ULTRApure 36mg Unflavored from InnoVapor

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Mar 28, 2009
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I responded to a request from Innovapor on the 27th of January for reviewers for their new line of nicquid, ULTRApure.

I received a plain brown mailer last night that contained a standard opaque white 3ml plastic bottle.
The bottle was in a small sealed bag, in turn wrapped and sealed in bubble wrap.
An insert was in the envelope explaining that normally the bottles would be shipped inside of larger ones with childproof caps, but this packaging was not being used for the free sample review shipments. The insert also includes full ingredients of the nicquid and the intent to have a different label for use on production bottles.

The label on the bottle lists the ingredients and standard safety warnings, indicates that it is Unflavored. Additional small circular labels affixed to the side and bottom indicate that this is supposed to be 36mg
Of course, that it is a 3ml bottle I had to get the magnifying glass to read most of it! Eh, waddayagonnado right? :D

510 @ 3.7v. My normal vape is 36mg unflavored so I simply added to my current cartridge and took off.

The liquid is as clear as I’ve seen, no discernable smell.
Viscosity is perfect for a VG liquid. Noticeably thicker than a PG, but it has been thinned enough with De-Ionized water to allow it to absorb into the cartridge filler with no problem.
After about 3 draws I was able to clearly see a change in vapor production and taste from what I had been using. Obviously the viscosity allows it to wick well also.

My usual 70/30 mix of PG/VG gives perfectly satisfactory vapor clouds. As previously mentioned I normally only vape unflavored. I’m used to, and happy with, the either slightly sweet to biting peppery taste of the various unflavored products I normally use.

vaping with the ULTRApure the remainder of last night and for several hours this morning I find that:
Vapor production is on a par with what I’m used to if not a little bit denser.
The throat hit is moderate to pronounced.
The general sense of well being I normally get from vaping is present. That along with the throat hit leaves me to believe it probably is 36mg.

No taste to speak of.
How about that, no taste in an unflavored nicquid. How novel!
If I reeeeeaaaaaly focus there is a very very slight sweet quality to the vape but it is so minimal as to be dismissed.

I normally vape unflavored as that is the taste I enjoy. This has no taste. This won’t do, not at all!8-o

I do occasionally enjoy a little chocolate or strawberry or cherry or coffee, I am after all an adult. When the mood hits I dip with a Joye 306. On the spot batches mixed up with 10 drops of unflavored and 4 drops of flavoring.

The ULTRApure has no flavor. Soooo…...

10 drops ULTRApure and 2 drops of Fairies Finest Clear Strawberry is just as good if not better than what I was vaping using 4 drops flavoring with my usual mix.
Same with the Capellas Double Chocolate, 2 drops instead of 4 and my chocolate fix is taken care of!

I have no problem endorsing the ULTRApure 36mg Unflavored nicquid from InnoVapor. It would seem to be exactly as presented and I'm vaping perfectly fine with it. :thumb:

Hats off to the InnoVapor crew and thank you for the opportunity to try your products.
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