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Thankyou never seems to say enough

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Jun 1, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
    Hi Mom & Pop,
    I guess before i start shouting out thankyou's, I'd better introduce myself. Im Melissa and Im the Aussie that coudn'nt wait to order while you were away on holidays.
    For everyone else here, to better explain myself, I placed my order knowing full well the "holidayers" were still about a week away from returning and I know they were going to be swamped with orders upon return.
    Only being my second order here, My first order took around 19 straight days to arrive.....(flying takes a while longer to me)
    Another fellow I know (wuzznt me) left a very convincing review on the website, ( trusting wuzznt me) I took the plunge so to speak and decided to venture to expand my current juice stash.
    Anticipating the arrival of my juice, Its was a any day now thought on autopilot in my mind.
    Yippee today it arrived ....:p Love me the Ry4 & red ridge, and a few others i have not yet tried.
    A new tank which looks right at home on the itaste i got last week and vapor vapor im nearly lost for words.
    Out fell an extra pack of carto's and another tank?? scratching my head as one does....hmm Should that be there.
    Needless to say Im in WOW mode. A very BIG THANKYOU , it touched me endlessly , such generosity. Your liquid tickles me pink, and the sub tank is working like a dream.
    It was nice to hear that you had a fabulous computer free break.
    If there's room for one more here, I might just squeeze in a seat and join in from time to time.
    Much love and thanks
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