The Hypocrisy of the FDA - Electronic Cigarettes vs Known Deadly Tobacco Cigarettes

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Feb 26, 2013
    The Hypocrisy of the FDA - Electronic Cigarettes vs Known Deadly tobacco Cigarettes

    As proposed FDA regulations / bans loom this April, it is totally insane to me to think the FDA could possibly ban an innovative product like the E-cigarette, that might actually end up saving countless lives and billions & billions of dollars in tobacco related illness expenses of currently addicted and future smokers of tobacco cigarettes, yet they refuse to ban known deadly tobacco cigarettes which are projected to be responsible for more than a billion deaths before the end of this century. Oh the hypocrisy of it all!! How are they protecting public health by allowing this known lethal substance tobacco cigarettes to be sold in this country? By placing scarier warning labels on tobacco cigarette packs but still allowing them to be sold and banning of innovative alternative solutions like electronic cigarettes??? Seriously?? This is how you idiots in the FDA address the issue...with labels, not through innovative alternatives? Wake up and take your damn blinders off!! The real truth is they allow it to continue because our government is lining its pockets with the exorbitant taxes imposed on tobacco cigarettes which they claim they are imposing to discourage people from smoking. This is total BS!! They could give a crap about how many people die from tobacco related illnesses and are willing to look the other way as long as they can continue to line their pockets with their sin taxes. If the government was really interested in putting an end to tobacco addiction, tobacco related illnesses & deaths in this country they should outright ban the sale of known deadly tobacco cigarettes. Gutless greedy self serving cowards the whole lot of them and the FDA is nothing more than a puppet organization of the government. Sadly our government doesn't represent the best interests of the people of this country anymore. It's only all about the almighty $ and sustaining their over bloated bureaucracy.

    God forbid some new technology comes along that just might actually save some lives and our government in its infinite wisdom, with the support of the righteous moral police seek to ban it because it threatens their windfall tobacco tax base. Or they minimally seek to ban it until they can figure out how to tap into it monetarily.

    Which is the real evil here?....the known deadly substance tobacco cigarettes that have been responsible for countless deaths and illnesses that are still allowed to be sold in every state in this country (state taxes...ka ching!!...hmmm?) or the vilified devil of a device "the electronic cigarette" which has yet to be proven to be deadly or pose any health risk. Ask yourself why is it that NY state seeks to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes yet they do not seek to ban the sale of known deadly tobacco cigarettes....could it be because they impose the highest taxes on tobacco cigarettes in the country and allowing an alternative to tobacco would threaten their tax base? Yeah right're seeking to ban ecigs in the interest of public health yet you still allow deadly tobacco cigarettes to be sold anywhere in the state. Or minimally they seek to ban them until you can figure out how to tap into them monetarily to prevent any tax base erosion. Who are you kidding!!! Hypocrites. Every one of you government bureaucrats needs to ask yourselves how many more lives are you willing to sacrifice with the banning of electronic cigarettes while you continue to look the other way and allow the sale of known deadly tobacco cigarettes. How many more must needlessly die!! Vote with your conscience not your pockets.

    How many people do you know who's health has suffered or have died from vaping electronic many people do you know who's health has suffered or have died from smoking "still legal" and known deadly tobacco cigarettes? Who is the real enemy of public health here????...the tobacco industry, electronic cigarette industry or the FDA and our government? Do only the non-smoking moral righteous majority have rights in this country? Don't smokers have the right to seek innovative tobacco free alternatives in pursuit of changing the quality of their lives?

    With potential regulations / bans of electronic cigarettes looming in April, millions of electronic cigarette smokers could be forced back to smoking deadly tobacco cigarettes to get the oral and physical satisfaction they desire and crave. For gods sake FDA, state government & federal government....give us a real alternative that is actually working for so many, not a death sentence!!

    This is the sad reality of this situation. And now you know the real truth!

    I wish to god there were someone here who would see these words and forward them to someone who has enough guts and clout in the media to champion these words and call these bureaucratic gods out for what they really are.

    God bless America and God help those of us who want a real alternative to known deadly tobacco cigarettes!!!!!!!!!

    About me: I am a 35+ year pack a day smoker who has tried every quit method available throughout the years and failed. Thanks to these godsend devices I have been tobacco free for the first time in my life. I feel better, breath better and have had zero, absolutely zero desire for a real tobacco cigarette since I have taken up the electronic cigarette and will eliminate 9360 known deadly tobacco cigarettes from my life each year going forward.

    I grant permission to anyone to share, forward, email, publish or post this in its unedited form in any manner you see fit or where it might be heard and make a difference.
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      Well, if they regulate it by, say, making the devices called mods, APVs, clearos, etc, now classified as unregulated medical devices then they all become illegal to buy and sell unless you're an FDA-inspected facility or a patient with an AMA or other approved association's prescription. That jacks up the prices a lot. They become less available. Higher barriers to entry to new mod makers. Onerous regs to comply with, way more than a few optional drill holes. Less competition, no reason for prices to decrease or quality to increase. In Europe they're apparently making or have made e-liquids higher than 4 or 6 mg illegal, so they make make nicotine impossible to get.


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      Jul 10, 2012
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        I seriously doubt any Government, anywhere has managed to cut into the profits of Big Pharmaceutical Companies.
        How could they when they all give BP the largest Tax Breaks?
        Welcome to the forum! Excellent write-up. You framed the situation exactly how it is. The concern isn't public health, it's revenue. Whether taxation or cutting into the profits of the pharmaceutical companies, it's the money.


        As yet it's just a waiting game. If you All feel so strongly then help CASAA. They recently launched a Research Fund and require your donations to help prove that electronic cigarettes are Factually/Scientifically a better alternative.
        Sometimes actions speak louder than words.:)
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