Vapcell is offering refunds for any bad K64 cells

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May 13, 2015
    If you have any Vapcell K64 26650 cells that were at a low voltage (<2.5V) when you received them or that will not hold a charge then contact the vendor you bought them from for a refund. They should have been at 3.4V or higher but should never be used if they dropped below 2.5V.

    If the vendor will not refund your money then contact Vapcell at If Vapcell ignores you after multiple attempts then contact me.

    If you are not sure you have bad K64 cells then charge them fully and let them sit for a day to let their voltages settle. After a day’s rest accurately measure and write down their voltages. Then store them in a non-conductive case at room temperature for at least a week and then re-measure their voltages. If any have dropped by more than a few thousandths of a volt then IMO they are self-discharging too fast and you should get a refund.

    I don’t know what percentage of this batch of K64’s is bad but I have gotten a few reports of dead cells.

    Some vendors are still selling these cells. If you want to buy K64’s be sure that the vendor tests their voltages before shipping, double-check their refund policy, and check the voltage of your cells as soon as you receive them.

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