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Type one diabetis. JDRF. My granddaughter.

Discussion in 'Wellness: Wrecked & Bonkers' started by jj2, Oct 5, 2014.

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  1. jj2

    jj2 Moved On ECF Veteran

    May 30, 2009
    Hundred Acre Wood
    We need your help to cure Type 1 Diabetes

    Dear Friends and Family,

    Those of you who have been getting this letter for the past four years know that at this point, I tell you all about Trinity and her daily burden of type one diabetes. This year, I want to tell you about all the exciting things your donations are making possible.

    JDRF is the leading global organization focused on type 1 diabetes research. Reuters just named JDRF the third most influential funder in the world of all diabetes research, behind the United States National Institutes of Health and the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Forbes magazine named JDRF one of its 5 All Star Charities with top rankings for efficiency. Strategic partnerships with industry, governments, foundations,academia, and clinicians ensure that JDRF and its partners are aligned and working toward a common goal of treating, curing, and preventing T1D.

    Since Trinity was diagnosed in 2009, she has already benefitted from new technology and products based on JDRF funded research. The insulin she uses now is faster acting, sent by her insulin pump through a needle that is changed every second day replacing numerous injections. The continuous glucose monitor that she also wears (yes, another needle) is extremely accurate and cuts down on the number of fingerpricks each day, as well as alerting us to act when Trinity’s blood sugar goes out of range, especially preventing the more dangerous lows. Trinity is healthier and safer today than she would have been without JDRF funded research.

    With over $568 million of research projects currently underway in 17 countries, the outlook has never been brighter, nor the benefits from continued funding greater. Currently, JDRF is funding more than 50 human clinical trials, several of which are in the advanced stage of clinical testing required before FDA approvals can be sought.

    One exciting example is the University of Virginia trial of the “artificial pancreas”. This is an external device the size of a cell phone combining the technologies of the pump and the continuous glucose monitor with an algorithm that allows the device to maintain blood glucose in a normal range. It adds insulin as levels rise and shuts it off as levels fall. 48 people are using this device at home for up to 3 months to prove its safety and efficacy. The next step is a much larger trial before approval by the FDA for sale in the United States.

    Even more exciting, Viacyte has just gained FDA approval for a trial of an encapsulation device holding progenitor cells which, when inserted just below the skin, develop into insulin producing beta cells. While this is not technically a cure for diabetes, it would function as a cure, replicating the functions of a healthy pancreas and eliminating the exhausting burden of constant testing and dosing.

    JDRF grants are also currently being used to fund research on inhaled insulin, and“smart” insulin, which would involve one shot a day that would only release insulin in small amounts as needed over time. JDRF grants led to the development of Lucentis, which has been used to slow and even reverse diabetic blindness. Other examples are research to prevent kidney disease, to cure autoimmune disease, to restore the production of beta cells, and to create a vaccine to prevent Type 1 Diabetes altogether.

    At ten years old, Trinity knows a lot. She knows how to read and chart line graphs to keep track of her blood glucose and how to convert fractions to decimals for insulin boluses. She knows that the mood swings and sick feelings caused by high and low blood sugars are not an excuse for bad behavior or lethargy. She knows that just because all the other kids are eating pizza doesn’t mean she can eat pizza. She knows that diabetes comes first and no matter where she is or what she is doing if she hears her alarm she must stop and test her blood. She knows how to change her own infusion site, icing the area for ten minutes so it won’t hurt when she pushes in the half inch long needle and attaches it to her pump. She knows that insulin is not a cure but it is what keeps her alive. We wish she didn’t have to know so much and shoulder so much responsibility.

    Trinity doesn’t just wish for a cure, she works for it. For the last four years, she has asked her friends to bring donations for JDRF to her birthday party instead of gifts. She sold hot dogs in the hot sun at Fresh Market to benefit JDRF. She served as a Junior Ambassador at the JDRF Gala, greeting people at the door, selling raffle tickets and helping with the auction. She worked with other kids on an art project that was sold to raise research funds. Before Christmas, she made fleece blankets that she gave to her endocrinologist’s office at Duke to present to children who were newly diagnosed and needed to spend the night in the hospital. She wrote her own letter asking people to join her JDRF OneWalk team.

    On Saturday, October 25, 2014, TEAM TRINI will participate in the JDRF OneWalk at the Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion in Raleigh. There are two ways that you can help make a difference for Trinity:

    o You can walk with us on October 25 at 10:30am.TEAM TRINI consists of friends and family who collect pledges of any amount.There is no minimum. The 2-milewalk is a fun family event with food, games and entertainment. Trini would love a large turnout! Register on line at JDRF One Walk, Raleigh 2014

    o You can donate to Trinity Martz on line at JDRF One Walk, Raleigh 2014 or send our family a tax-deductible contribution in any amount, made payable to JDRF with TEAMTRINI on the memo line.

    As one of the most efficient charities in the nation, over 93% of all money raised by this walk will go directly to research that will change Trinity's life. The technologies that are keeping Trinity healthy until a cure is found are the direct result of JDRF funded projects.

    Asking our friends and family for contributions to JDRF is the hardest thing that we do each year but we are determined to do all that we can until a cure is found and Type One is Type None. In the past four years,TEAM TRINI has raised a total of $57,183 which all went directly to research that is benefiting Trinity and millions like her, now and in the future. We cannot begin to express our gratitude for your part in this!

    With sincere and heartfelt thanks,

    Parents and Grandparents
  2. daleron

    daleron ECF Guru - TWR Co-Mod Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 16, 2013
    Arkansas, USA
    Bump for Trinity :)
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