Univapo Unix Kit Review

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Mar 14, 2019
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Hello there,

My first Univapo product for review the Unix. Thank you @UNIVAPO_Rebecca for sending me these kits and a nice t-shirt! Also, very cool to see my name is lasered onto the devices, nice gesture :)

Univapo is a quite fresh brand on the market, so I am very curious what they have to offer with this Unix kit.

Unix is an AIO kit that consists of a tiny VW mod and a thin, old-school looking cartomizer, tank.

What makes this kit unique is its child protections, fill method and magnetic drip-tip cover. There are two versions of this kit, the Unix and Unix-C. Difference is that the C version has more additional Child-proof features on the tank.

Let's jump into it.


In the box:

1 x Unix Device
1 x Clearomizer (with pre-installed coil)
1 x Spare coil
1 x Type-C USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Drip-tip cover


It is a tiny lightweight little kit, the device is mainly made out of aluminum with plastic on the bottom, top and the fire/adjustment wheel. It weighs only 43g, and with a full tank on top 75g. Branding is minimal, of course mine has my name written on it, but on the commercial version it will be blank. No issues with scratching on the device so far. Paint job is done properly.

It has a tiny screen which is bright enough to properly see what is shown. The screen is however looking a bit 'misty' because of the reflection of the white details shown on the screen. It shows wattage, voltage and vape time. Would have been nice of instead of voltage it would show puff-counter which it does not have now.

There is only one main 'wheel' which is used for wattage adjustments, firing and locking the device. The wheel turns smoothly, and it is easy to adjust wattage, you feel the wheel clicking at each wattage. It does feel a bit fragile and cheap, would have been nice of it was tighter onto there and maybe a bit smaller.

Good news is that you can lock/unlock the wheel by clicking 3 times, because you will turn this wheel accidently while vaping as it turns loosely. To fire you really need to press the button in the center, once you do it fires up instantly. I personally would have preferred a single navigation button instead of the wheel. Since the devices fires up only up to 16w it would be enough to have one navigation button.

The child proof feature on the device is that when its on, it automatically locks after 3 minutes. To be able to fire you need to first click 3 times to unlock. This is the case for both Unix and Unix-C device, no difference there. Nice feature which is very safe when having kids around.

Nothing to complain about the battery, 1000mAh is more than sufficient to get me through more than a full day, even a 16w. USB-C is always good in helping to charge quicker, the device charges from entirely empty to full in just 65 minutes. One thing that kind of bothers me is that while charging it looks like the device is on, it does not only show a battery icon, but the whole menu.

It is an old-school looking tank, like the old cartomizers. It is tall because it has a 16mm diameter, a diameter we do not see often anymore. It has airflow adjustment at the bottom and a very interesting fill system on the top. Also it has a 510 connecter on the top cap, which is always great being able to use any 510 I like.

Two things I don't like about the looks of this tank; the green O-rings and the CE and 'Container' marking on the outside chamber. Not sure if the markings were a legal requirement, but I have not seen it on other tanks, normally it is on the bottom of the tank. Black O-rings would have been much nicer.

Tanks differ in the Unix and Unix-C kit. The Unix-C tank basically has two additional Childproof features on the tank. One; you cannot unscrew the base of the tank without lifting it up first, and two; you cannot access the fill port without lifting up the ring that turns and uncovers the fill port. Very nice that Univapo has those two kits so that we can choose, for me the C version is great having kids around.

Best ever fill system, well done Univapo! It is such a comfortable system, just twist to the right and fill. the rubber seals make sure no liquid is dripping out of the port while filling. This type of fill systems I would like to see more in the future.

With the airflow adjustment you can go for either a nice restricted DL hit or a quite tight MTL hit. To get the MTL hit tight as I like it I need to cover the whole sleeve, but not close it all the way down. It looks as if the airflow is entirely closed, but there is still air coming through. When fully closed down, turned to the left max, you also still have air coming through, but its a bit too tight for me then. Airflow itself is quite and sounds smooth, most sound coming from the tank is the sound of firing up the device. On the 510-connector there are four sleeves, which come in handy with other cartridges that require the airflow coming in through those sleeves.

Magnetic cap to cover the drip-tip is a very nice addition to this tank. Something so simple that actually makes so much sense but is not seen in the industry. Always good to have your coils protected from dust or dirt coming in through the drip-tip. Pity the magnets are not very strong, when in my pocket or bag it tends to come of from time to time.

2ml capacity is more than enough for this tank, especially using it as a MTL device, it is very economical with juice. One downside of the kit is that there is no glass replacement, so if you break it, good luck finding a replacement.

Replacing a coil is simple by unscrewing the base of the tank and unscrewing the coil from the base and screwing a fresh one onto it. These coils are quite small, but that is quite logical for a 16mm tank. In the kit there is two coils, 1.3 and 1.6 ohm round wire coils. There is another Mesh coil available, pity is it not included in the kit.

Vaping this device is a very pleasant experience, maybe even surprisingly good. Both coils deliver good flavor and provide a fantastic throat hit. The 1.6ohm coil is definitely the legit MTL coil as the throat hit is much better, even at 9w. For a warmer MTL vape you can use the 1.3ohm coil which can bump up to the max output of 16w, for that reason I probably like the 1.3ohm most, it covers a larger range of output. With the 1.3ohm coil you can also get a nice flavorful and smooth RDL hit.


A surprisingly nice vape from this little kit. In my opinion an ideal kit for smokers looking to get into vaping since its simplistic and delivers a good throat hit.

Some unique features make the old-school looking tank very much newskool. The fill system and the magnetic cap are very good features that make this tank unique.

Device itself can also be very well used for other tanks up to 18mm and the CBD cartridges that are being sold nowadays.

Downsides for me are the adjustment wheel, green O-rings, marking on the chamber and missing replacement glass. None of these downsides make the vape experience less pleasant really.

Price wise it is sold on the Univapo website for 35$ (regular kit) and 42$ (C kit). Not expensive for what you get in my opinion.

Let me know if you have any questions!
Thank you,
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