UltraPure e-Liquid 36mg unflavored, 24mg Menthol & 24mg Regular Review...

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Dec 29, 2009
Let me start out by saying I've never 'reviewed' any e-liquids before, so forgive me if I'm rather 'inept' or leave something out ... :oops:

Bear in mind I quit smoking Analogs over three years ago.. :p

I vaped these eliquids on the following eCigs;

Phoenix M-401
CleanCigs RN4081 (pass through)
CleanCigs RN4081
njoy NPRO RN4081
Easy-Cig KR808-d1 (pass through)
Nhaler KR808d-1
Joye 510

I received the following;

♥ 36mg unflavored
♥ 24mg Menthol
♥ 24mg Regular

I was very pleased with ALL of the eLiguids I received..... All of them vaped produced TONS of fresh, clean tasting Vapor ...(and I ♥ tons of VAPOR!)
On a scale of 1-10 for clean taste, mild flavor, good throat hit and vapor, I give all of them a 10. The Liquids were perfect (imho) also.... not too thin nor too thick. No flooding of ANY of my Attys at any time... and my cartos performed even 'better' .. produced more vapor.

* The UltraPure 36mg unflavored is just that... strong nicotine hit with instant nicotine satisfaction.. which I hadn't acheived yet, tons of vapor and totally NO flavor! (Talk about the nicotine 'fix' you're craving.. this one will 'fix' that quick.. in no time). Perfect thickness & viscosity.. will give all your DIY flavors or other pre-mixed flavors the nic jolt you're craving!

* The UltraPure 24mg Regular flavor was very nice & mild. I'm not too keen on 'most' tobacco flavored nic juices because 'most' that I've vaped so far tasted NOTHING like the Analogs I used to smoke three years ago, but this one reminded me of my light & ultra-light analogs I used to smoke. Very clean...very light. nice. When I choose to vape a tobacco flavor... this one will be it.

* The UltraPure 24mg MENTHOL flavor truly tastes like a nice clean Analog Menthol. EVERY Menthol flavor I've vaped to date has been overpowering in the Menthol department - sort of like vaping pure mint leaves! ..lol) and I truly didn't care for them - (Bear in mind the fact that I USED to smoke Menthol cigarettes!).. but the UltraPure Menthol is 'right on' with it's TRUE TO LIFE Menthol flavor! In fact, I'm vaping this NOW and totally enjoying it! I can't believe someone FINALLY did it! Made it possible for me to enjoy my old Analog Menthol flavor again!

So my summary on the entire UltraPure Review experience is this; I don't care what you're currently vaping... the UltraPure eLiquids can only be better, or at the very least, "improve" what you're currently vaping. :D
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