Tetra Vape Passion Fruit, Menthol, and Nectarine!

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Sep 5, 2013
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    I received three samples of eliquids for review two weeks ago. As per the instructions, I did set them aside to steep for a week, and then began testing them over the course of a few days each, in various capacities. The following is my perspective/review on each.

    Passion Fruit- As with every other eliquid received from Tetra Vape, this liquid is crystal clear. I like that in an eliquid. The smell was good, and the viscosity was moderately thin. I first dripped this in a phoenix rebuildable atomizer at 2.15Ω, and 4.2v. The flavor was lighter than the smell, and I had issues really "tasting" what I smelled. I poured the rest of the sample in a protank with a 1.8Ω rebuilt coil with cotton wicking at 3.6v. The flavor found its sweet spot better in this setup, and I was able to enjoy it a great deal more than in the dripper. Good Vapor, mild throat hit. Overall, a decent vape, true to life.

    Menthol- I have to say at the outset that I hate menthol. Every time I have had a menthol, in cigarette or vape form, it has caused my chest to tighten up, and I got the sensation that I was trying to vape vicks. So, to be honest, I was quite disappointed to get this sample. But as samples are, I figured I would try to give it my best shot. I was pleasantly surprised to find this not to be the case with Tetra Vape Menthol. The flavor was definitely there, And it was definitely Menthol. It was not peppermint, or spearmint, or any other "mint". It was menthol. But it was a light, crisp, delightful, not overpowering menthol. It wasn't weak, but it did not cause me to clutch my chest in agony. This was a menthol I would actually like to vape, and more than just a couple of puffs here and there. I sampled this on a foggy rebuildable with a 2Ω coil with a cotton wick on a 3.7v mech mod.

    Nectarine- I love this nectarine! True to life flavor... full, Juicy, and ripe. The liquid was clear as crystal and easy on my coils. I sampled this flavor in a protank with a 1.8Ω coil with cotton wicking on a VV device at 3.8v. The flavor was good. I could easily go for this just as much as I did the white peach. I find it amazing that Tetra Vape was able to find the subtle nuances and differences between white peach, peach and nectarine and bring them to life through a vape. When Nectarines are out of season, Tetra Vape is a great place to get what you need to cure that craving!

    I fully enjoyed my experience so far with Tetra Vape. As of this moment, I have sampled 7 different flavors, and I have found them to be consistent in clarity and flavor. I will most definitely keep Tetra Vape on my short list of vendors to buy from.

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