The Artist Collection by NJOY

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Jul 10, 2009
    We were so pleased with the samples of these flavours we just had to get it in.

    The Artist Collection by NJOY

    Curated by NJOY, created by some of the world's top flavour artists, welcome to the Artist Collection - A sophisticated suite of masterful taste sensations, pushing the limits of experiential flavour indulgence. Featuring fantastic flavours from Daniel of FlavorZ, Anne-Claire of Vaponaute, George of Mr. GoodVape, Randy of P.O.E.T. and Jeremy of Good Life Vapor.

    is a warm hug of sunshine on a cool breezy day, with bright top notes of pear and peach, softened by the embrace of rich, creamy vanilla and smooth custard. A touch of nutty cinnamon rounds the edges for a flavour that feels like home.

    Hedon's Bite
    is a perfect balance of sweet, sour and tart notes creates an aromatic, crisp, otherworldly apple. Coated with deep, earthy caramel for a blast of flavour. Vital, juicy, fresh and irresistible. Finishes with ripe melon that resolves on a cliffhanger, ready to dive in for more.

    Robust yet delicate, complex yet simple, Sacré Coeur begins with a buttery, savoury almond torte layered with ambrosial notes of wild field berries and subdued rhubarb. Subtleties then emerge - a hint of aromatic vanilla and a touch of earthy bourbon - the purest possible expression of pleasure.

    A truly unique flavour expression, DragonScape is at once transcendent and surprisingly sessionable, earthy and smooth. It hints at an exotic blend of Indian spices and Asian teas within a creamy custard of Belgian Café and Madagascar vanilla.

    Bright and uber-refreshing like a cold drink pool-side on a hot day, Samba Sun greets with sweet succulent clementine, morphing quickly to airy yet creamy marshmallow before settling into a burst of perfect ripe peach with a hint of harmoniously layered apricot.
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