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THE ELEGANT EASY XXL 1300 (The Ultimate KR808D-1 Fat Bat)

Discussion in 'Commercial Ecigarette Reviews and Videos' started by SSV2, Jan 27, 2011.

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  1. SSV2

    SSV2 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 6, 2010
    Pleasantville, USA
    Exclusive Review of the (All New) Elegant Easy XXL 1300mAh
    Cick on photos to enlarge
    View attachment 28543

    The Elegant Easy Mini 750mAh
    The Elegant Easy XXL 1300mAh

    Disclaimer - Any comments or opinions expressed in this review are solely based on my own personal experiences and observations with the products and suppliers mentioned in this article. Results may vary on each individual's own experience as many variables exist which can directly affect one's own outcome in any given personal experimentation with a product.

    I received the Elegant 1300 on December 11th, 2010 however, decided to hold off on doing a review of this device until I had used it for at least two months. I wanted to make sure that I had more than ample time to really give it a honest assessment based on the criteria of consistent performance and durability when used exclusively as my prime vaping device on a daily basis over a extended period of time.

    Introduction - The Elegant Easy XXL 1300mAh was released in mid-November of 2010 exclusively by vendor Cig Easy based out of San Bernardino, California and is the newest installment from the custom line of Cig Easy's KR808D-1 styled personal vaporizing devices. At this current writing the Elegant Easy XXL 1300mAh has only been on the market for a little over 2 months! My decision to purchase this device was largely due to my own curiosity to personally experiment and compare to my success with other KR808D-1 batteries including the popular selling Elegant Easy 750mAh Mini battery that was released by Cig Easy in June of 2010 which Cig Easy had sales well over a 1000 units before the 1300mAh debut!

    First Impressions - The Elegant Easy XXL 1300mAh is longer than the original Elegant 750mAh battery by approx. an additional 25.5 mm in length. The diameter remains the same at 14mm. -1t does not feel awkward in my hand in fact holding it feels more natural than the considerably longer mega XL kr808d-1 battery with cartomizer attached.

    Personally, the skinny kr808d xl long 380mAh battery at 140mm in length is a bit too long and dainty looking for my taste particularly vaping in public I do not wish to mimic Audrey Hepburn in the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's" when trying to appear as casual as possible without attracting more attention than needs to be.

    View attachment 28544
    (IMO, it is just not a pretty sight to see a grown man sitting with his buddies vaping away on an E-cig that mimics the old fashioned look of the glamorous ladies of yesteryear holding their cigarette with a long cig holder attached poised in aristocratic fashion.):rolleyes:

    Ok....Now down to the brass tacks!

    I was impressed by the looks of the 1300 right out of the box with its sleek Black elegant finish and stealthy aesthetic appearance. Kind of feels like holding a mini cigar. As with the 750mah mini it is a manual battery which in my opinion is a plus! The button which emits a blue led when pressed down lets you know the battery is activated and thus allows a generous 20 second draw before cut off.

    This is the longest draw before cut off of any of the other kr808d-1 batteries that I am aware. Quite impressive If you compare with some of the other kr808d1 “fat batts” currently on the market since the debut of the Elegant with kr808d-1 threading such as The 750mah Defender, 650mah PigCig and the Eden (the latter two which are currently reportedly capable of a 7-10 sec draw before cut off.)

    The Elegant 1300mAh battery is a powerhouse! On a full charge and even factoring in chain vaping you will easily get past the 12-15 hr mark before you need to recharge it again. Mileage may vary considering some variables. One such variable could be whether you are using a LR cartomizer vs. a HR cartomizer?

    Frank, the owner of Cig Easy took careful consideration into what type of cartomizer would work optimally with both the custom designed Elegant’s 750mAh and 1300mAh batteries from a seasoned vaper’s standpoint. Hence, the "new and improved" easily removable Soft tipped Gold Label Deluxe cartomizers that is within a mid range at around 3.2 ohms on avg. to offer a cooler vape. (Cool cart) Higher resistance (HR) means no more hot cartomizers burning your lips as experienced with a lower resistance carto. Cool..Smooooth..Vape!

    Before I received my Elegant XXL 1300 and started using it and aside from switching around on my other PV's, I was mainly using my USB 5 volt passthrough exclusively while at the computer. I preferred the passthrough because out of all of my PV’s it produced the best vapor and gave me wicked throat hits. However, to my surprise after testing out my Elegant 1300mAh I found that I was receiving the same effects if not better? The difference mostly being that the passthrough vapes at 5v where as the Elegant 1300mah vapes at a lower voltage though maintains consistency in power unlike other lower mAh KR808D-1 batteries.

