type (non rebuildable).

    • CE4 types are not user serviceable, they are designed to be filled and used several times before appropriate disposal.
    • CE5 types usually allow the head to be replaced - iClear 16, V3 etc

    Using a similar dual coil overlayed wick design as the iClear 16 - CE5 version, these iClear 16 CE4 types suit most standard eGo-C batteries with regular 510-eGo threading.

    • 1.8ohm is suitable for 3.3 - 4.2volt
    • Also suitable for use on larger mods that will accept an eGo shrouded clearomizer


    iClear 16 - Ce4 Type Clearomizer
    Re-intro Pricing!!

    By Innokin

    Disposable Dual Coil Clearomizer



    E-smart Ce4 Clearomizer

    by KangerTech

    Re-released by Naked Vapour 24-2-15
    This clearomizer is a top mounted coil design that is refillable several times before discarding.

    Ce4 type clearomizers DO NOT have a user replaceable head


    Discard when vapour or flavour production levels fall below desirable levels.

    E-smart Clearomizer - Ce4 Type

    By KangerTech

    Top Coil
    Disposable Clearomizer



    Standard eGo type USB charger

    Suitable for recharging 510 or 510-eGo threaded batteries over 400mAh.
    Our recommended eGo style charger

    • eGo mini upwards
    • eGo-T
    • eGo-C
    • eGo Twist
    • Vision Spinner
    • Biansi
    • EVOD etc

    eGo-C USB Charger

    Our recommended eGo style charger


    Until next time, cheers from the team at Naked Vapour!!


    Naked Vapour is New Zealand's e-Cigarette specialist.

    Copyright © 2015, Naked Vapour Ltd, All rights reserved.
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