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There many questions that NEEDED to be address and an FAQ, here and on the Tasty Vapor site was long overdue. These don't address ALL questions, just the most common asked. We invite those of you who DO have questions to consult this list first, rather than take second hand advice about our company.

Does Tasty Vapor Have A Wholesale Program?

At present no. As we are a small operation and the retail portion of our business is MORE than enough to keep us busy, we honestly feel that incorporating a wholesale program would be too laborious. We'd be overworked trying to keep up with retail and wholesale. We believe this would lead to a compromise in the quality of our product to keep up with the quantity of our product. So, no wholesale, however, the site automatically calculates a 10% discount after the first $100 in purchases, and a 15% discount after $200 in purchases. Where this isn't wholesale pricing, it is a nice incentive. Additionally, shipping costs on large orders, still remains set at $5 flat rate.

Does Tasty Vapor Do Sample Sizes?

A FREQUENTLY asked question. And again, the answer is no. As Tasty Vapor hand mixes every liquid that leaves our doors, and every liquid is absolutely FRESH, we have to know where to draw the line as that line may compromise quality and freshness. Mixing sample size bottles would be not only tedious, but breaking up larger bottles of liquid with specific flavors, specific ratios, specific milligrams, would create a surplus of liquid that would sit, waiting to be sold. This goes against our proclamation of "Fresh Hand Mixed Liquids". No sample sizes. However, there is a liquid swap thread on Tasty Vapor's Forum on the Electronic Cigarette Forum, where you can buy or swap with other people who have purchased our liquids. We encourage you to start there first. This will also be a good place to read posts about liquids that other people have purchased.

Why Don't You Have RY4, 555, Hilton And The Other Popular Flavors?

Tasty Vapor is NOT on a mad dash to copy-cat other sites or other company's e-liquids. We offer an extensive list of original flavors, done OUR way, and feel original enough that we don't need to compensate by copying other people's liquid flavors. If you have a certain flavor in mind and know the basic components, you can try our "Customize Your Own Liquid" feature and attempt to recreate it yourself!

What Is Your Best Seller?

Well, the best sellers at present in order are: 1. Atomic Cinnacide, 2. Tasty Finger, 3. Banana Nut Bread, 4. Bananas Foster

Why Should I Use Your Product Instead Of A More Popular Brand Name e-liquid?

Tasty Vapor would never suggest that you use our product instead of someone else’s. To Tasty Vapor, this level of arrogance will not make our product better at all. Instead we try and offer a product that is less “manufactured”, in fact flavors, milligram levels and PG/VG ratios are all chosen by the customer, made fresh and shipped fast! Since flavor is the preferences of the individual, we simply believe that you should be allowed more freedom to choose what you want to vape.

We have found our capacity to be available to answer questions as much as possible, develop understandings of our products and discuss flavors that lend qualities to each other has been a point that sells itself. We need not rely on arrogant tactics to sell our products.

Why Do The People On Your ECF Forum Suggest I Let My Liquids Sit For A Week Before I Use Them?

Tasty Vapor mixes every single liquid fresh, from scratch. So, unlike the stuff you may get from a liquid manufacturer, which has likely had time to sit on a shelf for a while, ours hasn't had any time for the flavors to "steep". Some flavors are great and ready to go and get even better, there are flavors, more particularly any "creamy" flavor, may take a good week to steep for you to taste the full depth of the liquid.

What Is The Difference Between PG and VG?

Sidestepping the descriptions of the two which you can look up yourself...Propylene Glycol, or "PG" is the primary liquid used by most e-liquid manufacturers. It is preferred as it is able to produce the minor harshness or irritation at the back of the throat, or "Throat Hit" that vapers come to expect in approximating their previous experience with cigarette smoke.

Vegetable Glycerin or "VG", while it provides no throat hit, it does produce voluminous clouds of vapor as well as more of a feeling of volume in the lungs. We believe a combination of both lend to a more pleasurable vaping experience. Usually a combination of 80% PG and 20% VG as the liquid base, is the most commonly preferred mixture ratio.

How Do I Mix The E-Liquid And Doubler?

