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Topside Single by Dovpo & TheVaporChronicles - Change The Squonk Game

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by TheOneVape_Review, Mar 9, 2019.

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  1. TheOneVape_Review

    TheOneVape_Review Full Member

    Jan 21, 2019
    Topside Single by Dovpo & TheVaporChronicles

    Hello! TheOneVape_Review is back once again and today, I am going to introduce a squonk mod that I look forward to get my hands on for a very long time. Presenting to you the Topside Single. It has been out for awhile now and I finally just bought it a few weeks back. The Topside Single is hardly available in any of the vape shops that I went to because none of them took it in stock and I was lucky enough to found a vape shop that carries it. I know most of you already own the Topside but since I already bought it, I will do a review on it and not let my money go into waste. For those who haven't own a Topside or is planning to buy one, do take your time to read on what I think about it.

    The Topside Single, a collaboration between Dovpo and TheVaporChronicles, has a very special feature that you can't find in a squonk mod. The traditional way of refilling a squonk bottle is you have to either take the battery out first then only you can take out the bottle or you can just take out the bottle to refill and put it back. Some may hate this method because you might accidentally press until the squonk bottle while installing back in and causing a mess in the end. The special feature on the Topside Single that I am talking about is you can now refill your bottle just by unscrewing the top cap. With the top fill method, you can now forget about doing it the traditional way and worry less about making a mess while in the process of refilling.

    How well does the Topside Single performs? Let me talk more about it, show some pictures that I took and give you my final thoughts.

    Height : 92 mm
    Width : 54 mm
    Depth : 27 mm
    Materials : Zinc Alloy, Aluminium Alloy & Stainless Steel
    Input Voltage Range : 3.2 - 4.2 V
    Output Voltage Range : 1.0 - 8.5 V
    Output Power : 5 - 90 W
    Resistance Range : 0.08 - 3.5 Ω
    Modes : Variable Wattage ( VW ) / Bypass / [ Temperature Control ( TC ) - Through Firmware Update ]
    0.96" OLED Display
    10 ml Silicon Bottle
    Gold Plated Spring Loaded 510
    18650 / 20700 / 21700 Compatible

    Reverse Battery Protection
    Short Circuit Protection
    Low Resistance Protection
    Open-Circuit Warning
    Overtime Protection
    Overheat Protection
    Low Voltage Protection

    Champagne Gold

    [ New Colors ]
    Black Grey
    Black Red
    Black Gold
    Black Blue

    Color Options / Picture Credits: DHgate

    I don't usually do this portion but I want to talk about the packaging of the Topside Single. It is so thoughtful of TVC to create a packaging that can be useful instead of just throwing it away. The top sliding cover of the packaging comes with 4 holes which is for your atties to sit on. Inside the box can be acted as a storage box for you to keep your rebuildables or anything you like to put inside. Thank you Dovpo & TVC for coming up with this.

    Topside Single Packaging

    Atty Stand / Storage Box

    1 x Topside Single Squonk Mod
    1 x Spare Silicon Squonk Bottle With Metal Cap
    1 x USB Cable
    1 x 18650 Battery Adapter
    2 x Hex Screws
    1 x Hex Screwdriver
    1 x User Manual
    1 x QC Certificate
    1 x Battery Safety Card
    1 x Message Card From TheVaporChronicles
    1 x Attention Card

    What You Will Receive

    Top Cap
    Leak Resistant 510 Base
    Fire Button
    0.96" OLED Screen
    Up & Down Buttons
    Battery Cover
    10 ml Silicon Bottle
    Silicon Bottle Casing

    External Looks

    I bought the red finish for the Topside. My first impression of it is that it looks very similar to the Double Barrel Mod by Squid Industries. On the top, it is a 510 connector and is surrounded by a silver plating. Outside the silver plating is surrounded by an o-ring which is to prevent any eliquids from coming out. Right next to it is the top cap for screwing into the fill port. There are knurling around the top cap for better grip when screwing / unscrewing it. On the front side, there is a fire button, screen, 4 horizontal venting holes for the chip set, up and down buttons and 2 little screws. The fire button is an almost half-sphere shape kind of button and has a protruding ring surrounding it. It is designed this way is because when eliquid flows down from the mod, the protruding ring will divert the flow of the eliquid to prevent it from seeping into the buttons. The USB port for charging / firmware updates is located on the left side of the mod as well as a flat head screw at the bottom to hold the battery door in place. There is nothing going on on the right side except a flat head screw at the bottom to hold the battery door in place as well. On the back of the mod, there is a more than enough large cut out for you to press the squonk bottle and below it, there is a cutout for the squonk bottle casing. On the squonk bottle, there is a nice 'T' which represents Topside engraved on the bottle. If you are not a fan of the 'T' logo, you can always turn the bottle to hide it. Finally on the bottom of the mod is a battery cover that is following the shape of the mod. There are lines on the battery door to provide with additional grip to open and close the door. Dovpo and TVC's logo can be seen on the battery door as well.

