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ULTRApure Full Flavor 36mg

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Senior Member
ECF Veteran
Oct 14, 2009
San Diego, Ca
I already wrote a review in their forum section, but I thought I'd put a line or two here. First, I'm not a fan of tobacco flavors, but this is probably the most authentic I've ever tasted and any of you who like it need to try this juice. What baffles me is the sheer amount of vapor. I've noticed slight differences between other juices and ECOpure always gave me the best results. ULTRApure absolutely blows it out of the water. I've never, NEVER seen this much vapor. On top of that, the vapor production is consistent and not just intense for the first couple drags of a fresh cart or drip. Again, I'm not a big fan of tobacco flavors and was hoping that the flavor would be more similar to ECOpure, but the vapor is absolutely amazing. I'm hoping Innovapor starts a non-tobacco flavored version and if they do it WILL be my main vape. In the mean time I may just get some of their unflavored and find something subtle to mix in.

Flavor: 8 out of 10(I have almost vomited trying other tobacco flavors, and I've been vaping this all day)

Throat hit: 8.5 out of 10

Vapor: 12 out of 10

Kudos for being VG and U.S. made!


Full Member
ECF Veteran
Jul 5, 2009
West Palm Beach
Thanks for the reviews! I've just ordered Medium @ 18mg. All tobacco flavors I have tried just don't come close to a real analog (e.g. Merit, Vantage, MB Light, etc.). This is what I really miss with morning coffee or Sunday football and beers. The flavored juices are fantastic, but every so often I want a real smoke. Know what I mean?
I have been looking for a good e-liquid, I have tried many different brands over the past year and none of them have come close to a real cig, some of them are downright nasty and taste like dirty socks. So since I read what you wrote I am going to give this one a try, I ordered 36 mg med flavor and 24 mg lite flavor.

I am always willing to try something new and I love the fact it is based right here in the good ole USA.

GO:thumbs: SAINTS!!!!!!!

1 year;) off analogs
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