    IMO, the Elegant produces a cooler smoother vape than my passthrough yet compares favorably in performance as I am accustomed to with a higher voltage battery. Part of this can be credited to the Gold Label Deluxe cartomizers which in my opinion are superior to the old standard KR808D-1 carto’s.

    The vape is cooler, though combined with a high PG than VG ratio in E-Liquid delivers just the right throat hit and produces amazing vapor per hit. The flavors of E-liquid have never tasted better since using both the Elegant 750 and the 1300!:p

    I have noticed that some e-liquids just do not vape well at higher voltages and likewise lower mAh batteries just do not sustain enough power when used over an hour after charging to get the desired effect.

    Now that it has been over two months since I have been using my XXL Elegant 1300, I can list some of the obvious advantages to owning such a device at this time based on my own observations and personal experience.

    1. You really do not need a back up battery as this one lasts several hours longer than even the elegant 750m mini.

    2. No need to invest in a PCC because once again the battery life on this device is enough to get you through the entire day and night if you’re doing some heavy duty vaping away from your charger.

    3. Performs as well as a 5v passthrough though does not heat up your cartomizer where it starts to burn your lips. (Also means your e-liquid lasts longer before refills because of less heat)

    4. Manual button is superior in my opinion to an automatic battery of this type as the draw is much smoother and coupled with a 15-20 sec cut off time you can really get an amazing hit each time!

    5. It’s a KR808D-1 threaded battery which means any KR808D-1 cartomizer can be used with it as well a 901 cartomizer!

    6. It recharges very fast even when drained completely…On average 2-3 hours tops on the Turbo charger (included with kit) less time if not fully drained. Elegant 750 mini 2 hrs when fully drained.

    7. Ease of use – If you are on the go, working or driving…etc. No hassle with dripping into an atomizer all the time to get consistent vapor delivery. Just screw on a fresh cartomizer and your golden!

    8. Light weight and durable…Not much heavier than your standard KR808D-1 battery when holding. In addition is much more natural to hold than a skinny XL battery in public and boasts over 3x the mah making it last many more hours of use than any other KR808D-1 battery out there.

    9. Aesthetically pleasing in design in comparison to other fat bat models currently out with 650mAh batteries. The cone is custom designed to be a bit shorter thus does not cover too much of the cartomizer as with similar models (i.e. PigCig and Eden)

    10. Price! Considering what all you get with the kit and the fact that it is a 1300mAh battery is too good to pass up!:p
    Currently at a price of only $49.00

    The Elegant XXL 1300 starter kit includes:
    1 - Manual 1300mah battery (Black)
    1-USB Turbo Charger (This bad boy will also charge your other existing lower mAh KR808D-1 batteries in about half the time.
    1-Wall adapter

    Also included:

    A package of 5 Gold Label Cartomizers (Option of 16 different flavored prefilled Gold Label cartomizers) or one can choose a package of Empty Cig Easy brand “Premium, “Flip Top” or “Empty DIY Gold Label Deluxe” cartomizers if you so wish to fill them up with your own E-liquid?

    To make the deal even sweeterCig Easy throws in a 10ml bottle of E-liquid of your choice from a selection of about 40 different flavors !!!

    My final conclusions – I am very greatful that I took the chance in purchasing the Elegant XXL 1300 considering it had only been on the market for less than a month at the time despite not reading any reviews on it first. (Normally I am hesitant to buy anything without first doing some research)

    I now have both models and they look great side by side!:thumbs:(The Elegant 750mah and the Elegant XXL 1300mah)
    View attachment 28546 Remarkably, I find both of these models essential to my arsenal of vaping devices because they are now the only PV’s I use exclusively on a daily basis and surpringly do not even use my beloved passthrough anymore while at the computer!

    I still have been combing the forums and looking at other vendors newest vaping devices that are KR808D-1 threaded with a longer battery life and/or even a more appealing design to add to my collection though have found nothing that even compares to the Elegant!

    If anything, I will likely purchase another Elegant variant just because I am very satisfied with the product as well excellent customer service and lightening fast Priority shipping!

    One a side noteRegarding standard and Premium type KR808D-1 cartomizers:
    I have purchased KR808D1 cartomizers from several suppliers some with signature names, various ohm ratings, different color options, hard caps, soft caps, mega sized and vendors website claims that "theirs is the best"…etc.

    My own personal experience after sampling from several other vendors and examining them for visual differences (inside batting integrity of atomizer..Etc.) and most importantly how well they performed from the first fill to after several refills

    I have concluded that for the most part many of the better quality ones are likely from the same manufacture or same batch , though some variants exist even with Boge possibly due to quality control during the manufacturing process? Sometimes there is a dud or more in a pack or one will burn up and thus be rendered useless..etc.