One of our customers was kind enough to post this on our ECF forum, the math looks good, so we'll save ourselves some typing here. Mixing should go as follows:

If you start with 48 MG E-liquid
36 MG = 3 parts e-liquid + 1 part Doubler
32 MG = 2 parts e-liquid + 1 part Doubler
24 MG = 1 part e-liquid + 1 part Doubler
16 MG = 1 part e-liquid + 2 parts Doubler
12 MG = 1 part e-liquid + 3 parts Doubler
9.6 MG = 1 part e-liquid + 4 parts Doubler (mixing the whole bottles of each together)

If you start with 36 MG E-liquid
27 MG = 3 parts e-liquid + 1 part Doubler
24 MG = 2 parts e-liquid + 1 part Doubler
18 MG = 1 part e-liquid + 1 part Doubler
12 MG = 1 part e-liquid + 2 parts Doubler
9 MG = 1 part e-liquid + 3 parts Doubler
7.2 MG = 1 part e-liquid + 4 parts Doubler (mixing the whole bottles of each together)

If you start with 24 MG E-liquid
18 MG = 3 parts e-liquid + 1 part Doubler
16 MG = 2 parts e-liquid + 1 part Doubler
12 MG = 1 part e-liquid + 1 part Doubler
8 MG = 1 part e-liquid + 2 parts Doubler
6 MG = 1 part e-liquid + 3 parts Doubler
4.8 MG = 1 part e-liquid + 4 parts Doubler (mixing the whole bottles of each together)

If you start with 12 MG E-liquid
9 MG = 3 parts e-liquid + 1 part Doubler
8 MG = 2 parts e-liquid + 1 part Doubler
6 MG = 1 part e-liquid + 1 part Doubler
4 MG = 1 part e-liquid + 2 parts Doubler
3 MG = 1 part e-liquid + 3 parts Doubler
2.4 MG = 1 part e-liquid + 4 parts Doubler (aka mix the whole bottles of each together)

Your Prices Are Pretty Cheap. Are These Generic Products?

Not at all, but certainly generic or more plain in presentation. These are hard economic times for a lot of people. And a lot of people, whether they want to or not, are having to make considerable adjustments in how they spend money.

Glass bottles, droppers, graphically detailed boxes and excessive packaging costs money and it affects profits, so, companies figure these additional expenditures back into the products that you buy, creating inflated e-liquid prices. Other small companies look at these inflated prices and are able to set their own standards for liquid prices regardless of the quality.

Our liquids are hand made by folks experienced with using flavorings, re-creating flavors and have enough ingenuity to create NEW flavors. A vaping experience that can hardly be described as generic.

Our bottles and labels are all quality, but minimal cost, we ship with packaging provided by USPS. There are no extra marketing costs to figure back into our product. We can afford to sell at much lower prices, and hopefully set new standards for liquid vendors.

Why Does This 48mg Liquid Taste So Strange?

Well, you shouldn’t be vaping such high doses of nicotine to begin with. Nicotine does have a flavor, and it is strange, the raw product smells HORRIBLE. And the higher the concentration, the more this strange taste will be present. We sell up to 48mg as an economical approach for those who like to buy high nicotine liquids and thin it down for more quantities of low nicotine liquid. Always keep in mind that nicotine is indeed a poison, and milligram per milligram, just as deadly as arsenic. You didn't switch from analogs just to kill yourself with another product.

Make that decision to switch, a responsible one, lower your nicotine intake.

Why Do You Call Your Mixing Solutions “Doublers”?

Well, essentially, it is just a name. Some think this implies the amount of flavoring is doubled. No. A Doubler is a 4 ounce bottle of ZERO NICOTINE vaping fluid. While it can be used directly from the bottle as a zero nicotine alternative to nicotine liquids, the primary function is a large bottle of flavored liquid, to mix down high nicotine liquid, without suffering any flavor loss as you might with just diluting with PG or VG.

If you prefer 24mg liquid, you could buy a 1 ounce bottle of 48mg liquid, mix in an ounce of Doubler and have 2 ounces of 24mg liquid. So, it's essentially doubling your e-liquids, stretching out your spending dollars on e-liquid, and you'll STILL have plenty to spare.

We offer a 4 ounce bottle of Doubler for the same price as our e-liquid. While this may suggest a level of madness on our part, we could see no logical reason for charging someone the same price for a 1 ounce bottle of NO nicotine liquid as a high nicotine liquid. Many vendors do this, we feel it is a rip-off and maybe this is our way of forcing a different kind of selling standard from other vendors.

Can I Ask To Double The Flavorings?

You can ask, but the answer would be no. Two reasons, this would deplete our flavoring stocks considerably, which would be far more an expensive venture than we care to consider. The other reason is that all of this additional flavoring could also render your liquid UNUSEABLE. You don't and we don't want to waste your money. While we do not object to making your liquids a little stronger than usual, after that, the burden of responsibility has to be your own. And we do offer Lorann's flavorings in dram bottles on our sites, so that you can pursue your own DIY experiments with your liquids, or adding more flavor.

