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Tendril on VaporBomb

Discussion in 'VaporBomb' started by Tendril, Jul 29, 2010.

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  1. Tendril

    Tendril Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 21, 2010
    USA - Illinois
    I received my first order from VaporBomb today

    I ordered:
    Mojito 18mg
    Mango 24mg
    Blackberry 24mg
    CinnaBomb 24mg

    The CinnaBomb I ordered only because I read so many positive screaming reviews. All four of these I ordered in 100% VG. I just started vaping less than a week ago, and was so very disappointed in the lack of flavor from my first supplier. I read on the site here for a forum supporting supplier with 100% vg and powerful taste.

    I ordered Sunday night, it shipped Monday and arrived Thursday with priority shipping. VaporBomb threw in a free 5ml bottle of 24mg Mr. Mist and a small bag of polyfill - Thanks VB!

    Well lets see, having them just arrived smell was all I had to judge with:

    Mango - Smells just like red pop rocks, and reminiscent of novicaine. But it isn't a faint, hint at the smell - it's like sticking your nose in a bag of pop rocks - very promising
    Mojito - The smell is more faint, but definitely there. It smells like the tutti fruity candy inside the marshmallow part of a spumoni tastes
    Blackberry - Smells almost as strongly as the Mango. This one, smells like purple pop-rocks! Being a big fan of pop rocks, this is welcome :)
    CinnaBomb - Wow. Lots of smell. Like if you put a carton of Big Red gum in a box, let it sit in the sun all afternoon and then stuck your nose under the lid. Very, very promising as a potential juice to actually have some taste to it
    Mt. Mist (Freebie) - This one also smells very strongly. Second, if it is, only to CinnaBomb in intensity. Unmistakably energy drink. I immediately thought of Jaeger bombs made with Monster.

    All of these are 100% VG. I've previously only used PG. I cleaned a brand new regular 510 atomizer and loaded a fresh cart with a straw and bit of the provided polyfill. The Mango is the only one that's 18mg, same as my old fluid, so I load it first not to complicate the comparison with differing nicotine levels. I put a drop on the cartridge. It stays suspended above the polyfill. I did read that VG is a thicker fluid :D So I drip two drops of fluid onto the atty

    Mango - I'm immediately relieved to taste something. I'd gotten very fearful that e-cigs couldn't actually have taste. It's there, some red pop rock flavor. It's nice, but not overly present. The VG is nice, too. Good throat hit, seemed to me a bit fuller than the PG. The vapor production was about the same as the PG. I would have wondered if I wasn't vaping VG all along if it weren't for the drastic differences in viscosity of the fluid. I'm happy, things are looking up

    So now I have the dilemma: I have 5 bottles of 100% VG fluid and no cartridges for it. I think. The other night I read about using aquarium filters. I remember that I have turtles in the basement and buy the filters in bulk. I check on here if AquaClear filters work and find some pretty good results. I loaded up a cart with the filter and burned off the remaining mango from the atty (into my lungs, of course)

    CinnaBomb - And so I had read that this is the flavor of flavors, and full of it. I made sure to shake the CinnaBomb really well because, well not only did it say to do so on the bottle; but because I can see what looks like layers and bubbles inside. The fluid goes opaque, like emulsified oil. I load up the AquaClear cart. It goes in really well, a relief and source of mild excitement. I just now as I'm writing this tasted it. Hold on, let me try again. It's wonderful. It can actually exist. I can actually get the type of flavor I dreamed of puffing when I bought my ecig. As I slowly draw in the vapor with my tongue - There's flavor, and sweetness on it! This is all while still drawing it in, not while exhaling through my nose in vain search of something! My mouth is filled with the taste of Big Red gum, just like it smells. It's wonderful. Even now writing, the taste still lingers. I just took another puff. It's like I have candy in my mouth! Like, not flavoring, not some wispy and feeble attempt at the idea - but my mouth is really convinced like I have a mouth full of something that must be liquid or solid to carry it. The vapor, too. It's nice and full and thick, like the American Spirit organics I smoked until last Friday when I got my ecig. And that isn't with a pre-prime with the manual button and a drawn out slow drag.

    My hearing is literally going in and out with slight ringing and I'm tearing a bit. I had hoped so much for this e-cig hobby to work out and was so let down when I tried the cotton candy flavor from my last supplier, and then the other two flavors and none of them touched close to CinnaBomb! The flavor, the full, sweet flavor ... Cigarettes could never match that.

    Cigarettes, your time as a hobby, pleasure and addictive past time are through. I've found something better. And it came from VaporBomb.

    I'm going to let the rest of the flavors sit and mature for the next few days before I try them. The mango I wish would have been more flavor like the cinnabomb is, maybe it'll mature. For now: CinnaBomb :vapor:
  2. r3dgh0s7

    r3dgh0s7 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 21, 2010
    Naturecoast of Florida
    I got 30ml is cinnabomb on my first order and it came yesturday, already took down about 8ml, need to put it away b/c i heard the flavor gets even better after a week, since they mix juices fresh to order it needs time to steep.
  3. 0smitty

    0smitty Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 21, 2010
    Ft. Wayne, IN
    Wanna have some fun? Throw yer' CinnaBomb VG juice on a LR atty!!! Now THAT is bliss right there!! :)
  4. muttSRT

    muttSRT Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Cinnabomb is flavor of the week....good time to stock up on it:D
  5. Tendril

    Tendril Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 21, 2010
    USA - Illinois
    Awesome, since I only have 5ml of CinnaBomb I'm going to go ahead and order more. What other flavors are fully flavorful from them?

    Edit: Vaping now, the 100%VG blows much thicker smoke-o's
  6. muttSRT

    muttSRT Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Wow, hard question...all of their flavors are really good and full flavored. When I first started ordering and reviewing them, I made the mistake of reviewing the day i got the juice. That wasnt fair because the juices need time to come together. Most of the fruity flavors I tried were kind of weak at first, and I said so in my review. I tried them a couple days later and they just came to life, bursting with flavor. Flavors that were ok to start with were now just loaded with flavor.

    There are some that I vape as soon as I get them, the sweet ones, like cinnadanishswirl, which is good when you get it, but great after a day or 2. The green apple for me is another one that is good from the day you get it, and I also like the candy cane. All of the waffles are good, but i like when i custom ordered an apple cinnamon waffle mix the best. I also think a peachy waffle would be good because their peach and peach pie is incredible, but I havent ordered that combo yet.

    I dont think nothing will be as strong as cinnabomb, as cinnamon is so strong of a flavor. Lets just say, there is not one flavor that i order at double flavor, so I think that says a lot about VB and their flavoring as well.
  7. Tendril

    Tendril Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 21, 2010
    USA - Illinois
    You're right, the Mango has so much more flavor now! :)
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