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The FLINT By Geekvape: A Review

Discussion in 'Geekvape' started by Radar2013, Jan 8, 2019.

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  1. Radar2013

    Radar2013 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 2, 2013
    Indianapolis, IN, USA
    The Flint By Geekvape

    This is my review of The Flint by Geekvape. Before I get started I do honest, unbiased reviews ONLY. I will not let a Manufacturer sway my opinion and or review in their favor with the promise of free Merchandise.

    I received Geekvape’s Flint on Friday January 4, 2019. And I’m glad that I received it when I did because it gave me the entire weekend to work with the device.

    The Flint is an IXP5 very super compact kit that is powered by Geekvape’s refined NS coil system, which is designed to be perfect for MTL (Mouth To Lung) use with both Salt Nic E-juice and regular e-juice. So lets look at the contents in the box.


    · 1 Flint Kit (built in 1.6ohm NS coil. Capacity 2.0ml)

    · 1 Extra coil (1.2 Resistance)

    · 1 USB Charging Cable

    · 1 User Manual

    · 1 Spare Glass Tube

    · 1 Spare Parts Packet

    · 1 Promotion Card & Warrantee Card

    When I first put the Flint together and closed my hand around it I began laughing. I though “Its Munchkin Size”. IMG_20190107_171630.jpg But don’t let the size fool you. Geekvape really came through on this one just like they have with every product they have came out with.

    So lets talk about the tank. It is very small. Including the coil it breaks down into 4 pieces IMG_20190107_171311.jpg IMG_20190107_171334.jpg IMG_20190107_171357.jpg IMG_20190107_171410.jpg . The drip tip is non removable. The tank only has a 2.0ml capacity. The top slides back and exposes the fill slot in the Fill Chimney. The base has only one airflow hole but it does have 4 different sizes to control the airflow. The coils are about as long as a Penny is wide. Unlike the new modern coils that are out now you do not have to prime these. When you change out the coil and fill the tank and give it about 3 minutes and you are ready to go.

    Now for the Mod. Very light weight (DUH). 510 connector that the tank sits flush on. USB charge port IMG_20190107_171559.jpg . Has a 3 stage LED light to indicate the 3 different settings. The LED lights are a very important way that the Mod communicates to you:

    · Output Mode: The 1st Voltage Output is 3.2v (Red Light). The 2nd Voltage Output is 3.5v (Blue Light).The 3rd Voltage Output is 3.8v (Green Light).

    · Other Functions: Other functions are mainly communicated by the Red light such as Low Battery, No Atomizer, Short Circuit, Time-Out, Etc, Etc, Etc. The manual is very descriptive of these functions.


    Once I filled the tank up and placed it on the Mod IMG_20190107_171622.jpg on Friday, I waited for 3 minutes. Pressed the fire button 5 times and the Mod powered up.

    With the airflow wide open I started hitting it doing the MTL method. Now mind you its been a long time since I have done MTL. It was weird at first. So here we go:

    (a). 3.2V – Basically like a Battery Saver Mode. Not real Strong. Light throat hit and light on Flavor.

    (b). 3.5V – A little better. Stronger throat hit. More flavor and more cloud.

    (c). 3.8V – Much better. Much stronger throat hit, Better flavor and bigger clouds.

    The Flint is small but produces great taste. No cottonany taste, No metallic taste. Very smooth and flavor able.

    Battery Life: This is an internal battery. When I started this on Friday I made sure that the battery was fully charged. The Battery is 1000mAh. I was impressed that I went from Friday 8:00pm to Sunday 12:00 pm without having to Charge the device. Now this was not my main device that I used this weekend. I was alternating between the Flint and my Aegis 200W but still I did not have to Charge the Flint for 40 hrs. When I put it on Charge it was ready to go in 45 mins.

    If you are a cloud chaser the Flint is NOT for you. But if you are wanting to convert from Cigarettes to Vape or looking for a vape that you draw on like a cigarette to quit smoking then this device is perfect for you.

    PROS: This thing is loaded with pros. Light weight, Pocketable, sleek, small. Power, battery life, easy to operate, Full charge in 45 mins, very easy to travel with.

    CONS: The only con I can even come up with would be tank size. Would like to see at least a 3.0ml tank. Would also like to see a removable drip tip for easier cleaning and would like to see the mod covered in the same material that the Aegis line is made of to prevent hand slippage.

    Would I recommend this device to someone. ABSOLUTELY. As a matter of fact I already have.

    Once again Geekvape you have came through with another awesome device :rickroll::rickroll::rickroll:. I am very anxious to see what you come up with next.
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