THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5 Review By Frenkyou


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  • Apr 26, 2019
      THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5 1.jpg

      Hi, today let's take a look at THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5 By Sourcemore. In this Test I will examine each of the characteristics that distinguish this item. I hope that by the end of this reading you may have understood this product, and therefore decide whether to invest in it or not. As always, my opinions are free and based on my personal experience.
      • Enjoy the reading.

      ► THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5; Before starting let's see together some special features indicated by the manufacturer:

      • 1. Switchable Airflow Design (MTL-RDL)
      • 2. Deck design and construction updated
      • 3. Multiple airflow options
      • 4. Continuous 360 degree airflow control
      • 5. Elegant honeycomb design
      • 6. Compact interior space for superlative flavor
      • 7. Curved air intake to provide smooth airflow

      THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5 2.jpg

      ► THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5; Packaging:
      ThunderHead Creations supplies this product in an elegant fabric pouch that comes with a sliding drawstring for opening and closing. On the final part of the lace there are also a chain and a metal plate. The plate shows the Tauren MTL logo and the color of the product (SS). Against the black background of the envelope stands out the white color used for the large "THC" logo and for the word ThunderHead Creations. At the bottom and to the side, a red label protrudes (as on clothing) containing the Tauren MTL logo.

      THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5 3.jpg

      Tauren MTL RTA V1.5 is housed inside a heavy threaded metal tube. The closing cap is perforated in the center and can become a solid display base for this beautiful tank. Also on the container are present; the QR-Code, logos, brands, packing list.

      THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5 4.jpg

      ► THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5; Packing List:
      • 1 * Tauren MTL V1.5 RTA
      • 1 * Metal Tube container / display
      • 5 * Airpins (0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.8 / 2.0mm)
      • 1 * Long 510 Drip Tip with Heat Sink
      • 1 * Replacement glass
      • 2 * Replacement Hex Screws
      • 3 * Replacement Slotted Screws
      • 1 * Allen key
      • 1 * Slotted Screwdriver
      • 1 * Premium organic cotton
      • 2 * Fused Clapton Coils MTL Ni80 Ø2.5mm of 0.6Ω, recommended power 20W.
      • 1 * User Manual
      • 1 * Quality Control Card
      • 1 * Spare O-Ring Bag

      THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5 5.jpg

      ► THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5; Specifications:
      • Size: 24 * 49.5mm diameter
      • Material: SS
      • Capacity: 2ml
      • Deck: Single Coil
      • Type of filling: Superior
      • Drip Tip: 510

      THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5 6.jpg

      ► THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5; Available colours:
      • SS
      • Silver Black
      • Gun Metal
      • Black

      THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5 7.jpg

      ► THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5; First Impressions:
      Thunderhead Creations seems to continuously release quality products, many of them bear the name Tauren which is often attributable to DL atomizers and mechanical Mods. This time we are talking about a renewed MTL RTA. Unfortunately I have not been lucky enough to try the original version of Tauren MTL and I must say that I have always liked its appearance with protective metal cage because it reminds me of the Nautilus v1 protective cage which was a very coveted accessory to take shelter from breaking the glass. So to get this captivating tank I took advantage of the kindness of @Sourcemore who, as usual, allows me to choose the product to review and without impositions. I love this great shop!

      THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5 8.jpg

      As we've seen, THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5 arrives beautifully packaged and comes with a host of accessories. The Tauren MTL RTA offers a 360 ° air flow, finely adjustable through different airpins to be placed under the coils. The single coil deck is "suspended" in Siren style and being raised is easy to regenerate. The build quality of this tank looks really good with a remarkable structural strength! Tauren MTL RTA V1.5 holds up to 2ml of e-liquid, I would have expected at least 3ml, however the top filling is super fast.

      THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5 9.jpg

      As you can see in the image below but also in the two previous images; i got the SS version of THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5. Although the tank contains only 2ml of e-liquid, it does not have a very small size but not too large. V1.5 (Ø24mm) can be nicely housed on most of the SBS Mods on the market and in case you have a SBS Mod with a lowered 510 cup the long Driptip could really come in handy. The metal heatsink on which the long Driptip is screwed is really eye-catching and creates a remarkable aesthetic effect by harmoniously completing the lines of V1.5. Personally I use the long Driptip with any Mod.

      THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5 10.jpg

      All you have to do is choose your favorite Driptip, when choosing keep in mind that the long one offers a more contrasty throw and excellent heat dissipation. The top cap has a central groove with knurling both above and below to facilitate grip. Countless hexagonal windows make up a nice graphic pattern and allow you to visualize the internal e-liquid level well. The graphic aspect is completed by the metal engraving of the bull's head together with the wording "MTL". On the bottom we have the airflow control ring with the same design as the top cap, i.e. a central groove and a marked knurling above and below.

      THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5 essentially consists of three main elements;
      2-Central body with armor
      3-Rebuildable Deck.
      The threads are very precise and smooth. After quickly unscrewing the top cap you will find yourself faced with 2 macroscopic refueling slots that do not place limits on the size of the tips of any e-liquid dispenser you want to use. Inside the central body there is the vaporization chamber which is 15mm wide and 10.5mm deep, the upper design of the chamber has a slightly marked truncated cone profile. The regenerable Deck as I anticipated is of the suspended type in GTA style, interesting to note how the "fake" turret allows you to replace the airpin in an ultra-fast way without touching the coil.


      I really enjoyed breaking down THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5 into a myriad of bits and pieces, with the only exception of the glass, in fact to extract the glass from the cage you need to point the flat screwdriver between a hexagon of the cage and the top of the glass , I don't like all this and it turns out to be an unnatural operation that puts the glass itself at risk with the possibility of chipping it. For the rest, reassembling the V1.5 was easy and intuitive, the build quality, the workmanship, the threading and the tolerances are exact, it is a solid and well made RTA !. When you want to clean this tank, just unscrew the lower pin and unscrew a few screws. Cleaning the tank is important and in this case you can easily reach any corner with the brush.


      ► THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5; Curved Air Intake:
      The ring is 360 ° rotatable and there are 6 holes within a single rectangular window, this also represents the maximum opening for airflow when selected. You can then select 6-4-2 holes, but if you keep turning the ring the holes disappear and the "puff" becomes more and more narrow until it becomes almost completely closed! It is interesting to note how the air flow is directed towards the coil through a curved ducting of each of the 6 holes.


      ► THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5; Airflow pins:
      This excellent airflow adjustment system could really be enough to make the V1.5 intake contrast a true and perfect MTL vape! But ThunderHead Creations didn't stop there and provides you with 5 different Airpins to insert under the coil (0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.8 / 2.0mm) for your personalized finishing touch.
      Also if you wish you can separately purchase two optional airpins with honeycomb air diffusion structure.


      ► THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5; Coil Build:
      The Tauren MTL RTA V1.5 Kit includes 2 Fused Clapton Coils MTL Ni80 Ø2.5mm of 0.6Ω for a recommended power of 20W. To install the coil you just need the Allen key included in the kit or the screwdriver if you want to use the spare slotted screws.


      The image below gives a good idea of the various steps required to regenerate the deck:


      The two side-by-side uprights have Allen screws as standard which, once unscrewed, allow you to quickly insert the legs of your coil into the appropriate holes, what is interesting is that you can extract the upright that houses the airpin to have more room for maneuver. . After straightening the coil you can effectively cut the excess legs. Then you can screw the Deck onto the mod and activate the resistance to see if the heating of the coil is uniform.


      In the next step just cut the cotton enough to feed the breathable doors, for the insertion of the cotton in the doors I recommend cutting the ends of the cotton at an angle. Of course, since this is a suspended deck, you can choose whether to leave the ends of the cotton long or short. Personally, I only put the ends of the cotton in the doors, keeping them rather short and slightly dangling. In this way the supply is rich and constant with any level of e-liquid present inside the tank.


      ► THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5; Vaping test & final conclusions:
      I was genuinely impressed by how effective the adjustment of the airflow through the ring of V1.5 is; it ranges from contrasted RDL to full spectrum for MTL! I don't understand why no one else thought about it before! In fact it was enough to realize this simple system which is equipped with a channel with decreasing depth present inside the ring! Then by rotating the ring as you move away from the air inlet holes, the channel flattens, and the flow narrows in an optimally calibrated way with the power generated by the coil you will install !!!

      With a perfect AFC system like this I expected excellent flavor performance and it did, but I had no doubts. So I installed the 1.5mm airpin because it felt excellently combined with the stock sub-ohm resistor and the type of Hit's aggressive and loaded MTL Vape I wanted to achieve. Even with all 6 holes open the shot is not too "wide" so I can use all the power for this resistance (about 18 / 20W) without incurring supercharging even by restricting the air flow (in a reasonable way).

      It took me very little to understand that this tank offers a really excellent MTL performance and based on the coil I choose. Precise airflow regulation really means a lot in terms of MTL performance and is "almost" all it takes to me. Attractive appearance, good build quality, thermal insulation, fantastic adjustment of the AFC system, silent suction and simplicity of coil regeneration. All these qualities make THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5 a tank suitable for everyone, even the beginner will find it easy to make it work properly and get great flavor performance without leakage problems.

      I would like to thank Miss Ella and Sourcemore for providing me with this Sample. I hope this contribution of mine has been useful for anyone wishing to purchase THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5.

      The discount code to get THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5 priced at only $ 27.79 is: RV15

      Thanks for reading.


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