    Top Fill System

    External Looks Of Topside Single

    Internal Looks

    Once the battery door is open, 2 magnets at the middle are placed on the sides which is to attract the top cap when the door is closed. In between the magnet is a negative marking which indicated that the negative side of the battery should be facing the battery door. On the inside, there are 2 circular cutouts for your squonk bottle and battery respectively. Inside the squonk bottle compartment, a protruding pin can be seen which is to connect it into the squonk cap. Inside the battery compartment is the positive connector for your batteries. Another 2 magnets are located in between the squonk and battery compartment.

    Squonk Connector For Squonk Top Cap

    Squonk & Battery Compartment

    Feels In The Hand

    The Topside Single is a weighted mod when batteries are inserted. The texture of the mod is very grainy and it feels really good when touched. TVC created the Topside with those curves to make it feel ergonomics in the hands but in my opinion, the Pulse 80W feels better in the hands. Don't get me wrong, the topside feels good as well but I would rather hold a box mod. The weight of the Topside compensates it so it doesn't feel so bad in my hands. For me, personally, I prefer a weighted mod over a lighter mod, thus it feels quite good when holding the Topside. There are no button rattles on all 3 buttons. The fire button is very clicky but I feel that the button is not as sturdy as the up and down buttons. It presses down easily and giving me the feel that it might get stuck anytime after pressing it. I would advice not to put this mod in pockets or in bags to prevent any misfiring as I don't really trust the firing button. If you want, take out the battery at least to be safe. The almost half-spherical shape of the firing button feel good when pressed as well as on the up and down buttons. The top cap is the not easiest to screw and unscrew because you have to press the top cap down and turn it at the same time, but is still fine for me. The battery door has no rattle to it when its fully open. But, once you lift the battery door up, there are quite some play to it. The play on the battery door isn't that bad that it will affect me. The squonk bottle is quite a thick bottle and surprising it doesn't need much effort to press the bottle for the eliquid to come out. It is just not as sensitive as my Pulse 80W which is a good think as it is easier to control.

    The build quality of the Topside Single is generally okay. As mentioned earlier, no button rattles for all 3 buttons but the firing button feels weak. The screen is very bright so it has no problem using it outdoors. The threading on the top cap is nice and smooth. The overall finish on the mod is very good as it didn't really chip off except for some parts which links to my next point. There are paint dropped off around the opening for the squonk compartment and I guess it's the friction due to taking and putting back in of the squonk bottle inside the casing. It might also be due to open and closing of the battery door. But, on the first day I bought this mod, the paint around the squonk compartment had already dropped off. I know it is not a big deal to some of you because it is not on the exterior of the mod, but I still have to state it out as some of you might not like it. The finish around the 510 connector is not that great. I had my Rebirth on top of it for a day and when I unscrewed it, the base of it is in contact with the finish and left a circular color drop off on it. I would suggest that they should lift the silver plating surrounding the 510 connector a little higher to prevent scratches. The magnets on the battery door is super weak. It catches the top cap but when you try to shake the mod a little, the top cap will just drop. The squonk bottle will get yellow easily. But for those who are interested in getting a smoked bottle for your Topside, the Topside Dual smoked bottle is compatible with the Single. I have problems with my squonk bottle that is pre-installed. When I try to squonk, no eliquid is coming out no matter how hard I press the squonk bottle. Luckily it came with a spare one and have no issues with it after swapping out the defect one.

    Paint Finish Drop Off

    Magnetized Top Cap

    The Topside Single is the easiest navigating mod, ever. It offers you in only 2 mode: Variable Wattage / Bypass. The screen layout is neat and clean. It provides you with all the information you need on the screen:

    • VW
    • Battery Life
    • Power
    • Amps
    • Volts
    • Ohms

    The layout and information will still be the same in Bypass mode.

    Click the fire button 5 times:

    • On
    • Off

    Press and hold fire button and down button at the same time:

    • Switches to Bypass mode ( Unable to change anything; draws power directly from your battery )
    • Switches back to Wattage mode ( 5 - 90 w; 0.5 w increment; press & hold in 1 w increment; round robins )

    Variable Wattage Mode

    Bypass Mode

    Press and hold up and down button at the same time:

    • Key lock ( but still able to fire )
    • Unlock

    To go to Temperature Control mode, connect your topside to your computer via the provided USB cable. Go to Dovpo's website and update.

    Battery Life

    18650 - Didn't Use
    20700 - Half a day battery life ( Dual Coil ) / One full day ( Single Coil )
    21700 - One & a half day battery life ( Dual Coil ) / Two full days ( Single Coil )

    Battery life on the Topside Single is good, a little better than the Pulse 80W. On the Pulse, I'm able to get 3/4 of the day on a single coil but on the Topside, I get get through one full day. This is tested using a 20700 as the Pulse 80w only able to support up to 20700.