What Are The Ingredients In Your Products? Are They Safe To Vape?

The base ingredients of our liquids are nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavorings. Sometimes additives are used to enhance flavors. Everything we use is FDA approved and Food Grade.

As for the safety of these products. It is NOT my knowledge that these products have been tested for the side effects caused by direct and long term inhalation. Study groups are forming to test for this, but results have yet to be posted. This is all brand new to all of us.

Please, take into account that most "vapers" are switching from a product that is KNOWN to kill and cause cancer and have been using this product willingly, knowing the risks. It is known that the two primary "killers" in cigarette smoke are smoke and tar.

An electronic cigarette administers no tar, no smoke and contains 4,600+ LESS chemicals that have been cataloged in cigarette tobacco. Each of us will have to determine on our own if switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes poses a decrease in health risks. However, there is certainly a considerable amount of evidence that shows that it is far, far less detrimental to one's health and has allowed individuals to regain some of those faculties that were diminished by smoking cigarettes.

Which Nicotine Level Should I Choose?

This depends a lot on YOU! Heavy to moderate (hopefully former) smokers may want a high nicotine liquid, in which case we might suggest either 24mg or 36mg. They may want to reduce the amount of nicotine they are using, in which case we suggest 12mg to 24mg. Everything depends on your preferences. If you are brand new to this, you may have a lot of questions overall, in which case, we encourage you to call us and we can discuss this further. We're happy to help.

If I Ask For More VG, Will This Reduce The Flavor Of My Liquid?

No! The flavoring that we use, is always enough to flavor either a one ounce e-liquid, or a four ounce Doubler. Flavoring is unaffected by your chosen PG/VG ratios.

Describe Your Tobacco Flavoring.

At best, we can only say, completely natural. Our tobacco flavor is not a concentrated flavoring as many try to force with the (sometimes less than) clever use of food additives and maybe a slight bit of tobacco absolute. However, ours is made from a maceration of Virginia/Burley/Oriental tobacco, perfectly blended and macerated in Propylene Glycol for a month or longer.

The resulting clarified liquid tastes and smells much as does a fresh pack of cigarettes. Some have equated the flavor/aroma to dried fruit, Redman Chew, we've heard a few and sometimes odd descriptions, but what it IS, is the natural taste of un-combusted tobacco.

What Do I Do If I Think I Got A “Bad Batch?"

While we're asked this quite frequently, firstly, since none of our liquids are bottled from a batch, this may be an inappropriate word to describe what would likely amount to a liquid that didn't have enough flavor to cater to your specific preferences, or you simply have gotten a liquid, that simply doesn't agree with your preferences at all.

Since we mix literally thousands of bottles of e-liquid, we go from recipe, then try to accommodate requests from our customers to hopefully hand tailor their liquid more around their personal preferences. We don't always nail it, but we do our damned best. And we hope we hear from customers prior to purchasing if they have any flavoring/mixing related questions so they hopefully don't end up "stuck" with what they consider to be a bum liquid.

We're not psychic, if you have specific tastes, and we don't hear from you... The likelihood that you end up with something you don't like is much greater.
We really don't expect we'll please every single customer that buys our products. But we've got a Highly Impressive report card to date, so we must be on the right track for a lot of people.

As we do have a no return policy, we are not completely emphatic about the policy. This doesn't bend by how hostile you can be, or sending us an e-mail stating "Dude, your stuff tastes like crap". Contact us, be reasonable and we will determine, by specific situation, if further action is warranted or necessary.

What is the best time/best way to contact Tasty Vapor?

Anytime! As volumes have increased, the best way by far is to contact us by phone at (888) 389-3229. If you can't reach us by phone, please try Live Help secondly and by e-mail last. If you have simple adjustments to your order, as orders get turned around fast, we suggest you contact us as soon as possible.

Where Do I Enter My Discount Code?

Sadly, if you were lurking on the forums and ran across someone saying that there is a discount code you can use on our site, this is the result of someone having a laugh at your expense and ours. We do not have discount codes AT PRESENT. This may happen sometime in the future, but it does not exist now. We offer competitive prices for a very high quality product.

We also offer weekly specials and amazing deals on Doublers and miscellaneous products enough that we don't feel the necessity to have discount codes.

For those of you placing larger orders, the site is programmed to extend a 10% discount after the first $100 in purchases, and a 15% discount after $200 in purchases. This is as far as discounts go and an already highly reasonably priced line of products.

How Long Does It Take To Mix And Ship My Liquids?

