VapeCalc+ New calculator/manager of DIY mixes/e-liquids/e-juices

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VapeCalc+ not only a calculator for DIY mixes or e-liquids but fully featured database to account and control spending of your flavors and components (propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), distilled water (AD) and nicotine base.

Our calculator has three modes:
  • Simple Calculator;
  • Calculator with ability to save recipes and adding recipes to the mixing queue;
  • All features in extended mode.
In a simplified version, you can quickly calculate your mix both in volume and in mass proportions, but if you want to account flavors and components - welcome to the extended version, in which you will be able to do:
  • To add, to count, to change % of flavors in your recipes, to save recipes in your own database and share them with your friends;
  • To plan flavors purchases for a certain amount of DIY e-liquid mix;
  • To select suitable recipes of e-liquid from all suggestions, based on the list of available flavors;
  • To save all your recipes in list form with dates and recipe basis with comments and personal rating;
  • Quickly copy paste e-liquid recipe to the calculator from sites like ....................,,, (just need to manually specify the PG / VG / AD and nicotine);
  • Automatically subtract the amount of spent flavors and components (PG, VG, AD, Nic) on e-liquid from your own database when mixing;
  • To monitor real residue of each flavor, price for 1 ml, expiration dates;
  • To log costs of your components and flavors;
  • To maintain a full accounting of flavors (purchase, consumption per mix, residue);
  • The program has a database with a large number of flavors (more than 1100) from different manufacturers with pictures, description of flavors and density;
  • Flavors in the database of the calculator has highlighting marks of harmfulness to body or to plastic tanks of atomizers. Harmful flavors highlighted in recipes viewing and editing modes;
  • To log all vaping costs;
  • To see detailed statistics of purchases, to plan new ones and add to wish list;
  • To keep statistics of not smoking time with calculation of break-even point;
  • To calculate parameters of coils with ability to save, to create the coil template, with support of exporting coil parameters to check the results in online calculator Import settings is also available;
  • Maintain database of purchased e-liquids with descriptions and setting various characteristics, price and personal rating;
  • There is a portable version, which works fine inside Dropbox or any other cloud folder!
  • Optimized for Mac OS and running via Wine. 1.8.xx;
  • And so on…
Now you do not need to make a calculator in Excel to prepare mix, you can simple use our free calculator for mixing e-liquid for electronic cigarettes!

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