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Thoughts on the Innokin Coolfire IV TC100?

Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by H4X0R, Jul 1, 2016.

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  1. H4X0R

    H4X0R Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 4, 2014
    So I've been talking about changing my device out for the RX200 a lot lately, and I'm thinking I would wanna get something cheaper as of now because I'm still a bit of a noob with regulated mods. So far, the Innokin Coolfire IV TC100 sounds like a good step in the right direction for the time being! What do you guys think? Is it also okay to fire this thing at 100w or is that pushing the safety boundary? Can you use any resistance on a regulated device safely? Just some noob pointers! Thanks all!

    EDIT: This device has a spring loaded 510 connector, so this should work with my Crown as well as any 510 tank right?
  2. MintyDripper

    MintyDripper Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 1, 2015
    Well, in my experience with this mod, The Coolfire tc100 Is not so great. Dont know if anyone else has had these issues that i am having, but i thought i would share my story.

    When i first got the device i bought the white kit that came with the Isub V tank. The Isub V tank is ok i guess.. flavor was next to nothing i thought, and vapor production isnt outsanding, but its a solid Tank with a pretty innovative juice flow system. good for a "Noob" i guess lol. since you have a crown tank tho, the isub v tsnk is just meaningless haha. But im used to rebuidable attys so im not really into tanks anyway.

    As for the device... in my opinion.. NO you cannot just throw ANY coil on ANY device.. regulated or unregulated you should still know Ohms Law and battery saftey, Voltage Amps Resistance things like that.. always vape safe!!

    Ok sorry, on to the device.. this device states that it can run down to .1 ohm.. im not sure tho, i ran it at .16 and it heated up quickly after a few pulls. So i havent gone below .2 on this mod..
    As for the 510 and floating pin connection. Its fantastic, literally fits all 13 of my tanks and rdas.. so i dont think youll have a problem there..

    But... the temp control on mine didnt work at all.. i mean.. at all.. lol even with the ni and ss coils that came with the device, just wouldnt fire them.
    I mean, there was a wisp, and i mean wisp of vapor produced at the recomended temp. i even pusshed the temp and watts up a lot from that and still nothing.
    So i was like, ok maybe i got a bad batch of coils and i went off and made SS coils in my Hatty rda. A little more vapor was produced. But still it was like 5wats lol. No matter what i did, didnt work.

    So i was like w.t.h ill just use it for good old wattage mode like the original coolfire 4. And turns out, it runs great, never built below .16ohms on it, But my everyday build is usually dual coil 24g kanth 2.5 to 3mm wraps coming in usually .23 to .3 and im usually running it at 50-70w.and Its a great vape..

    Ok, now before i go further into this rant about the Coolfire TC100. i just want to disclose on the topic now because i know, some one will say it lol. YES I contacted innokin imediately about the problems and we exchaned emails about the device and things like that. And they said indeed that they thought the chip wasnt working properly for the temp control and they wanted me to send it to them and get a replacement.. however I did not do this.. so nothing against those guys they had every intent on making things right. I just got a dud, and decided to live with it.

    I kept the mod because in W mode it ran beautifully the way its supposed too. So now (Literally right now) ive had it for just over the 90day warranty by 4 and its starting to show signs of defeat..the paint on it is worn already with the ss showing. (ill post pics) and the mod is starting too heat up a bit so im guessing the batteries arent performing optimally.. to say the least.. its on its way to the trash soon... however mine was a defect, so take that into account. All companies have them. Ive heard great things from others with the device.

    Sorry about my rant,.. you asked lol 20160828_235317.jpg 20160828_235330.jpg 20160828_235349.jpg

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