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The Odan cut glass sub-ohm tank by Aspire-a review by Charlie.

Discussion in 'Tank Reviews' started by charlie1465, Oct 8, 2019.

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  1. charlie1465

    charlie1465 Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Hi guys. Hope that everyone is doing well and that you find this review for the Odan tank by Aspire helpful.

    As always thank you to Tina from Aspire for sending this on for review and to you guys for reading. As always these are my un-biased thoughts on the new Odan tank in the hope that it will inform and help you to spend your money wisely :)

    Ok, let's kick off with a few photograph's of the new Odan tank by Aspire :)

    The new Odan tank by Aspire is a true bit of bling. The tank comes with a cut glass bubble tank and includes, in the box...

    1 x Odan tank with diamond profile cut glass tube.
    1 x Extra standard glass tube.
    1 x 0.2 ohm mesh coil (50-60 watts).
    1 x 0.3 ohm mesh coil (35-45 watts) pre-installed.
    8 x O-rings.
    User manual and warranty card.


    The Odan tank by Aspire is no slouch and certainly not a small affair. It measures 29mm at it's base, 31mm at its widest point on the glass and is 57mm in length, bottom to top. You see the tank here displayed on my 26650 S Body legend mod which is one of my bigger mods.

    The tank capacity is 7ml with the cut glass bubble tank installed and 5ml with the straight glass tank. It's gold plated 510 pin ensures a good positive contact and is of a nice length without being too long.

    Installation is easy with an unscrewable top section for changing the glass tank and an unscrewable base section for changing the coils. The coils are well made and feature a mixture of 80% linen fibre and 20% Organic cotton for superlative wicking....something the Odan needs as it is vaporising a lot of liquid on each draw. The coils can be installed via unscrewing the bottom cap and simply pulling out the push-fit coil. It's also possible to change out a coil when the tank is in use. Simply hold the tank upside down if it has e-liquid inside it. It is recommended that you prime the coil with a few drops on each of the wick areas before inserting and also to fill the Odan tank and let it stand for 10 minutes before your first vape.

    Glass tube replacement is just as easy except this time unscrew the top assembly, pull out the tube and replace. As mentioned there are 8 O-rings included as replacements for when the existing one is a bit tired.

    Filling is accomplished very easily at the top cap assembly with a slight upward pressure and then a push/slide where you see the arrow located. This easily, but firmly slides across revealing a nice sized kidney shaped filling hole which will take all types of filling nozzle. It is recommended that you keep the liquid levels at least up to the wicking holes on the coils as this will ensure that the coils last as long as possible.



    Conclusions and thoughts.

    Well, this tank is certainly a talking point and is not one to hide. It really makes a pretty bold statement. Any of you that like your glitz and glamour will like this tank and the diamond cut glass pattern on the bubble glass is undeniably pretty and it makes a bold statement....a true bit of bling :) If you don't like the cut glass there is always the straight glass option too.

    The Odan by Aspire is a big tank and for most people will last a whole day with just one fill. The wick in the coils is very well done and the linen/organic cotton mixture wicks very efficiently which it needs to do as the Odan is pulling a lot of liquid through the coils.

    I have been testing the Odan now for at least 10 days and the flavour is superb. I've absolutely no complaints there and I have to give it a big thumbs up in this area. I have tested various different flavour profiles and they are all 'on point'. If I was pushed to say which style of liquid is best it would be to say that fruits and citrus will give slightly better results as the Odan tank excels with clean crisp flavour. This isn't to say that your creams are a no go though, far from it as I enjoyed both equally.

    Its and extremely simple tank to use and change overs of, both the coils, or the glass are really easy and can be accomplished quickly. Obviously you need to empty the tank to change the glass though :)

    So Charlie....should I get one? Well if you like a big tank with a jewel like aspect then the answer is a fervent yes. The Odan tank by Aspire will probably suit those who want to make a statement with their vaping setup and also like their big box mods and tubes. I am really enjoying the vape on mine and, although not particularly a bling person, I do like the pretty aspect of the light hitting the glass....

    Does it vape well?....Absolutely, i've been enjoying it very much :)

    As always, thank you again to all my readers for reading and Tina at Aspire for sending the Odan through for review....until the next time guys :)
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  2. sonicbomb

    sonicbomb Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 17, 2015
    1187 Hundertwasser
  3. bigbob2322

    bigbob2322 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 27, 2014
    Schiller PK IL USA
    Wow Charlie this tank looks like a piece of artwork ( GOURGEOUS ) I like the bling factor and diamond cuts. Great review as always Charlie ( SOLD ).
  4. bombastinator

    bombastinator ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 12, 2010
    MN USA
    Faceted glass can be made by many methods including pressing. I looked at a closeup of the pic and it looks cut to me though I am no expert (the edges are quite sharp)

    Cut glass means the facets are hand finished on a grinding wheel and buffed. Traditionally softer types of glass are used. An old and expensive one being “leaded glass” which is a type of glass with a high lead content.

    My knowledge of glass working technology is more than decades old though so I have more or less no idea how exactly these were made. The type of glass used might be interesting though.
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