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Tim Wiseman

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Jul 29, 2017
Bolton, England
    Hi ECF members, In this review i take a look at the Apex rda a collaboration between Timesvape and Nick Adams (Nichrome80) off Instagram. The Apex rda was kindly supplied for the purpose of this review by Evan from Heaven Gifts.


    In the Box


    1x APEX rda
    1x 810 Resin drip tip
    1x 810 PEI drip tip
    1x 810 Black Delrin drip tip
    1x 510 Drip tip adapter
    1x Squonk BF pin
    1x Cleaning cloth
    1x Spare parts


    The Apex is a very nicely shaped RDA due to it's hexagonal conical top. Sitting on top of this is a very nice resin drip tip but the Apex also comes with a ultem and doc 810 plus a 510 adaptor (so loads of choice). I received the mat black version with all the etchings in silver, there are 3 other colour options. Someone will probably tell me it's an official font, but not being an expert in fonts i can only describe how APEX is etched on the front of the RDA as symbols put together to form the letters (it does look smart). The rear of the RDA has a shark etched on. Looking at the stainless steel bottom of the RDA you notice it comes with a gold plated BF pin installed which suits me but is a bit of a strange choice you would expect the normal pin to be installed. The last feature is the stacked bottom and top airflows which are identical both sides. The build quality of the Apex is exceptional.


    Height: 32mm (with Resin drip tip)
    Outside Diameter: 25mm
    Thread: Gold-plated BF pin/ Copper 510 pin
    Drip Tip: 810 PEI/ 810 Black Delrin/ 810 Resin drip tips
    Material: Food grade 304 stainless steel
    Color: Black, Silver, Gold, Rainbow

    More Detailed Specs:

    Heavy-duty, 304 Stainless Steel construction. 25mm diameter, 3.8mm juice wells.
    *“Hex Deck”, Dual Hexagonal-Prism shape, two-post configuration, with huge 4.3mm diameter screws. Supports single to quad-coil builds.
    *Each post features a massive 3.5mmx2.5mm side post hole, and two 1.3mmx3.5mm top post holes.
    *Twin Cyclops Dual Airflow system. Fully adjustable, with one of the widest flow ranges on the market. From cloud chasing, all the way down to MTL.
    *Uniquely machined airflow control cap, that’s both stylish & functional. Offering better grip when adjusting or removing cap. While conical inner top cap, increases flavor and promotes smoother pull.
    *Raised bottom feeder pin, with spray guard milled into the positive post. Optional Copper 510 pin included.
    *810 compatible, with Diamond knurl wide-bore black Delrin, wide-bore PEI, and randomized Resin tips included. Plus, a 510 drip tip adapter.
    *Micro-fiber cloth for keeping Apex and parts clean. Extra screws, o-rings included.

    The Airflow

    Pulling out the inner sleeve reveals it's staggered airflow control design, giving a lot of adjust-ability. You can have both top and bottom open, just top or just bottom, you can also have one fully open and the other partially open. The best option for how you have the airflow will change depending on where you have your coils positioned.

    The Build Deck

    The deck is a building enthusiasts dream, with so many options and capable of housing large chunky coils with ease. If you just like to keep it simple you can do a single or duel coil build and it's so simple to build on. The posts lie horizontally and you screw your coils in position via massive grub screws from the sides. Coils can be fitted as normal lower down and coils can also be fitted from above (like with a postless deck) giving you coils raised high above the deck. You can fit one or two coils from above so essentially you can use the Apex as a single coil RDA, right up to a Quadruple. The post holes are massive to match the user friendly grub screws and there seems so much room to work with. Then we come to the only thing i can fault the Apex on and that's the depth of the juice well, yes this has got double tight fitting O-rings and i had no issues with leaking but the bottom airflow is quite low and really i would of liked a lot deeper well. Between the posts you have a deflection plate sitting above where your squonk pin squirts to stop the liquid possibly coming out the bottom airflow due to an over zealous squirt.


    I used the Apex RDA leaving the BF pin in as i prefer to squonk with RDA's, and did two different builds. I keep things simple so no quadruple build for me instead i did a duel with the coils sitting low and a single coil build from above. First thing i found with both builds was having both airflows wide open gave a flavourless vape and not very smooth (but it was cloud chasers heaven). You can get very good flavour you just need to get the airflow right. For the duel coil positioned low i found it best with the bottom airflow part open and top wide open (logic told me it should be the other way around, (so much for logic)). When i was using it has a single coil i preferred the bottom airflow fully closed and top wide open and was surprised with the excellent flavour as well as not worrying about escaping liquid from the bottom airflow. I would like to say i took time to make sure the height of the coil was just right to fully line it up with the airflow. With both builds i got very good flavour but i found it slightly better with the raised coil (I must admit not having the bottom airflow open with this build took out the possible leaking equation so maybe the slight improvement might be placebo). I didn't actually get liquid coming out the bottom airflow when i used it has a duel coil but i was squonking conservatively because of it being open. The worry about escaping liquid all comes down to the same con, the juice well not being very deep.


    Great Build Quality
    Aesthetically Pleasing Design
    Easy to Build
    Massive Grub Screws
    Massive Post Holes
    Single, Right up to Quadruple Builds
    Good Flavour
    Plenty Cloud Production
    Drip Tip Options
    BF Pin


    Shallow Juice Well
    Suited me but really should be pre-installed with normal pin and BF pin in spares bag.


    A user friendly build deck that can house simple builds right up to being a builders playground. Find the correct airflow position for the build you have done to enjoy good flavour.

    I would once again like to thank Evan from Heaven Gifts for supplying the Timesvape Apex RDA for the purpose of this review.

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