vape meet up @ Boosted Vapor on the 26th of april

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Hey everyone, going to be going up to boosted vapor in clinton twp next sat the 26th...trying to make it a little meet up anybody that wants to head up there and relax vape and just shoot the .... is more then welcome to go and meet some other vapors in our area..i believe they close at 9pm. maybe we can try and start it at 6pm...let me know if your interested or think you want to meet up should be a fun time meeting new people


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Dec 30, 2011
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    I went up to BV at 5 something and then had some other trips to make. It was empty and I had hoped that by chance you would've been there, but that was the time I could actually get out. My apologies for missing you. I will PM you my # so that next time we can make sure everything is everything.

    p.s. If by chance you go up there, don't buy Kanthal from them! They sell 30 gauge Kanthal for $5 at 5' -- that is laughable! I asked the guy about their Kanthal today and he told me the price at 5' as if it was a good price. Oy vey! I looked at him and shook my head. $5 should get you 50-100' of 30 guage.
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    oh its all good bud ..will have to try and meet up again soon ...oh i know i buy 100' for $5-7 there kanthal is so over priced its unreal i would never buy it from them and feel bad for the people that dont know any better thinking thats the only place and getting ripped off or from ebay $5 for 100' of 30 and $7 for 100' of 28
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