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Vandy vape berserker mtl rda v2 review

Discussion in 'Atomizer Reviews' started by Shone, Aug 9, 2019.

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  1. Shone

    Shone Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 22, 2017
    I received berserker v2 mtl rda from vandy vape for the purpose of this review.

    Berserker v2 mtl rda colors:

    - Gun metal
    - Matte black
    - Ss
    - Rainbow


    Specification and features:

    - length: 24mm
    - Diameter: 22mm
    - Capacity 1.5ml

    In the box:

    - Bskr v2 mtl rda
    - Accessory bag
    - User manual
    - Coils
    - Airflow adapters
    - Two drip tips


    Berserker v2 mtl rda is atomizer designed by Alex and manufactured by Vandy vape. This atomizer comes in 4 different colors. This atomizer is 24mm in length and it is 22mm in diameter.
    Build quality of the atomizer is really good, there is nothing bad about quality, this is well built rda. Packaging is very good, in the package you will recveive two coils, airflow adapters, also you will receive bf pin and you will receive 3 different drip tips which is a huge pro, I really like that.


    Atomizer comes with 510 drip tip preinstalled and this one is the same as the drip tip from previous version of the berserker. For me this is one very comfortable drip tip and I like to use it all the time. In the package you will receive two pieces that goes on the drip tip, one is ultem piece and the other one is delrin. It is really nice that in the package they included two more drip tips, drip tips that comes in the package are pretty much long drip tips. Personally I like to use preinstalled drip tip. In case that you don't like drip tips from the package you can always use any other 510 drip tip here without any problems.


    On the chamber you can see one airflow hole and airflow comes through this hole in the chamber and I can say that airflow here is very good because this atomizer will not leak. So on this atomizer airflow comes from the hole on the chamber and then airflow goes to the opposite side of the chamber where airflow comes inside and then through airflow adapter airflow hits the coil. So this is very interesting design because basically this atomizer can't leak which is very important with rda's. From the inside of the chamber you can see the notch and because of that chamber will be locked with the base and it will not spin. Also when you look the chamber from the inside you can see that we have here very nice conical shape and the top part of the chamber is very small which will improve the flavor.


    On the base you can see two o rings that holds the chamber in the place and you can see the notch that holds the chamber as I said, because of that you can also pretty much easy take off the atomizer from the mod.
    On the build deck you can see two screws that holds the coil leads, screws are good and I didn't have any problems with screws. Also here you can see the airflow hole under the coil and you can see slot for airflow adapter, also on the base you can see two wicking channels.
    On this atomizer you can pretty much easy place the coil and cotton, I belive that you will have no problems with building on this rda, very easy in my opinion. Juice well is 14.2mm deep and this well can hold very nice amount of e liquid
    In the package you will receive 4 airflow adapters which is very good. Airflow adapters: 1mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm, 2mm. You can very easy change the airflow adapters which is very nice, also you can change the adapters without taking off you coil and I really like that because you will be able to find out fast which airflow adapter is best for you.
    Threads on the connection are good and we have here protruding 510 gold plated pin.


    How this atomizer works and my thoughts:

    First I would like to say that I really like the design of the atomizer, I kinda like this very clean look. Build quality of the atomizer is very good and there is nothing that I can complain about.
    The packaging is very nice, big plus that they included 3 drip tips in the package. Building on this rda is very easy and anyone will place the coil here without any problems. You can use this rda with regular mods and this way you will fill the juice well and because this well is deep it will hold very nice amout of e liquid.
    Also you can use this rda with your squonk mods with bf pin from the package.
    I really like the airflow on this rda and I really like that we have here airflow adapters. Chamber stays in the place and you can't adjust the airflow by turning the chamber and because of that they made this rda leak proof which is really good. In the package you will receive 4 airflow adapters and I really like that they included 1mm adapter for very tight airflow and they also included 2mm adapter for little bit more airflow. So with this atomizer basically you can have a really restrictive vape which is very important to some people. I like to use this rda with 1.6mm adapter, this adapter is very good for me. Anyway you can pretty much easy change the adapters and you will find fast which adapter works best for you. On this atomizer I tried 2mm coil and 2.5mm coils and personally I like 2.5mm coils here. When you put the atomizer together coil will be placed very high and because of that, conical shape and size of the chamber you will get very good flavor, I can say that this rda gives best flavor from all rda's that I tried.
    I would recommend this rda if you like mtl rda's, I think that if you like mtl rda's you must try this one.


    - Maybe con will be for someone that you can't adjust airflow by turning the chamber, but for me this is a huge plus because there will be no leaking and also once when you find out which adapter works best for you there is no need to adjust the airflow


    - Good build quality
    - 3 drip tips in the package
    - Comfortable drip tip that comes on the atomizer
    - There is no leaking
    - Chamber is locked in the place
    - 4 airflow adapters
    - You can change the adapters very easy without taking off the coil
    - Easy to build and wick
    - Deep well
    - Small chamber
    - Very good flavor
    - Bf pin in the package
    - Coils in the package
    - Airflow can be very tight

    Check it here: Berserker v2 rda
  2. louis

    louis Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 18, 2010
    Mt Vernon,Texas
    What is the difference between the Standard & TPD editions as on the Vandy Vape web site?

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