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Closed/Sold (US) - Selling - (REO Grand LP, SL, Woodville LPs) X Nuppin (s) retirement package

Discussion in 'Member Classifieds and Swaps' started by built4feel, May 20, 2018.

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  1. built4feel

    built4feel Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 13, 2014
    South Central PA, USA
    For Sale/Trade


    Selling: (REO Grand LP, SL, Woodville LPs) X Nuppin (s) retirement package

    Condition: Good

    Known flaws: LP Black/Copper vein has minor scratches around door, squobnk hole/clear coat.
    Jatoba/Spalted Maple Woodville, minor indent at top, middle of door, slight wear.


    Hammertone LP/SL REO Grand + Nuppin in almost Like New condition. This set was primarily back-up. Minimal use.

    LP Black/Copper vein + Nuppin: Fair, but good condition. Recieved most use/ miles out of the 4. Door still has a thin layer of clear coat. Can include spray can for the clearcoat upon request.

    Jatoba/Spalted Maple Woodville, minor indent at top, middle of door, slight wear... fair to good condition. Could use a coating of Howard's... can include bottle (plenty left) upon request. Nuppin on this one has had the deck replaced with a plastic mod... still squonks gracefully, but the original plastic deck melted when a coil went hotleggin'! Mod is of a softer plastic, so only slightly cooler/higher coils should be used for this one, unless if a better mod can be devised, to fill the gap. The mod is mainly for juice to stay at deck level.. Deck has minor scratches and noticable wear.

    Wenge/Spalted Maple Woodville, Good to Like new Condition, primarily back-up. Minimal use. Nuppin' on this one had a spiny center pin from overtightening... repaired right before quitting vaping.

    // Backups for each:

    Also, SS AFC rings for the 2 Woodvle Nuppins with Copper in pics, and 1 Copper (new) AFC for the Hammertone's nuppin and 1 Copper (used) for the Black/Copper veins... Also can include MIP screwdriver for nuppin screws and/or extra screws/o-rings upon request.

    Backups, at least one of each pretty much, for each reo: firing pins, screws, springs, bottles, tubes, orings... :) + one rebuild kit for the REO GRAND LP or LP/SL...
    They are the old school 510s btw...except the woodvilles, they have the adjustable 510's ;)...

    Also few extra magnets, like two or threeish..


    This is was my main stash of Reo's + Nuppin before quitting, which hasn't been that long yet, but would like to get these outta my paws ASAP. More pics available upon request. Looking to let these go for cheap, especially if they don't have to have a spa treatment + photoshoot beforehand...

    Thanks for looking, please ask any questions without hesitation. May provide better pics or answer any questions in detail/more accurately upon request.

    Willing to ship to: WORLDWIDE

    I reside in: US

    Shipping add-ons: Priorty Insured

    Price: $1000 OBO

    Shipping cost: included

    Ships: Immediately

    Payments accepted through: PAYPAL, BTC


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