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TFV8 coils : Quad vs 6 vs octa VS a big dual fused clapton?

Discussion in 'Sub-Ohm' started by vapesmooth123, Aug 28, 2016.

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  1. vapesmooth123

    vapesmooth123 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 23, 2016
    I got a tfv8 a few weeks ago and love it. For years I was using just a simple rda with a 2.5ohm single stranded coil at about 10 watts with a tiny air hole and the vapor was nothing like this.

    Along with the TFV8, I got a bunch of new RDAs and RTAs like the Vaporesso Gemini, madhatter V2 RDA, and some fused Clapton wire. The only thing besides the prebuilt TFV8 coils I used so far was the madhatter with a .45 dual Clapton (one of the coils doesn't light up nearly as quickly as the other, so it's basically just a single coil, but it was my first dual clapton build and I was literally in such a hurry to build it before taking a trip and I just left it like that for now and use the TFV8).

    I'm hoping I won't need to keep buying these ~$5 TFV8 coils if I want big thick clouds because a dual Clapton I can build in the TFV8's RDA deck or any of the other velocity deck atomizers I bought has so much surface area if I make like 7 wraps. Do you agree? I means, the TFV8 "octa coil" is really just parallel single stranded kanthal doubled up, right? It's kind of just a quad coil and might not give as much vapor as a dual 6-7 wrap fused Clapton dual build? I know I can try and see for myself but I'm not very good at judging clouds if it's close.

    I can't tell a difference between the TFV8's octa and tfv8 quad that were included with the tank. I'm just asking because I'm still going to buy at least one more order of these coils just to have on hand even if they don't actually beat the clouds of a 6-7 wrap dual fused Clapton build in the Gemini RTA or the RBA deck of the TFV8 or any of the other velocity style RDAs I bought.

    Side note, I checked youtube but surprisingly haven't found a video of someone rebuilding these octa/quad TFV8 coils. I would rather do that than pay $5 a coil, if it definitely beats the 6-7 (or even 5) wrap dual fused Clapton build.

    One thing I noticed but not sure if it matters is with the octa tfv8 coil, and the 6-coil, the cotton is on the "inside" of the coil meaning that juice has to soak all the way from where it enters and then "around" the sides of the coils until juice gets to the "center" of the cotton. With the tfv8 quad coil, it's just one big hollow coil (I guess dual parallel single stranded kanthal) and all the juice has to do is soak in from the entry a short amount until it reaches the wire. Despite that, I never got a burnt hit with the octa coil even if chain vaping it.

    Do you notice a big difference in vapor production (or even flavor) between the quad and the octa (or the 6ta)? Notice a difference between the octa/quad/6ta and a big 5-7 wrap dual fused Clapton build? How many ml juice until these coils should be replaced? I vape them very low at only about 45-65 watts and put maybe 80ml of %100 VG juice through each and they still vape excellent to me.
  2. vapesmooth123

    vapesmooth123 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 23, 2016
    ah I just discovered 30mm rtas and rdas. huge decks, can fit like 9+ wraps of fused claptons at 4+mm diameter. Huge vapor. I will get one of those (and maybe more than 30mm) and pretty sure it would beat any TFV8 coils but still wondering about the VS the TFV8 coils mentioned above to have some spare coils.
  3. markcfh

    markcfh Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 7, 2015
    I've used a bunch of coils. I like the t8s, I get more life out of the t4s though. Right now I have aliens in the rba, same vapor output as the t4, more flavor by far. If you want to run lower wattage, look into some ss claptons, ramp up will be a lot better than kanthal.
  4. whiteowl84

    whiteowl84 Unresolved Status ECF Veteran

    Jun 15, 2016
    I read the OP a couple times to figure out exactly what you're wanting to know. I came to the conclusion that you just want to know which is better: The coil heads in your tank or just some diecent sized clapton...if I'm wrong, please excuse my post. Also how long is a coil head good for.

    For me, in my first month of vaping I'd need to change my Crown and CCI Triforce coils every other day. The difference in flavor from one juice to another would be less and less each time. If you're running DIY juice that time would probably double.

    My friend that I work with has one of thhose tanks with a supposed octa coil in it. At 90 watts it performs terribly. He thought it was the best thing ever till he hit my Griffin 25. And my Griffin only had a 2.5mm coil with about 9 or so wraps of A1. And that was only at 70w or so.
    Sometimes I take my Griffin to work with normal coils so I can conserve power.
    When I let him hit my Cthulhu v3 with the deck full of 22/28 clapton at about 100w he said that's the best vape he'd ever had. And my builds get better and better every day.

    With premade coils you're always at the wall of what it can do...with RTAs you can always hone in on that perfect vape. And you only need to rebuild once or twice a month depenting on how you vape.

    I hope this helped man. And with the coil that isn't glowing evenly pulse the coils till they glow and squeeze the hotter one. This will calm it down. And if you scrape across the colder one, this will speed it's ramp up a bit.
    Also make sure alk the screws are tight. Clapton is a pain to make a good connection with sometimes.
  5. Bhoot

    Bhoot Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 25, 2015
    I use the 8coil or T8 coil at the start but now prefer the quad. Less prone to leaking for me and vape is still really nice.

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