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VapaMotive Vape Meet-Stafford VA

Discussion in 'DC/Baltimore Vapers' started by BlkWolfMidnight, Dec 31, 2014.

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  1. BlkWolfMidnight

    BlkWolfMidnight Super Member ECF Veteran Verified Member

    Nov 20, 2012
    Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you'll,

    Some exciting news, er well kind of. But I'll need your help on this one as it is not going to be easy to rock it out.
    Details are limited, at best as to what is going on, what help will be offered or what will be there (This has never stopped me before thought).

    What I know,
    I would like to do a vape meet, if nothing else for coffee and chat (Building and supplies I'll bring or I'm more then sure those coming have enough to supply a small army).

    I can afford maybe a dozen cups of coffee to hand out, beyond that...well yah I'm slightly broke when it comes to available funds to toss around.

    I'd like to offer something more then just a "Show up and sit around" but in truth here is where its at, I'd prefer that folks show up for company first rather then what is free out of it (I really don't wish to throw around the idea of a cover charge, so lets not force that hand). I have a ton of board/card games at my disposal so that is an idea for something different and not done.

    The owner can choose to support Cloud Chasing as a contest or whichever, I personally don't care to be around that as the possibility of a battery faltering is there (not saying its going to happen, just saying its there) in a confined space can result in people getting hurt. I'd like to stay away from that, what other activities would you suggest.

    I'm also a former DJ (House, dance and trance) which is a possibility, again up to the owner as to how late he would stay open. I'm not fully sure on the liquor laws in VA but personal opinion is unless you have a ride home its not worth the risk. We got off Cancer Sticks to increase our life span, no point in risking to shorten it. But I sure could spin some decks for you'll if possible, will have to see.

    Feel free to put a spin on it all, throw it around blend it up and see what falls out, post the ideas here as I'll be putting together an email or resource requirements here soon.

    Thanks again,
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