Trump Trap | Did Progressives Overreach on Vape Ban? | RegWatch

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Jan 15, 2013
    Trump must have asked himself: Why would I think FDA and CDC are any different than the State Department or the intelligence services? The deep state doesn’t have my interests or the interests of my supporters at heart on any issue. Why should I believe them now?

    I honestly still believe that anti-nicotine people, who've been around many decades are responsible for a whole lot of nanny state stuff that is alive and well today. I think they saw themselves as vastly successful vs. BT and then had no problem overplaying their hands on many other health issues.

    Why anyone believes them is beyond me. And yet, even some vapers believe 480,000 people die annually from smoking. Heck, if you believe that, it's really not that hard to buy their other nonsense.
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