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Apr 1, 2013
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For Sale/Trade

Selling: Pdib wood shell / Gdeal internals DNA40 bottom feeder

Condition: Good

Known flaws: Very minor scratches


Selling my Pdib stabalized wood shell DNA40 bottom feeder with Gdeal 3D printed internals. Only a few bottles of eliquid were used in this. I have replaced the silicone squonk tube with new and cleaned up the 6ml bottle as I have no more new bottles. The DNA40 is an Evolve RMA new board with C & F but before the atty lock feature was added. The button is shapeways "Stainless Steel" which is not real stainless but is hard as blazes. It has the ball tact switch. This is a modders mod I put together myself with Pdib doing the wood work, CA finish, and painting the top and bottom caps. I never added CA "bumpers" and filed them down for tight fit of the internal that Pdib suggests so there is slight play of the internals. I can send the buyer the instructions Pdib gave me to get rid of this play. The wood was private stock from the owner of Burl Source that he had set back for a mod of his own but allowed me to purchase it from him as a favor. The only reason I am selling is because I just don't use it as I prefer the smaller mechanical squonkers and really wish I would have saved this wood for one. Between the wood, printed parts, electronic parts, and Pdib labor I have over $450 not including my labor to assemble. I will only ship USPS priority insured with tracking number and will include signature required. I am asking $400 and will include shipping to the Continental USA in that price. The pictures are not the best quality and I will try to put up some better pictures in the next couple of days.

Willing to ship to: USA

I reside in: US

Shipping add-ons:

Price: $400

Shipping cost: included as listed above

Ships: Within 3 days

Payments accepted through: PayPal








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