    The navigation on the Topside Single is really simple with just only 2 modes. For temperature control users, they have to update the temperature control mode into the mod via Dovpo's website. The scrolling speed on it is just nice at the right pace for me. I think the 0.5 watts increment is really good as most of us don't really use the 0.1 increment, like me. I myself don't use the 0.5 watts increment as well but it speeds up the scrolling process. The brightness of the screen is really bright and clear and fonts are really easy to see, thus making this mod easier to navigate.

    I would like if they included a menu system so that we can customize the brightness and the VW modes. It would be better if they add a puff counter into the mod. I know this mod is all about simplicity but it is better if this mod can be more customized and yet still keeping its simplicity.

    How It Vapes

    Wattage Mode - Fires really quickly without any delays. I get a consistent hit on each puffs. I like how it didn't fire when I click 5 times to turn it off unlike on other mods. I would prefer if they includes the options for user to choose such as: soft, normal, hard mode. I like it when they give me the option to choose the way I vape.

    Bypass Mode - This mode draws current directly from your battery and you can't change any settings. I used it on a fully charge 21700 and it comes out to 4.17 volts. It was set at 43 w but when I took at hit it didn't feel like it was 43 w. It felt like I was vaping around 35 w. It is my first time testing on the Bypass mode and I might be wrong about it, but I am just telling about my experience.


    The overall for this mod is not bad but one thing I realized is that every time when I vape, no matter is in single coil or dual coil mode, the mod tends to get pretty warm. I used only 45 watts in single coil mode but it heats up quickly. I don't face this kind of issues with my other mods / squonk mods.

    The Topside Single is a very innovative and straightforward mod to use. I like the way I refill my squonk bottle from the top. Ever since I get this mod, I have never went back to the Pulse 80w. The weight and paint finish made it feel good on my hands. I like the way it squonks as well. The squonk bottle is thick which makes it easier the way I squonk because it is not as sensitive. This mod is not the most ergonomics and is also not the worst. It feels okay in the hands but the weight of the mod made it feel better in my opinion. There are some things that I don't like about this mod which are: The finish where you place your atties on, the finish on the opening of the squonk compartment, weak firing button, defects on the pre-installed squonk bottle and they should have give an extra smoked bottle instead of the original bottle. The mod is not cheap and the amount of things I just mentioned didn't make it feel like I should be paying for that price. But other than that, I am happy with this mod. Oh! One more thing I forgot to mention is that the o-ring around the silver plating cannot be taken out. I wish it can be taken out because I don't like it when all my eliquid is trapped under that o-ring for so long without cleaning it. I am really bothered by that. Overall this mod has a very good battery life on a 21700.

    Am I disappointed with the Topside Single since I am looking forward to get this mod? I would say more towards no. All those point I stated are very minor and is not very noticeable unless you take a really good look at it. I am more disappointed with the squonk bottle than anything else. It came as a defect and what if I want to carry an extra bottle with a different flavor eliquid inside? I don't want to waste my money to get another squonk bottle when I already paid so much for the mod. But ever since I bought the Topside Single, I rely heavily on the top fill method and I don't really look back into using my traditional filling method squonk mod. Meaning, if I have to squonk, I would choose the topside as my first priority over than any other squonk mods.

    If I have the chance, would I get another Topside Single? No, I would go for the Topside Dual. But it all really depends on what you need. If you use a dual coil atty and want that extra battery life, then go for the Topside Dual. But if you want something smaller and you're using just a single coil, just go for the single. Why I choose the dual is mainly for the battery life.

    • Innovative Top Filling Method
    • Texture Feels Good
    • 21700 Compatible
    • Good Battery Life
    • Provides An Extra Squonk Bottle
    • Packing Can Be Used As Atty Stand / Storage Box
    • Fast Firing Speed
    • Bright Screen
    • Easy Navigation
    • No Button / Battery Door Rattle
    • Topside Dual Smoked Bottle Compatible
    • Nicely Paced Scrolling Speed

    • Paint Quality
    • Mod Gets Warm Too Quickly
    • Defect Squonk Bottle
    • Bypass Mode Is A Little Weak [ Subjective ]
    • Firing Button Feel Weak
    • Weak Magnet
    • Unmovable O-Rings Around 510 Connector
    • No Menu System To Customize [ Subjective ]

    Thank you for taking the time to read my review on the Topside Single by Dovpo & TheVaporChronicles. This is TheOneVape_Review, signing off.

    REVIEWER DISCLAIMER: I only type reviews during my free time so some products may take quite some time to be posted up. All products are used for 2 weeks or more.

    PRODUCT DISCLAIMER: The Topside Single was not sponsored by any companies or shops. All products I reviewed are bought with my own money.

    PICTURE DISCLAIMER: All pictures posted in my threads are purely taken by me and only me. Do not use without my acknowledgment or giving any credits.
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