Under normal circumstances, it should take no longer than 24 hours to mix and ship an order. However, certain sales may increase volumes considerably to the point that turnaround times may be increased to 48 and up to 72 hours. If you have an urgent need, running dangerously low, feel free to call us at (888) 389-3229 and we'll be happy to discuss your situation as well as available options.

What Methods Do You Use To Ship Your Liquids?

At this juncture, Tasty Vapor ONLY uses U.S. Priority Mail and Priority Mail Flat Rate for shipping. This is more cost effective for us as the rates are lower and packaging is provided for. This packaging also provides better protection for you liquids than would sending liquids in envelopes. We are open to consider other options for larger, overseas orders.

I Haven't Received My Package Yet!

While we go out of our way with status message e-mails to keep you informed as to the various processing stages of your order, once it leaves our doors, we have little control over the whereabouts of your package. USPS is NOT very good about updating their tracking system to display current locations of your packages either. USPS can also give you no more information than what you see on the online tracking system. Overseas orders will track only as far as the US Border.

Shipments within the United States SHOULD take no longer than 2-3 business days. If there is a case where it is a week later and you still haven't received your package, please call us a (888) 389-3229 and we'll determine what action needs to be taken.

Overseas shipments will take a while. If you haven't received your shipments, calling may be expensive, please try to contact us on Live Help or by e-mail at mixteam@tastyvapor.us.

The USPS Tracking System Says My Package Is Out For Delivery in Oakland, CA, But I Live In __________. Did You Use The Wrong Address?

This is a case where we feel obligated to apologize on behalf of the U.S. Postal System. Our local postal station is simply using the wrong status message to indicate that the parcel is in transit to the main processing station in Oakland, CA, prior to it being re-distributed to YOUR location. You need not worry, your package is in transit to you and not some location in Oakland.
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Very nice FAQ, but if I may suggest changing the wording on the USPS part. Saying another establishment is NOT very good at something can possibly get you into a sticky situation down the line. It might be better to say something along the lines of USPS not having an official tracking system, but a delivery confirmation system, which would explain why the tracking information could be inaccurate.


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Very nice FAQ, but if I may suggest changing the wording on the USPS part. Saying another establishment is NOT very good at something can possibly get you into a sticky situation down the line. It might be better to say something along the lines of USPS not having an official tracking system, but a delivery confirmation system, which would explain why the tracking information could be inaccurate.

USPS really sucks. I have received my order in Portugal. USPS tracking does not have any info available yet!

If i order from China or any country in Europe, i have complete tracking. As soon as Chinese EMS ships i also have the Portuguese Mail tracking at the same time.

So what Geoff says is true: if an order leaves the USA i may not track it at all. If an order leaves China i will know where it is, regardless of if it left China or not.
Also...the original tracking number shows immediately on the Portuguese Mail (with the Portuguese tracking number): order 989898989CN will show 5757577888PT.

So if someone had stolen my order, i'd be bugging TV without any reason.

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Very nice FAQ, but if I may suggest changing the wording on the USPS part. Saying another establishment is NOT very good at something can possibly get you into a sticky situation down the line. It might be better to say something along the lines of USPS not having an official tracking system, but a delivery confirmation system, which would explain why the tracking information could be inaccurate.

Because their tracking AND delivery confirmation system are sorely lacking. Am I guilty for pointing at the sky and calling it blue.


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Actually, I think it's mostly a problem with your local post office. When receiving things from other people I've occasionally gotten them the day before the tracking said they were coming, but most of the info was correct. It's only your post office that seems unable to differentiate between "out for delivery" and "out of this post office so someone else can eventually deliver it."


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I'm pretty sure that saying the local post office is entering the wrong message into the tracking system is not slanderous. First off, they are entering the wrong message and there are plenty of posts in this forum from people who were worried that their packages were "out for delivery in Oakland" to prove it. Second, even if they were entering the right message, it would be pretty hard to prove damages. TV warning their customers about their local post office won't make us less likely to use it -- most of us don't live anywhere near it and wouldn't use it anyway. Plus Tasty Vapor continues to use them despite that problem (and, as the faq says, "You need not worry, your package is in transit to you...")

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I need to close this for comment. This wasn't a post for potential drama or apple polishing. It was meant to be informational only. I don't mind fixing typos. This is for YOUR information. The additional nit-picking draws away from the nature of the post and is completely aside from the points being made and the information being given.

This is information for those people who want to know about Tasty Vapor, not what people think about my statements about a dated bureaucratic governmental entity, struggling with current and very basic technology and failing miserably.
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