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The Maine Vaping Club!!

Discussion in 'Maine State Vapors' started by CMancini, Oct 23, 2013.

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  1. CMancini

    CMancini Full Member

    Oct 2, 2013
    Westbrook, ME, USA
    Hey there fellow Mainers! I am Chris, a 24 year old from Westbrook, and I would like to introduce everyone to the newly created Maine Vaping Club! This club is very new, but I am excited to see the interest it has created as it has started to grow! The idea is very simple, we are a collection of Vapers or people who support vaping, who live in the state of Maine!

    I Originally started the club for the sole purpose of vape meets. I Have never been to one, so I tried to find some in Maine. When I was unable to do so, I decided to take action and get the ball rolling. It started small, with just a post on ECF and then a Facebook page, but as people began to get interested, the Maine Vaping Club started to expand! I started this new official thread, and still have the Facebook page as well as a group on ECF. I also have a Maine Vaping Message board that I am fine tweaking and hope to have finished this week, as well as eventual plans for a website and chat room.

    What the club was about has also started to change! I am still excited to start holding vape meets, but there are now a few new goals we have as well.

    Our Mission
    1) To bring vapers who live in Maine together in an effort to share and socialize
    2) To create E-Cig awareness and provide information to residents of Maine
    3) To constantly strive to increase vapor friendliness within the state of Maine
    4) Represent the interests of vapers within the state

    I also have a more detailed list to explain the missions and exactly what I plan to do
    1) Have vape meets, and providing multiple forms of communication online.
    2) Provide factual information via the internet or by print out copies of the facts available at events, and to work with local businesses and organizations to help promote the Maine Vaping Club.
    3) To be a positive representation of vapers to the community as a whole. To educate businesses, organizations, and governments along with people with the community as a whole, about the differences between smoking and vaping and to provide them with the facts.
    4) This one has mostly to do with protecting our freedom to vape in Maine. I plan to watch the news as well as calls to actions both nationally and within the state, and to do whatever possible to voice our side when legislation, regulations, and bans are proposed. For in state issues, I would like to have a representative of the club present to voice our side in person whenever possible

    I know the last three don't sound as much fun as the first, so I would like everyone to know, I will not ask anything of any of you, but if you would like to get more involved, it is more than welcomed! Any small hand is a blessing for me, work and personal obligations don't leave me as much free time as I would like. I also encourage members to share any opinions or suggestions they have, but I do ask to only give criticism is a constructive way.

    As I mentioned, I have a lot of goals, but not a lot of manpower as of right now. one of our members Greg, and I are trying to hammer out details on a website and chat room for us to get started on once the Maine Vaping Club Forum is complete, and I would like to thank him for all his help. if anyone has any help they can offer, please contact me.

    Two things I would like to ask everyone to do is to help me to increase members and find potential places for vape meets. Please tell everyone you think would be interested about the club as this will help us to grow. Also, please look for and share any current vaping related businesses or vaping friendly businesses in Maine, especially ones that would have the capacity to host a vape meet. if you can't look into an idea yourself, please share any ideas for businesses that would be worth looking into that have the capacity for a meet. If needed, I can possibly provide payment to a business to let us have a vape meet, although it probably wouldn't be much, since money is tight. I would prefer to not have to pay, since it would be my personal money, but I will still look into it just incase.

    So if you are interested in the Maine Vaping Club
    Visit our Facebook page Maine Vaping Club Facebook Page
    join our ECF Group Maine Vaping Club Group Page
    I will be providing the link to the forum when it is finish in a post coming soon!
    you can also get a hold of me personally

    Vaping in the state of Maine, the way life should be
    Happy vaping Mainers
    ~ Chris
  2. CMancini

    CMancini Full Member

    Oct 2, 2013
    Westbrook, ME, USA
    as promised, I am now ready to give a link to our very own :). I don't think it will see much use until we have a few more members, but feel free to join anyways, make posts if you'd like, and please give me any feedback you may have :).
  3. CMancini

    CMancini Full Member

    Oct 2, 2013
    Westbrook, ME, USA
    Hey there Mainers and Maine-iacs!