    Pricewise, the Gold Label Deluxe by Cig Easy are very reasonably priced in comparison to other suppliers brands and match in quality of nearly identical HR cartomizers you may pay a couple bucks more for somewhere else.

    Incidentally, I have had the best results on a consistent basis with The Empty DIY Gold Label Deluxe cartomizers so, I do not have to go through several different vendors anymore to try and save a buck or find a better cartomizer in order to get all my carto supplies for the Elegant or likewise any of my other KR808D-1 batts. Ultimately this gives me reassurance that I am receiving consistanacy of product plus saves me big time on shipping costs in the grand scheme of things!

    If anything my only expense now is reordering new cartomizers (Nothing like a fresh cartomizer to break in a new e-liquid flavor!) and E-liquids for refilling.

    Another big plus is that Cig Easy offers a good selection of E-liquids at a great price of only $4.95 for 10ml bottle. I have tried several different flavors and they are decent. I suspect they are for the most part PG based though not sure?

    Thanks for checking out my first E-Cig review!​



    “Fat Batts” term coined by DonDaBoomVape describing the style of High mAh batteries.
    (DonDaBoom was my inspiration for my first E-Cig review) :) Thanks Don!
    The Wonderful World of Vaping The Wonderful World of Vaping | Vaping Guides
    Cig Easy Electronic Cigarettes from Cigeasy - Home of the Easy E-Cigarette

    Very lengthy though very informative thread on just about everything regarding variants of cartomizers and excellent feedback from very knowledgeable individuals whom have used and abused them in the name of science and better vaping!

  2. MsOceanCity

    MsOceanCity Super Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 7, 2009
    New Jersey
    Very informative review! Thanks for taking the time to post SSV2:) Been enjoying mine since Christmas;)
  3. DonDaBoomVape

    DonDaBoomVape Reviewer / Blogger ECF Veteran

    Jun 5, 2009
    South Florida
    Thank you, SSV2, for that in-depth review ... and for your kind words about the WWV Version 2!

    It seems that the XXL Elegant Easy is every bit as good as the original 750 mAh Elegant Easy, which I have been enjoying for many months now. Ironically, I believe that Frank will be discontinuing the XXL Elegant and replacing it with the 1300 mAh Go-Go (a unit of which he is donating to the Vacuous Vaping Videos Contest). As described briefly in the contest announcement, the Go-Go uses unique 3-ml cartomizers (but Frank sells it with adapters so you can also use it with Kr8 cartos ... and use those 3-ml cartos with our Elegants or any Kr8 batt). A 1300 mAh battery coupled with a 3-ml cartomizer: all day vaping in a tubular (non-box-mod) package!
  4. Danger Bunny

    Danger Bunny Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 8, 2011
    Los Angeles, SFV, CA.
    A very informative and comprehensive review. Thank you. I purchased a Kr808D-1 and the Elegant Easy from Frank and have been very pleased with both. He always tosses in a little something extra with every order which is really nice. If you like a sweet juice try his Caramel Mocha, it's delicious.
  5. Jmsdvs

    Jmsdvs Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 5, 2010
    San Antonio, tx
    Sweet review man, I am waiting for my elegant to come in the mail. I ordered on sunday and am hoping for a tuesday delivery. Might order a 1300mah battery later down the road.
  6. SSV2

    SSV2 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 6, 2010
    Pleasantville, USA
    UPDATE: The GO-GO 1300mAh Batt from Cig Easy

    I have been using the newly released 1300mAh battery from Cig Easy since Saturday and must say that this beast might actually out perform the Elegant 1300?:unsure:

    At first it appeared to be the same GO-GO 1300 battery that NHALER released late last year; however, after further research it appears some significant improvements have been made on this PV in accordance to current demands and user concerns. These recent advancements have led me to actually putting the GO-GO to the test just to see what is so different about this batt compared to the Elegant 1300?

    A full review is in the works and I hope to provide a detailed report based from my own experience to hopefully help others with all of the questions that might be unanswered thus far about this new "fat batt" that according to previous reports uses an advanced cartomizer, with better airflow, holds up to 3ml of e-juice in addition to the possibility that it might now be compatable with KR808D-1 batteries and cartomizers?:confused:

    ~ To be Continued!

  7. MsOceanCity

    MsOceanCity Super Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 7, 2009
    New Jersey
    Anxciously awaiting that review!
  8. lo thatch

    lo thatch Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 18, 2011
    Still waiting for the review!
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