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The cost of the order made in Austria from China

Discussion in 'Europe Forum' started by RunAway06, Sep 22, 2016.

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  1. RunAway06

    RunAway06 New Member

    Sep 22, 2016

    I am a citizen of Turkey. Turkey Electronic cigarettes import ban, but a ban on the use of these.

    I have a friend who lives in Austria.

    I wonder what we call charges, such as the free shipping orders from China to Austria emerges ?.

    For example, products are up to 75 dollars in Turkey is not made for commercial purposes, the tax does not apply. Therefore, we are only paying the purchase price.

    My friend does not know the customs issues, just take delivery of the product will bring me the suitcase.

    Can you help me?
  2. Izan

    Izan Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jul 1, 2012
    Mallorca, Spain
    Hi and welcomes,
    What company is shipping from china? What is the weight of the package?
    If you have a friend ordering it for you...they could answer the question much easier. (they know all the details)

    Good luck

  3. RunAway06

    RunAway06 New Member

    Sep 22, 2016
    For example, I want to get wismec Reuleaux RX200 mode in fasttech address . Product sales price of $ 40. This product is a citizen residing in Austria , takes over paying the tax ?
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