The SQuape R now available with the deck of your choice

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Jul 10, 2009

    Now available are three different SQuape R kits, your choice of the W-Kit, C-Kit, or the S-Kit

    Included in the new features of the SQuape R[eloaded] are interchangeable Ematal decks with differently shaped wick channels. Choose a S[tandard] deck , C[urved] or W[ide] channelled deck for your kit.
    Filling the 5ml tank is a simple process and inspecting the coil can be done without draining the liquid. SQuape R[eloaded] has a new airflow control ring with a spring loaded ball bearing that clicks into detents to fix your preferred airflow setting.


    • Stainless steel construction
    • Ematal/ceramic coated aluminum non-conductive deck
    • Standard 510 atomiser connection with fully adjustable centre post
    • Airflow adjustment ring with 6 different hole sizes from .9mm to 3.1mm
    • Approximately 5ml juice capacity
    • Standard 510 drip tip connection
    • Replaceable borosilicate glass inner tank sealed with orings

    Also new to the line is a black anodised Nano size tank with black AFC ring included.

    Or how about a purple anodised tank and AFC ring set.

    Choices, choices, choices......
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