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    January Contest Update

    Because we have been so busy getting the new website up and going, we didn't run our original contest we had planned for January. So, here is our "other" January contest. Follow these steps to enter.

    1. Place an order through our new site between 1/15/11-1/31/11
    2. Reply to this thread with your order number
    We will announce the winner on 2/1/11

    Please take 10% Off any purchase

    Use Coupon Code ECF10 during checkout

    New Feature on our new website is the "My Rewards" Program

    This program is automatic when you make a purchase. Every purchase through our website will earn you 5% back. It's simple...for every dollar you spend, you will receive 1 point. For every 20 points, you are eligible to redeem for $1 off of future orders. Just another way we want to reward our customers for their loyalty. Occassionally, we will feature products that count for double points!
    Please note that any previous purchases have already been credited to your account.

    The Brand New Boge Leo passthrough is in stock and we have ALL colors

    Kit comes with a hard shell carrying case. Get them while they last!

    The New & IMPROVED Boge Leo Passthrough is HERE!




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      I haven't received my shipment of atomizers yet. I expect to have them in by the end of the week. ALL of the passthrough Leo that we have in stock have the clear/white crystals. We may get other colors in the next order, but we are definitely getting Royal and Sport. Keep checking the site for updates.


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        Okay...a NEW New website is up and running! After huge disappointments from the last shopping cart vendor, my wife and I were able to knock out yet another 'New' site in just a few days. So, please enjoy the new new Vapin in the Cape. If you see the "Maintenance" message, it just means that your DNS hasn't updated yet. The new site still uses the Rewards program, and I have brought over all of your points.

        Just a reminder, if you want to be entered in the contest for January, you MUST post back in this thread with your order number. There have been several orders that I don't see here in the thread. For those of you who have received your order, we would love to hear your feedback.



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          Here's my feedback:

          I put in a simple order. Just a few blank 801 carts for my Leo, and 2 spare attys.

          I had searched all over the place because the atty that came with my kit from another vendor popped, and nobody seemed to have them in stock.

          My order from VitC was processed quickly, and shipped on the first mailing day after the holiday weekend. (Holiday weekends.... 2 out of the last 3 holiday weekends I had major e-cig equipment failures right at the start....)

          The order came quick, and was exactly correct. Plus, I think the attys I got from VitC were a newer revision than what came with my Leo originally. With the one I had from another vendor, the cap was just tight enough to stay in place. The new one you guys shipped me is shaped every so slightly differently (you REALLY have to hold them side by side to see it at) and as a result, the cap has a really solid click when you put it on or take it off. MUCH better.

          All in all, I was really pleased with the whole experience, and I'll almost certainly go back when I need more stuff for my Leo.

          My only suggestion for improvement would be to switch to flat-rate boxes for small orders. You'd be AMAZED at how many attys and 30ml bottles you can fit in the smallest flat-rate box. That means less work for you, and cheaper shipping for us. Of course, it seems like hardly anybody uses them. No idea why.


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            Here are the entries for this month's giveaway:
            • Order #1047
            • Order #1043
            • Order #1046

            If you placed an order with Vapin' in the Cape since 1/15/ need to post your order number here in this thread to be eligible for the drawing. Thank you!​
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