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TBD Liquids, amazing products and service.

Discussion in 'General E-Liquid Reviews' started by dokebilee, Mar 24, 2015.

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  1. dokebilee

    dokebilee Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 1, 2009
    Queens, NY
    A shoutout to my friend and founder of TBD Liquids, John, for providing the absolute best customer service and topnotch e-liquid on the market. I first heard about TBD Liquids on the electronic cigarette subreddit (/r/electronic_cigarette) and got a lot of rave/love from the redditors. Curious, I whipped out my wallet and ordered 30ml of "Monkey Juice" to see how this fairly new company fared.

    In about 2-3 days, I got my order in the mail, tore up the package, and was genuinely surprised. In the package, not only did I get a nice handwritten message but John upgraded my initial order by bumping up the 30ml of Monkey Juice to 50ml. He also sent me free bottles of 30ml Peach Dragon Tea and 30ml Harvest Berry. I know that the vaping industry is like a big family. We help each other out in various ways and work together to make sure vaping becomes the future. John knows this and he incorporates it into TBD Liquids very well. To this day, he makes sure to converse with his customers, including myself, and to make sure that everyone is satisfied.

    Now onto the liquids from TBD!

    Monkey Juice,
    • Tastes like Nana Cream but is smoother and/or creamier. Nice banana tone to it with a undertone of strawberry. A bit mellow but it makes for a good ADV.
    • 9/10

    Peach Dragon Tea,
    • Tastes just like the name entails, peach with an undertone tea. The peach flavor stands out a great deal. Can't really notice the dragon fruit but the tea compliments the peach pretty well.
    • 9/10

    Harvest Berry,
    • Different kinds of berries infused together and balanced really really well. This is a killer juice, really well made and it doesn't taste like medicine. Out of the three, I would say this one is absolutely amazing. ADV for sure.
    • 10/10

    Overall, great service and amazing liquids for a reasonable price. Thanks again John. You've gained a loyal customer.

    Also, something worth noting. John doesn't slap "Premium" in front of his company name or onto his liquids, that is for you to decide. He also doesn't use any flavors that contain diketones or food coloring and he pre-steeps all of his juices before they are sent out.

    Give this man & company your attention and he will return it tenfold.

    TBD Liquids

    Edit: I "moved" this post into the General E-liquid Discussion section. Would be great if a mod can remove this post from this section.
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