    Greg and I have been working hard on the club, and I am happy to announce that we have our official website up and running. visit us at Home . We have a full integrated chatroom, message board, and private messaging system, as well as a guide section, planned events, Maine Vaping Directory and more. we will also be adding a reviews section, and lots of information for vapors.

    I am also please to announce we have to suppliers on board already. Downeast Vapes and The Maine Vape are both registered suppliers with the Maine Vaping Club, and both companies are involved in what we have planned.

    We are working on the details of our first vape meet, which will be held in early December. I am planning to do it on the first or second Saturday of December, and will continue to do it monthly thereafter!

    please sign up and check us out. you can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. We have a lot going on, and even more planned.
  4. SonicTraveller

    SonicTraveller Full Member

    Oct 8, 2013
    Maine, USA
    Hey, I saw on the maine vaping club site that you are planning on a meet on the 7th of december. Are all of the time/place details confirmed for this?
  5. CMancini

    CMancini Full Member

    Oct 2, 2013
    Westbrook, ME, USA
    yes, it is confirmed for the 7th at 1pm at white cloud vapor shop, located rt 1 in saco. I have already spoken with the owner, he has been busy getting ready for his grand opening, but has agreed to have us. I am going to make a detailed announcement over the weekend, I just wanted to collect some addition information before I do so.
  6. SonicTraveller

    SonicTraveller Full Member

    Oct 8, 2013
    Maine, USA
    Nice. I'll be flying back home on the 2nd, so the timing is great. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
  7. CMancini

    CMancini Full Member

    Oct 2, 2013
    Westbrook, ME, USA
    I'm glad your gonna be able to make the meet! we have been talking for a little over a month, and I knew you were excited to go to A meet, but I am glad your gonna be able to make the first one :). I think the first one is going to be special, as we will be the original members, and we are all apart of what got this club going. I will be making an announcement later today or tomorrow via our club website and forum, ECF, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and by email, I want to make sure everyone get the information.
  8. CMancini

    CMancini Full Member

    Oct 2, 2013
    Westbrook, ME, USA
    Clear your schedule, because The Maine Vaping Club will be holding its first ever vape meet on Saturday, December 7th 2013. The meet will be held at the White Cloud Vapor store, conveniently located at 959 Portland Road, US Route 1, Saco Maine 04027.

    I am looking forward to meeting everyone. It will be great to have some new friends, and this meet will also give us a chance to talk about what we would like to do with our meets and shaping this clubs future. I can't wait to meet with everyone and hear what you all have to say!

    I would like to encourage people who have just started vaping and anyone who would just like more information or would just like to try vaping, to attend the meet. We welcome everyone from non vapers to the most advanced vapers! For new members and non vapers, this is a great chance to learn the truth about vaping electronic cigarettes!

    And That's not all we plan on doing, we will have plenty of activity for everyone to enjoy.
    We will be holding a drawing for door prizes, which will include a drawing for eGo starter kit donated by The Maine Vape. The kit comes with 2 900mah eGo batteries, a charger, and carrying case.
    We will also have a nice setup of e-juices that everyone can try, provided by Downeast Vapes!

    This meet is being held at Maine's first vape shop/lounge, the White Cloud Vapor store. I would like to thank Jody, and his staff, for having us, and I look forward to working with them going forward.

    ~ Chris and the Maine Vaping Club team
  9. candycoatedcheese

    candycoatedcheese Full Member

    Mar 21, 2014
    morrisville, pa
    Hello, everyone. I was born and grew up in Maine but am living in exile in Pennsylvania. It is wonderful to see that there is a group in Maine. I hope to run into some vapers this summer when I make my customary trip this summer:)
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