VAPE NEWS was attracted by HAVA's 99g concept

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Recently HAVA’s official website and IG issued a mysterious poster introducing the arrival of its new product, which highlighted the slogan of “ALL METAL, ALL IN ONE”. The poster attracted quite some attention on social networks. Many insightful vaping media like vape NEWS also kept a watchful eye on HAVA's upcoming product.


As one of the most popular vaping magazines in the world, VAPE NEWS is known for its keen observations of the vaping industry and unique product reviews. Getting more information about the product concept, VAPE NEWS invited the product manager of HAVA ONE to an in-depth interview about this special pod. After getting more information about the product concept.


Both Zipper, the interviewer of the article, and HAVA's product manager Mike are experienced players in the vaping industry. In the interview, Mike introduced the concept of 99 g and explained the new HAVA ONE product in detail. Besides, they talked in depth about the vaping industry and pod designs.


Users who are interested in this HAVA product can check out the October edition of VAPE NEWS magazine, which will include an interview of HAVA's product manager and a detailed introduction about this new, exciting product for passionate vapers.

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